Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Daddy!!

Today is Jacob's 27th birthday. We actually started the birthday fun yesterday by going to the zoo. Jacob loves the Zoo and he loves seeing Eli have such a good time. So when we get there we are so excited because it is over cast so it won't be so hot, and there is like no one there so we feel like we have the whole zoo to ourselves. I don't think we were there more then an hour before we realized why no one was there. IT WAS SO HOT!! I don't think any of us have ever sweated so much in our life. Poor Eli, and Liam we so hot too. We finally went and played in the water, and even put Liam in it because we were so worried about how hot it was. Man we can take dead heat, but add some humidity and we all wanted to die!!

Then on his official we got up and put up signs for his birthday...or tradition. Then went to breakfast at his parents house. Jacob was lucky to have his brother Adam in town so he was there too and uncle Fred, and Brad joined us. Then the birthday boy had to go to work He actually had to work late so that totally changed our plans for the day. We ended up grabbing a quick meal, and then seeing dinner for Schmucks with Steph and Jerel. The movie was totally dumb. Jacob really wanted to go see the movie Inception so we will have to see that to make up for the dumb movie we saw!

Happy Birthday babe! We love you so much!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Party Time!

Jacob thought it would be fun to have Eli's birthday party at Chuckee Cheese. I thought Jacob was on to something so we invited family to meet us there for a little party. Eli had a blast! He loved the games, the slides, the playground and the food. It was a hit. I got a coupon for tokens and Jacob bought a lot. So we played games for a long time, and even my mom and dad played games! We opened presents Eli got some neat books, clothes, and a buzz and Woody from his mom and dad.

I also had a wonderful time because I was surprised when my best friend from high school Nina and her dad Leroy showed up and joined us. I had so much fun visiting with them, and Leroy had a wonderful time holding Liam. I never knew this but he LOVES LOVES babies!

After Chuckee Cheese we went home to show Eli he present from the Gilmore's. Ethan had a n old train set he didn't play with anymore and they knew Eli would just love it. He was so excited about the train and they were right. He just plays so nicely with it. (while until the next day when he turned into Godzilla and ripped it apart). We also got some Mesa Fro Yo and sang to Eli again since he loved it so much. He blew out all the candles and loved it. All and all I think Eli had a fabulous birthday!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Two!

Today our little Eli's turns two. I can't believe it. It seems just like yesterday he was born, but at the same time it I can't seem to remember life with out him. Today we didn't do much for his birthday since it is Sunday. However I did make sure they sang to him at church, and Jacob and I keep saying happy birthday to him over and over again. At first he didn't like it but now he smiles and loves it. I also taught him to walk around and say, "I'm two!" which is really cute. For Sunday dinner my mom also made him a tiny cake and we sang to him and he blew out the candles. He really seemed to like that. Now he walks around the house saying happy birthday to me and then he say blow away...which he means blow out his candles. It is so cute. Tomorrow we are having a party for him and I hope he has a wonderful time, because he has made the past two years WONDERFUL for Jacob and me.

Baby brother wearing the same tie as big brother!

2 year Check up:
One August 2nd Eli went in for his two year check up. I was worried that this visit would be really hard because I had to take Liam in for his 2 month check up at the same time. I got even more nervous when we drove up and as I pulled Eli out of his car seat he looks up and when he sees that we are at the doctor's office I hear him say, "oh no!" The doctor told Eli to go first and to be a good boy to show baby brother how to do it. Eli did just that. He was a perfect patient and didn't even cry once. He actually even smiled, laughed and talked a lot to the doctor. Eli is still growing great her are his current Stats....
2 year stats
Weight: 30lbs 75th%tile
Head: 18 3/4 25th%tile
Height: 34 1/4 50th%tile
(I know this is a little low because he didn't stand up straight. He kept staggering his legs so we just took the closest we could get.)

Things I want to remember...
  • Eli speech is wonderful. He pretty much will copy every word you say. I can understand him 90% of the time and I would says others between 50% to 75%.
  • He does says he s's kind of funny. I asked the doctor about that and he said it is totally normal and he probably will keep doing that until he is about 4 or 5 years old.
  • Eli has always been a very good eater and he still is. I would list all the foods that he likes, but he likes to many it is just easier to say the things he does not like.
  • Eli loves to play with other kids. He is still learning to share, not get too close, but other then that he makes friends pretty easily.
  • He likes to play pretend. Randomly he will pick an animal and pretend to be it around the house. The main ones he pretends to be are Monkeys, ducks, and frogs.
  • He loves the movie Toy store and loves Buzz and Woody. He has a woody doll and puts him on his shoulder's just like Andy does in the movie. Sometimes I hear he jump up and yell "To infinity and Beyond!" or "Buzz to the Rescue!"
  • Eli has officially started the I do it phase. I hear him say this to me a lot lately, "Eli do it!" He started this when he started doing things to help Liam.
  • He really does love his little brother. When I load up the car if Jacob's car is in the garage I can not get both kids in so normally I will put Liam in his seat then Eli. I will leave Liam by the door back out the car and then go get Liam and put him in. Whenever I do this Eli always yells, "baby brother, baby brother!!" He is so worried I am going to leave him.
  • Eli sleeps very well and out night time routine is so simple. Now daddy or mommy can put him down. When we say prayers at night he always yells for the other parent to come in for prayers. He loves when his whole family is there praying.
  • For a long time Eli wouldn't let us brush his teeth. Recently he has gotten so much better and doesn't cry is wonderful.
  • He loves all of his cousins and love Aly and Ethan a lot. He is really starting to play nicely with them. He also really likes Jerel and anything Jerel has. He calls him J roll.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mountain Ranch Day 6

Day 6 was basically a travel day. We got up and drove to the airport where Adam, Katie, Jordan, Carson, Eli, Liam and myself got out to travel by plane. Poor Cecil, Linda, Jacob and Fred went on a traveled home by car. I lucked out again on the plane ride home because Katie and Carson just so happened to get on the same flight as me again! Eli and Liam did great. Except right at the end Eli's ears started to pop and he noticed. I quickly tried to get him to drink some water. I got him to look at me and I said Eli trust Momma just drink the water and you will be ok. He looked and me like was crazy and said ok. He then proceed to take the water and try to dump it in his ear. I guess he thought I meant to put the water in his cracked me up! Eli didn't really cry hard as so much as just get really concerned. It only lasted a few minutes and everything was fine. We had fun at the mountain Ranch but boy were we happy to be home!

Things I want to remember:
  • The mountain ranch is a lot more fun with a hotel.
  • Eli was so cute in the airport. He loved when the plane took off, and everyone thought he was so cute with his little monkey rolling luggage he liked to pull around.
  • I really love the old train at the ranch and every time it passes I feel like a little kid but I love running out a waving at it...exspeically with my little boys.
  • Jacob is a real mountain man and seems to get so much fun energy at the ranch.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mountain Ranch Day 5

On day 5 we left the ranch and went to Manassa. Which is the very small town Linda is from. They throw a big 24th celebration, and man do they go all out. They have a big competition on which float is the best. Lina was one of like 20 judges the results actually turned out exactly how she voted. We all picked the same floats, but in a different order. I guess you have to be from Manassa to get it right. The one funny thing about this parade is it goes down the street, and then you think it is over, but nope the parade goes back down the street again heading the other direction!!
After the parade we went to Bruce and Ann's to eat lunch. I enjoyed relaxing under the shade from this big tree they had in their backyard. It was so nice just to sit there in the breeze and watch the kids play. After lunch we went to the carnival and had a blast. Eli loved to go on the rides and Jacob and I had fun taking turns with him.
When we left Manassa we went back to the Ranch and the guys shot guns. I actually went for a little bit and shot my first gun. It really scared me, but I think next time I won't be such a baby. I left after a little bit and left the boys to have fun. As you can tell from the pictures that came back they had a little bit too much fun!