Sunday, May 29, 2011

Liam's 1st Birthday

It's hard to believe but our little guy Liam is already one year old! This past year has gone by so fast and so much has happened. It is always fun to look back and reflect on how life have changed with this new addition. Liam is such a sweet, loving little boy. In particular he loves his mother. He will be just fine playing and they hear my voice or see me and start crying because he realized I am not holding him or that I am too far away from him. He has actually done this since he was only a few months old. It is really really cute, but sometimes it can be hard because I can't get anything done. However I just tell myself it's okay one day I am going to want to hug and kiss on him and he isn't going to let me. So today this can wait and I can kiss this sweet little boy. (however in the back of my mind I am hoping the day never comes and that he will always kiss and hug on me).

Liam next love is his big bother Eli. To say that these to love each other is a bit of an understatement. Eli since the day we brought him home from the hospitol always worries about his brother. In our old house I couldn't put both boys in the car before I backed out so I would put Eli in first and then back out. Eli would always cry out, "MOM BABY BROTHER!" He always thought I was driving away with out him. Eli also gets upset when he goes somewhere alone with us. Jacob and I always thought he would like to get some one on one time, but nope. He always says, "I don't want to leave baby brother." The love does not go one way, Liam really loves Eli too. When he sees him in the room he always watches what Eli is doing and as he loves to cuddle and hug him. Sometimes I hear the boys playing and just laughing I will peek around the corner and see those two boys just wrestling and having a good time.

Liam's birthday was on a Sunday so we kept it simple. Plus he is only 1 so simple is best any way. We put up streamers and balloons all over the toy room. Liam loved waking up and playing in room of balloons. Then I made him a giant cupcake to eat just for him and little cupcakes for our guest. Then that afternoon after church we had people come over to watch Liam eat his giant cupcake and have homemade ice-cream. Liam loved it would people would sing happy birthday to him, but I think he just liked the people singing. The then was unsure about the cupcake so we had Carson and Eli show him to eat it. Once he figured out it was yummy the little guy really started to eat at the frosting. He was really sweet though and inbetween his bites he would try and share with others. He is such a sweet heart!!

Liam's current Stats:

Head:18 1/2in 67th%tile

Height:30 3/4in 77%tile

Weight: 23lbs 52%tile

Things to remember...

  • Liam says a few words like Momma, Dada, Dog and ball.
  • Liam is the biggest lover around. He crawls on my lap and gets me to pick him up and then he just hugs and kisses on me. It is so cute and so sweet and he gets so excited about it. Honestly it seems like he is going to burst he is so excited.
  • Like I said Liam and Eli just love each other. For example Eli's new thing is when he hears his brother wake up. He runs to his room and climbs in his crib with him. I have caught them several times. Just rolling around and laughing having such a great time.
  • Liam loves his dog Marley. He chases him around the house and likes to crawl and lay on Marley like he is a pillow.
  • Liam likes to wrestle, take baths, be tickled, go for walks, or just be outside in general. He recently discovered slide and now enjoys the park so much.
  • Liam can scoot around the house on a scooter and it is super cute because he recently learned how to steer and so now I don't have to follow him around while he does it. I just see him scooting all around the house.
  • Liam loves food and sometimes I wonder if he has even out eaten me! He pretty much eats anything. He can eat a banana in one bite and won't move it from his face once you give it to him. He recently figured out silverware and demands to use it like us. Liam seems to like 90% of the food I give him. However he always throws away tomatoes. I still give them to him hoping that will change, but he still throws them on the ground.
  • Liam recently has picked up hitting and hopefully that doesn't stick. I know he isn't hitting to be mean. He actually thinks it is a game. However it is still something that worries me.
  • Speaking of hitting the other day I was eating ice cream. it had chucks of like brownie chocolate, almonds things like that. Anyway I would give him bites with out that stuff and somehow he realized that I was keeping them from him. He would point in the ice cream and jabber. So I would give him bigger bites nope he would point and jabber again. Then I took a bite with some of the yummy stuff and he hit me then started jabbering and pointing at the ice cream. Anyway I thought this was hilarious so I kept laughing and taking bites of the yummy stuff, and he would hit him me and yell at me to give it to him.
  • Liam is not walking however he seems really really close he stand all the time, but if you try to get him to walk he throws the biggest fit. Normally I wouldn't care and would let him start walking on his own time, but we leave for Hawaii in a few days and I have this concern I am going to miss him walking. I have told the babysitter that if he looks like he is starting to walk to pick him up right away. Lets keep our fingers crossed that I don't miss his walking!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dad's back/ Park time

Jacob was supposed to be home yesterday, but his flight was canceled so we had to wait till today. We really missed our daddy and we were so happy he was back. Marley really missed him too, so we all decided to enjoy each other and go to the park. We went to the park and played on the slides and swings while daddy threw the ball for Marley. We also went to dinner and Ah So to celebrate. I have been wanting to take the boys there, but Jacob thought they were too little. When I say they he mainly meant Liam. Jacob thought that he would cry with the fire, but he didn't. He loved it and basically ate all my food! We had so much fun and we are so happy to have our dad back.

Bath boys

We really enjoy bath time around here. These boys love to take a bath. Liam and Eli will just sit in the tub for hours if I would let them. Sometimes they even take two baths a day just because they like playing together in the bath!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Since all the guys are in India and Vietnam together. We thought why should they have all the fun! We all got together at the Malnar's house in Milwaukee. We had a whole week of cousin fun. The day we got there was Carson's 4th birthday. So we had a little party and had cake and opened presents. Carson is so cute and would say the funniest things and then be like, "Well that's because I am 4 now!"
The next day we just hung around the house having fun and jumping on the trampoline. Then on Wednesday Allsion and Katie wanted to show us this really cute park by the beach that they went to. Katie was feeling a little sick so she stayed home while the rest of us loaded up the kids and had a great time at the park. We decided while we were there that we should take a picture of the all the kids there. So Allison went and got them all white shirts so on Friday we could go back and take pictures.
On Thursday we went to a place called Monkey Joe's which is basically an indoor place filled with jump houses and slides. Eli loved it and Liam even really enjoyed playing on them. (When we got home Eli would ask to go back to the jump place...obviously he really loved it). It was so nice to go and visit with all the cousin's we don't get to see very often. When we got home Eli said his prayer and prayed for Carson and Jacob. They are already becoming such great friends!

On the way to Milwaukee Linda was with me so I wasn't to worried, but on the way home I was on my own and I was totally nervous about flying alone with the two boys. Lucky for me the flight wasn't full so we had the whole row to ourselves. Liam and Eli were really good and everything went great!