Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party

Every year Jacob and I get invited to Halloween parties, and every year we make up an excuse why we can not come. This year Kristyn would not allow us to do that so she made sure that we went. So at the last second Jacob and I made costumes and went. I am glad we went Jacob was funny and a good sport the whole night, and we both had a lot of fun. I say Jacob was a good sport because we were killer bees, and he even or the wings!! The last two pictures our pictures of when it was our que to leave.
Oh yeah we also won scariest costume. We only won because everyone else costumes were funny and we were the only ones with blood. However I thought Kristyn's was pretty scary and she almost won too!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ward Trunk or Treat

Last night was our ward Trunk or Treat. As always he invited both of our parents, the Gilmore's, the Brewer's and the Kartchner's. It was nice that everyone was able to to come! Eli loved seeing all the children and I think everyone got a good amount of candy.Eli was a green Alien this year. I think his costume turned out really cute. Eli loves Halloween stuff. Earlier in the month he was scared and would really hold on to us. Now he is more curious about them and stares a lot. The car next to us had this really freaky doll and he loved it. He just stared at it all night. Eli had a lot of fun with my mom he did the cake walk, fished for prizes and looked at all the neat cars. He also like pushing around this little rat we have (this kid loves to push things around) One of the little girls in our ward came over and started playing with the rat too. Then she grabbed him and hugged him. It was really cute.

Funny stores of the night:
  • My dad and Jacob went and got some food. When they came back Austin saw their food and asked them where he got it. They told him where to find it and off he went. Austin came back a few minutes later with is plate. I looked at his plate and saw that he had one hot dog no bun and then a hamburger with just 3 pattie in between the bread! My jaw dropped and I was like Austin!! Lee and my dad just starred at him in shock and then you hear Lee say, "Where's the lettuce?" I would like to report that Lee did at least make Austin remove on pattie.
  • Cecil and Linda came late to our party because they were busy at theirs. Once they got there we were trying to get rid of some of our candy so we would not have to much left over. Jacob offered some to his parents. Jacob looks over a few seconds later and Cecil took like an entire box full! It was so funny. I guess he took the candy for his class on Sunday's!

Monday, October 26, 2009

15 Months

Today Eli went in for his 15 month check up. It is always bittersweet to take Eli in for his well visit. I like it because I get to found out how he is doing, and I hate it because I know the dreaded shots are coming. The doctor checked him out and he said everything looked great. Something every mom loves to hear! Then we talked some more and after talking to the doctor I decided it was best the he receive the flu shot as well as the H1N1 flu shot. This made me so sad because this was 5 shots total. I hate doing that to my little guy. He got 3 shots in one arm and 2 in the other. He cried pretty hard for a few minutes, but he got over it pretty quick.

Eli's current Stats:
Height~ 32.75in 90th%tile
Weight~ 26 lbs 75th%tile
Head~ 18.5 50th%tile
Eli's development:
  • He says a few words about 10. I was afraid Eli was behind here, but the doctor said that was very good.
  • Eli is a very good walker and now a runner. Sometimes he walks around like he is drunk, but he has walking down I would say.
  • He has started to show an interested in feeding himself with a spoon. He had an interest before but more for messes. He now wants to feed himself like everyone else. We are still practicing this one.
  • He still loves all kinds of food and is a very good eater!
  • He loves to scare people. He will hide around the corner then jump out and growl or say boo. Jacob sometimes pretends Eli scares him.
  • He follows directions very well. Only a few times have I said something and he try and do the opposite.
  • When I says let's go bye bye he runs to the garage. We I say do you want to take a bath he runs to the bathroom, and when I say do you want to watch Elmo he runs to the TV.
  • He is really starting to love spending time with his dad. Jacob was sick so for a few days he worked from home. When Jacob finally went back to work Eli was confused and started chasing his car down the street yelling Daddy!!!
I felt bad for him to I took him to Walgreen's and got him a nice yummy chocolate milk and some more Tylenol. I decided I should invite people over to the house tonight too so he would have some buddies. My mom Debbie and Lee came over and had Dinner in a Pumpkin with us. You would have though Eli was just fine he ran around and played with everyone he just loved having everyone over.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I had a birthday

Today was my birthday. Since I was not feeling to good Jacob and I took it easy this morning and made a yummy breakfast at home. My sister called and wanted to take me out to lunch so I met my mom Steph and Chase for lunch a CPK. I love their food so I was very excited. They gave me a free yummy dessert and it was HUGE. My mom loved it! Other then that I didn't do anything else to special because Jacob was sick and the poor guy was not feeling to good. He was a champ though because he still watched Eli while I went to lunch and while I went to Target. I recieved a lot of text messages and calls which made my dad wonderful. Nina even called!! I love that girl!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

One funny boy

I always knew my little guy was funny, but sometimes he is just too funny for his own good. Here are a few moments from the past week that had me laughing.

First my dad and his workers came over to help me with a few things around the house. Eli LOVES to work with Papa he thinks he is a big boy and an even bigger helper.

Next funny thing was the other day my mom and I went to lunch. Since she likes to sit in the backseat with him she was kind enough to help him put his shoes on...except she didn't get one on all the way! Poor guy kept walking around with his foot half out, and didn't fuss or anything. I finally noticed and said mom why is his foot so pink? Why is he walking like he is drunk. It was so funny because he just kept walking in circle talking. I think he was trying to tell us! My mom and I were laughing so hard because he just kept jabbering and walking around us.

Now for the best...which I saved for last. Every morning I go around my house and clean and pick up things. Eli usually follows me around but is a few steps behind most the time. Well one day I noticed he wasn't keeping up very quick so I figured he got himself into something. I could hear some movement in my room so I peek around the corner and found this....

Poor kid got stuck in my shoe box...I of course instead of helping him out ran and got my camera and got a few pictures and this video where he tells me he is stuck. It was funny because the second I walked in the room Eli said STUCK....STUCK!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eli has some pets...for now

Since I had the baby shower at my house we had some fish left over from the party. Sharisa wanted to just flush them down the toilet, but I do not have the heart to do something like that. I told her that we would just take care of them until they died. It was funny because Jacob knew I would be able to kill them and when he picked them up he even picked up some fish food for them too.

Any way we started out with 14. Then we gave a few away some died, so we were down to 9. Then a lot more died, and we only have three left. Eli loves them a likes me to pull them down off the counter so he can look at them. He is so funny cause he talks to them and crawls in circle around the bowl talking to them...he is such a a funny kid. I have enjoyed the fish I have decided I will go buy some more once the last 3 die.

You have to watch this video Jacob scare Eli in it and it is so funny!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brenna's Baby Shower

My long time friend Brenna is have a little boy so Sharisa, Lindsay and myself threw a little showerfor her. The theme and everything Sharisa came up with. I think it turned out really cute, and everything went really well. I did not get very good pictures, but here are the ones I got. I am so silly and did not get a picture of Brenna!! Grrr I am so made at myself.