Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Time Fun

Lately the weather has just been too perfect. Since it is so nice out I try and make afternoon time Eli's outdoors time. Eli could spend hours, and hours outside and it still won't be enough! I really love that about him. Any way we have done a lot of new things to keep our selves busy outside. Our outside activities range from Sidewalk chalk, finger painting, playing with his caterpillar sprinkler and meeting new friends in the neighborhood. We also have gone to some of Eli's softball games, and Jacob and I went to the Easter Pageant one night too. Needless to say we have been busy and having too much fun!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Ties

Since Easter this year is during General Conference this Sunday was the Sunday we dressed up for Easter. A few weeks ago my cousin Donnie's boy scouts were selling these ties so I bought a few matching ties for all my boys (new baby included) today Jacob and Eli wore the yellow one for the first time, and I HAD to get some pictures!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

On Friday I went to the Zoo and Shopping with my friend Sharisa and our boys. Near the bitter end of the shopping adventure our boys had about had it so we were hurrying trying to get out of the mall. Sharisa just wanted to try on a few more things so I was helping watch the boys while she finished. While she was in the fitting room Gunner and Eli were standing outside the fitting room with me. While Sharisa was in the fitting room with Merrick (who by now wanted to leave more then anyone else) I heard Sharisa's phone ringing so I grabbed it and in the mean time Eli got down and squatted on the floor. This lady came out of the fitting room before I could grab Eli so I stepped to the side to let her through. She walked by a few seconds later, and in a very rude voice said to me, "Why don't we be a mom and watch our kids rather then text on the phone." I was shocked she said this. I decided she was out of line and I thought I should say something back to her.

So I picked up Eli and I walked up to her. I told he that I was waiting for her to pass and that there was plenty of room for her to get by. I also told her I thought she was being really rude when I was trying to be polite and let her go first. Well lets just say she was LESS then kind back. She started yelling at me and jabbering on about all this stuff, and in a nut shell told me I was a fat pregnant woman who shouldn't be having any more kids. I WAS SHOCKED. Now in my head I am thinking A LOT of things like...
  1. Out of all the kids she saw only one was mine.
  2. She was bigger then me when I am just about 8 months pregnant...who is she calling fat!
  3. She doesn't know me at all how one earth could she know if I am a good mother or not.
  4. I was not texting and not paying attention to my child (Shairsa has an iPhone that I have no clue even how to use)

I am sure I thought a lot more things, but as you can tell my blood was boiling at this point. I started to make my points. However she refused to listen and put her hand up and said she was tuning me out and not listening to me. So all I really got to say back to her was if she didn't want to hear what I had to say back she should have never said anything to me in the first place. Her friend then started to join in saying things like," yeah like you are going to step over her kids so then she yells at you for that." (which later I relized she did, and I never said a word to her about it....another point this lady was totally wrong about) I want to go off on these ladies, but I controled myself checked all the kids and they walked away. (Now realize every time they said something they would walk away or not look at me at least when I would talk to them I would look them in the eye.)

I have to admit this experience REALLY upset me. For a lot of reasons. I don't think I defended myself or the children very well. I still have a lot of could of, would of, should of thoughts going through my mind. Sharisa tried really hard to help me feel better and was really supportive. Once I got home Jacob said things to try to help to like: when people say stuff like that they are just unhappy about something in their life, Stacy there are times you take the high road...this is not one of them, and this woman is nuts....stuff like that. I have to admit she made me cry and hurt me deeply. However I KNOW she is wrong and someday she will know it. I am not fully over this event nor do I ever think I will ever forget it.

I know Heavenly Father would want me to learn from this situation and make some sort of positive out of here is what I am decided to learn....I will never judge or say something rude to someone, ex specially if I don't know them. Who knows what they are currently going through or who they really are. I never want to offend or hurt someone like this lady did to me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ramdom visits to the Zoo

We have been going to the Zoo a lot lately and we have be lucky enough to go with some pretty fun people are some pictures I have collected over the past couple of weeks. As you can tell I really LOVE feeding the Giraffe's.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mesa Children's Museum

Wednesday I went with Sharisa and kids to the Mesa Children's museum. I heard of it before but I did not know much about it. I am glad to say it was great, and super cute. The kids had fun walking around looking at everything, and we had fun watching them! Eli seemed to really like it so I bought a few more passes and we will be going back!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Party Don't Stop!!

Monday was a slow day at the auction so Jacob figured he could work from home and we could plan some fun things. Since it was Spring Break for the kids we invited Aly and Ethan to join us. We started our day off at Makutu's Island. Eli loves this place. I took him there in December and he liked it but really couldn't do anything by himself. What a different a few months make. He wanted to climb EVERYTHING all by himself, and he did! He also wanted to go down the slides by himself finally near the end we let him do it and he was fine. He just laughed so hard. It was so cute cause you could hear him belly laugh the whole way down. Ethan was great with Eli and pretty much was his pal the whole time. Aly was very helpful too, but she seems to be starting to get too old for all the stuff. Although Jacob still worked and was on his phone a lot he ran around with us and I think he had fun too!

After Makutu's we went to the mall to get some food. Ethan never eats much but we found food that Ethan and Aly loved and boy they ate a lot. Jacob then went to see and movie and the kids and I walked around the mall until it was over. After the movie he hurried home to change so we could meet Steph and Jerel to hike A mountain. Jacob and I have never done it before, but we had a wonderful time. It was stressful with a pregnant woman and a small child, but we all were safe and no one feel. Eli wanted to walk the whole time but we had to pick him up some parts we just to dangerous. We ate subs and the top and then took our time on the way down. One our way home Jacob said he had fun, but he was so worried about Eli the whole time...I couldn't agree more. We had such a wonderful day!