Friday, June 22, 2007



*That means my Sweetheart in Hawaiian*

Here is Jacob at the Hukilau Cafe. It is the restaurant in the movie 50 1st dates! They didn't use the real restaurant, but they did build and fake one a paid this one to use it's name. It is very fun to eat there, because you can have a very traditional Hawaiian breakfast. Jacob had Fried rice and eggs. He even tried SPAM! I was boring and got Potatoes and Eggs. ( I liked Jacob's better)

Here I am in front of the restaurant. We were scared there for a second because if you look at the picture is was raining. That would have been a sad story if it rain the whole time we were there!

Mahalo to Everyone at Brewer-Caldwell!

Me Ke Aloha, Ash's
*with Love

Hawaii Trip 2007


As most of you know Jacob and I won a trip to Hawaii from my work Christmas party. We saved the trip and went back for our one year aniversary. We had so much fun and we are looking forward to go back again. Here is a picture of us at the temple. The Laie Temple is so pretty!

Here we are on the plane ride over. It is a 6 hour flight so we needed things to entertain us. We brought card games, books, fitness magazines, and our ipods to help us get through the flight.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hey Everyone! Here is a picture of Me & Jacob having fun with Buddy. Jacob is in denial, but everyone knows that he really, really loves Buddy.

1st Entry

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our Blog page. We are excited to share family up dates, and pictures with everyone. Check back soon for pictures from our Hawaii trip!