Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lunch for Steph's B-day

Stephanie had a birthday a few weeks ago, and the woman in her ward got together to celebrate. It was so nice because they invited me to come along as well. I thought it was so cute that they did that for her, and even thought to let me know so I could come along. I love my sister, and it is so great that the women in here ward are so kind, and do such nice things for here. I mainly got pictures of Eli because I would say cheese and he would make funny faces. I did add some more of the women, but they didn't know I was taking the picture. Also for some reason I did not get a picture of Lani and Nikki, but there were there too.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


At my parents house they have this Swan my mom painted years ago. When we come to visit my mom takes Eli around her house all the time and shows him things. One day she showed him the Swan and ever since he has been hooked. It is a swan, however Eli calls it a Duck. Whenever we walk in the house the first thing he does is point up at the duck and say, "Duck." The other day we decided to bring it down so we didn't have to hold him up to look at it. Now whenever it is down we see Eli riding it, or trying to carry it around the house, both are so funny to see.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Getaway

Jacob and I left for Scottsdale on Thursday for our first little trip away from Eli. We thought about flying somewhere, but I just didn't feel good about going too far away from our guy. So we picked out a super nice hotel and Scottsdale and decided to live it up for a few day. Here is how it went....
We played with Eli for a little bit then dropped him off with Debbie a little after 4. We drove out to the Royal Palms hotel on Camelback. Upon check in the trip already started off to a great start when we found out the we got upgraded to the honeymoon suite. We already had a really good rate for the suite we booked so this was AWESOME. A guy showed us around then took us to our room it was so nice! Here are some pictures.

After getting set up in the room we decided we were hungry. We changed our clothes and headed out to this Mexican restaurant. On our way I saw City Hall and called Steph to see if we were dressed ok because we wanted to try it out. She said we were, so we decided to eat there. The place is cool, and VERY EXSPENSIVE. We ordered crab cakes, each got a steak, and spinach. To be honest Jacob and I really didn't like the place and we thought it was so over priced. We both gave it a thumbs down, and we will Not be going back again. After dinner we were right by the mall so we went in to get a few things, and then headed back to the hotel.
On Friday Jacob was supposed to let me sleep in, but at 6:15 he came in and woke me up. Our plans were to hike Cambelback that morning and he was worried if I slept any longer it would get to hot on the hike. So I decided to get up. We drove to the mountain, and then the fun began! (HA)

This part could actually have it's own post, and probably should because more than likely I will NEVER do it again. Here is how it went...according to me....

We parked really far away, and no joke after walking over a mile we then started our hike. It wasn't too bad to start just climbing up the first like 5 minutes then once we got about 1/2 way to the saddle I started getting tired. I was following behind Jacob and I got to thinking that I would do better if I ran up the up parts and then rested until he caught up to me and then starting running again. Once I started doing this I seemed to handle it much better, however there were a lot of people going down so I would have to stop because of them. This plan would have worked perfectly...if we were the only ones on the mountain. Just before we got to the saddle I told Jacob I had to stop and rest. I said this at a perfect spot because there was this nice big rock I layed on. It was shaded, and flat so I layed on that for a few minutes. Then I decided it was time to start going again. One detail I am leaving out is every few minutes I was sure to let Jacob know that hiking this was so not my thing, and I was not having very much fun (as nicely as possible). Once I got to the saddle I saw a lot of people stop and turn around. I wish I was one of them because Jacob said I could not have my pedicure unless I got to the top. (plus I knew if I didn't go all the way to the top I would be mad at myself, and Jacob would bug me until I actually did make it to the top). The 2nd part of the hike was the worst part!! Not because it was physically hard, but because it was scary. This part had a lot more pointy rocks and dangerous falls and all around I just thought I was going to accidentally slip and kill myself by falling down the mountain. FINALLY I made it to the top!! Jacob is the type that likes to enjoy his reward (the view from the top) I on the other hand wanted to get this over with so I decided that I wanted to head back right way, but I stayed a little longer for him. The way down was not so bad, but I did spend a lot of time on my bottom so I wouldn't be on the news as the crazy girl who got hurt on Camelback mountain.

Other things to note about the hike:
  • There was an old man with a cane that climbed the entire mountain. Every once in a while I would look back and see he was gaining on me. On the way down I passed him still on his way up. I told him he was my hero and I was so impressed. I found out after talking to him for a bit that he was the good climber and would have probably passed me. It took him so long because the guy he was with liked to stop and look at the view.
  • There was another old guy who had on a bikers helmet that started way after us. He passed us on his way up. Passed us again on his way down and we were still on our way up. I am pretty sure that guy was done before I even made it to the top!
  • The old saying is true...you can take a girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl. Or in this case you can't make a girl hike a mountain in the city either!
  • Once we got to the main road there was our mile plus hike back to the car. Jacob was awesome and wanted to run so he ran back to the car, and I walked back. I didn't have to walk all the way to the car because Jacob drove back and picked me up.
After our hike we went and got breakfast and then headed back to the room to shower and take naps. Jacob who never takes long naps joined me for a nice long 2 hour nap! Since I finished the hike I earned my reward of a pedicure so Jacob and I got our pedicure. Jacob was funny when he made the appointment because he just kept saying I want them to rub my legs a lot, I want a lot of massaging...that is basically the only reason he goes. I enjoyed the pedi except that the lady before totally interrupted my time because she scuffed her nails. My nail lady was annoyed but had to make her happy...so I did not get a lot of massage.

After the pedi's we did our last adventure for the day and went and ate at the Melting Pot. Jacob and I love to eat there, and so this meal was MUCH better than City Hall and Jacob as you can see is a little sun burned from the hike.

I slept in Jacob was as always up by 5:00 but when we were both up we ordered room service. Jacob got a breakfast burrito and I got oatmeal with creme brulee. After enjoying our yummy breakfast we got dressed and headed to the Scottsdale fashion to do some shopping. My birthday is coming up so Jacob gave me some of my b-day money to go shopping with. I did not end up getting anything...yet. After shopping for a while, and Jacob trying really hard to be a good sport about all the shopping we ate lunch at Z Tejas. I ate there a while ago and thought Jacob would love it. Then we headed back to the hotel to rest before we left for our massages. Jacob and I got a couples massage at Dolce salon. It was an hour and a half and we loved every minute of it! Now that we were totally relaxed we grabbed some food at a sports bar watched the ASU game and went back to the hotel to relax for the rest of the evening.


We woke up pretty early and we were really missing our little guy. Our original plans were to relax until brunch, and then we were going to go to eat the brunch at the Phoenician. However our reservations we not until 11:15 and we wanted to head home so we called and moved our plans to just have breakfast there. I love these pastries they have there, and they serve them at breakfast so we didn't even have to wait for brunch. It was yummy. Oh yeah remember for our anniversary Jacob ate this salmon thing and he thought it was so gross? Well they had it again, and I took a picture this time! After breakfast we went back to the Royal Palm packed up and drove home to our baby.

Since it was after 9 my family was already at church so we drove to their ward to get him. We were not dressed poorly however we were not dressed nice enough for church either. We still decided to go inside because we were dying to see our little man. After the sacrament was passed my parents brought Eli out. He had just woken up and kept starring at us. Now looking back on it, I know he though it was just a dream. Since it was the primary program I decided to run to my sister's house borrow and skirt and stay. Jacob left to go home and relax and take a nap. When I came back Eli was more awake and was so excited to see me. He started shaking his hands and grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug. He honestly did not let go of me for at least 15 minutes! It was wonderful. Jacob and I had a wonderful time. I am so thankful we were able to do this!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Leaving Eli Part II

The day we left Eli I took some pictures of him. I just knew I was going to miss him so much, so I thought have a few pictures on hand would help out. These are some of him playing in our driveway while we were waiting for my dad...Oh goodness I can not get enough of this boy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaving Eli

Eli took to weening really well, and it was really easy. I think he was ready earlier, because life seems to be easier now...oh well he is my first I thought he wanted, and needed it. Anyway Jacob and I leave tonight. My mom watches him tonight, the Gilmore's on Friday night, and then my mom and dad again on Saturday night. I made them this sheet to help them, and I thought it would be something cute to keep for the future so Eli can see what his life was like at this age. So here is a day in the life of Eli

A Day with Eli
  • DO NOT let him out of his crib until 6 am. He can sleep later, but he cannot get out of his crib any earlier.
  • Heat up whole milk right when he wakes up n a glass cup. I usually fill up a small glass one then microwave for 35 seconds pour into sports Sippy then lay with him on the couch. He is very fun & happy after his milk. Not so much before milk. Sometimes he wants you to refill the milk. He will drink it all then cry for more. This does not always happen but if he wants it let him have it.
  • You can feed him anything for breakfast. He usually has piece of toast cut in fours and some fruit. I usually let him eat this between 7::00 & 8:00. He eats breakfast and watches Elmo (sometimes) Elmo is saved on the Tivo or it will record at 8 everyday. Turn on Elmo at 8:00 am.
  • He will play till nap time


Depending on when he wakes up. Most time he wakes up at 6:00 am and so he would nap around 10:00 am. You will know it is time for naptime because he will get clingy and fussy. Use a soft blanket on your shoulder and he melts away. Depending on how long his morning nap is he might take a late afternoon nap. If his morning nap is an hour or less, he will take a 300 min to hour nap between 2 to 4. No naps later than 5!


  • After naps he always wakes up thirsty!! Give him a Sippy cup right away. If you give him juice make sure it is 90% water 10% juice or it will go right through him and you will have 4 poppy diapers. If he wants milk he will point at a sports Sippy or point at the milk and cry. He can have it whenever he asks for it.
  • He will play until noon or 1 then it is lunch time. He can eat what you are eating or make him something from his cupboard.
  • After lunch he just walks around and plays. Make sure he plays by himself sometimes so he is not bossy or clingy.
  • He likes snack so crackers, fruit and stuff like that he loves.
  • Just before dinner he gets fussy. Now would be a good time to play with him or take him to the park or for a walk or something like that.


  • At 8 o’clock I give him his bath. I let him play in there for a while. Sometimes you have to tell him it is time to get out, but most the time he will tell you when he wants out.
  • I take his bed stuff in the front room and dress him there. Then when I go to put everything up he usually fusses. I let him because it wears him out.
  • We do not play with Eli after he gets out of the bath. We dress him and then turn off all the lights except the one over the temple picture and his frog lamp (switch on the wall not plug) Make sure the sound machine is on , and turned to the thunder noise. He sleeps best with that one.
  • Putting him to sleep at night is a little different. If you get the vibe he is not fussy or ready for bed. Read him a book, brush his teeth. All bedtime stuff. When he is ready heat up milk and get his soft blanket. Put it on your shoulder, but hold him sideways. For some reason at night this is how he likes to go to sleep. He might rub his face on it a lot and move his head back and forth. That is all fine. Just part of his process. I hold him for a while then lay him in his crib. He usually rolls on his tummy or side with the brown blanket by his face. Then I place the big blanket beside him not on him. Fan on, but then turn off the frog light. If he wakes up and cries in the night DO NOT go in there he will put himself back to sleep in a few minutes. It is more of a fuss while moving around.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swimming Lessons

In July I signed Eli up for swimming lessons. Since everyone's house has a pool, and no fence Jacob and I feel it is inportant to get started as soon as possiable. Eli took 3 different session and in each group he was the youngest. I think he did a wonderful job and loves to jump in the water. When I start count (this is the que he is going under) he gets the biggest smile on his face. Eli can not swim yet, however I feel we have planted the seeds, and by the end of next summer Eli will be a swimmer.

Currently, Eli kicks and reaches on his own. Will jump in and reach for the side of the pool, goes under, holds him breath for mutiple up and downs under the water, spits the water (no swollowing) jumps off the diving board, and much more. Yesterday was his last lesson, so Jacob came along and took some video, and pictures.

As you can see Eli is our little fish.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No More Mama Cow

Tonight was the last time I nursed Eli. A few months ago Jacob decided he wanted to go on vacation with out Eli. I was still nursing Eli so I told him I had to stop nursing before we could go. This motivated Jacob to help me start weening our little guy. On August 1st we started with taking away the morning feeding. At first it was hard because Eli didn't really like the cows milk, but after one week he was ok with it. Then after Allison left I dropped the two nap time feedings. This was actually a lot easier then I thought. It only took about two days of him pulling at my shirt and me saying no, and he never tried again. Now he really likes milk and asks for it sometimes. (there is one sippy cup for water, another for milk...this is how know what he wants, and he isn't getting milk when he thinks it is water) Now that over 2 months have gone by I have decide it is time to drop the final feeding.

It is kind of a bittersweet moment for me. On one hand I am so excited for the freedom it gives me. Then on the other I am sad because that just reminds me that everyday my baby boy needs me less and less. Not that he doesn't need me or will never need me, but I have to admit I get it. I get it when mother's have a hard time letting go of their little ones.

ps. Jacob and I leave for our little vacation on Thursday.

Kara (Debbie's neice) is having a little baby girl. We had the plessure of attending her baby showering this weekend. I didn't get any pictures of Kara, however I did get this video of Eli. Melissa (Debbie's sister) was playing wit Eli on the trampoline. I thought it was so cute I had to tape it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Bewitching Hour!

Every evening just before Jacob is supposed to come home I see a lot of this...

That is why I call it the bewitching hour. I swear every mom goes through this. The day will go go great with out a hitch but come time to make dinner and all heck breaks loose. The good news is it doesn't last long, and Daddy's are as they always should be our hero's.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pressure Issues

When I was little I remember squeezing my fists, clinching my jaw and kind of squeezing my whole body. I know this sounds weird, however I know a lot of people who do it (i.e. Lee, Ethan, Chase used to) We call this pressure issues. Whenever we see someone do it that is what we say...PRESSURE ISSUES. Well look who got some of my genes.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photo shoot with Megan

A few months ago my mom took Eli to church. One of the women in her ward saw Eli and wanted to use him as a model. I thought that idea she was going to do was really cute so I said that would be fine. I had no idea how good Megan was!! The pictures all turned out so great! I LOVE THEM ALL. Here are just a few of my favorites.