Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disneyland Adventure Day 4

Today was Leap year and so Disneyland was open from 6am to 6am the next day. It was the first time they ever done this. I figured this would either be good or really bad for us. We got the boys up and went to the park at 7:30am and got and good 2 hours in before the park usually opens. Here is how our day went.
Alice in Wonderland- Everyone rode and we all loved it.
Mad Hatter tea cups- the boys loved it so much we did it twice and we really got it spinning
Peter pan- We all rode this for the first time and we loved it.
Star Tours- Jacob and Eli rode it twice and jayden and each went once. Eli loved it.
Pirates of the Caribean - we all rode and for some reason we really like it more the 2nd time
Tough to be a bug- we all watched this movie again and love it
Little Mermaid- the boys loved it so they wanted to do it one more time before leaving
Pinocchios Daring Journey- Boys loved it so we rode it twice.
Space Mountain - All adult rode it Jacob twice
Storybook land- we all rode and loved it
Tower of Terror - me and jayden

This day we got everything done really fast so we left early and went and had dinner at In N out. Jayden and I went back to ride tower of Terror Cause of fast past wasn't till later. Man this place turned into a zoo once locals were getting off work. Tower of Terror for stand by was over a 3 hour wait! Fast past was 45 minutes!!! We rode it only once even though we had 2 fast passes. Then on our way out it was crazy the line to enter Disneyland went all the way to California adventure and around again. I am sure at one point they reached max and made people leave.The traffic was so bad that the buses we stuck and we ending walking back to the hotel ok well running back. It was a lot of fun to be a part of the morning was great no lines but night time was crazy. It was cool too see but I was glad when we left at 8:30

Things to remember...
  • All the boys loved Turkey legs.
  • Eli had a little accident with his clothes so we had to buy him a buzz costume. It was so cute everyone would say hi to him he felt so special. Then a little girl pointed at him and started strutting like a super hero. He tried hard to hide his grin too. I have decided dressing your kids up at Disneyland is awesome and I am sure both will do it next time we come.
  • When we left the park Eli looked back at it and yelled, "Bye Disneyland we will see you next time we come back!"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disneyland Adventure Day 3

Our 2nd day at Disneyland we spent at California Adventure. We got there quick and rode basically everything we wanted to here is the break down....
California Screaming - Just me and Jayden we rode it twice and loved it.
Click's flyer's- We all rode twice.
Lady bug Boogie- We all rode this and they boys were so cute on it we did it twice.
Golden Zephyr- this ride Eli really liked and got him to like rides again. We rode this twice.
Goofy's Fly school- Only adults the boys were not tall enough. I rode it twice.
Heimlich's Chew Chew Train- Everyone rode this and enjoyed it.
Tough to be a bug- we all loved this It is my favorite
Little Mermaid- The boys really loved this one and we all rode it twice.
Monster's Inc. - the boys really loved this one too and we rode it twice.
Muppet vision- Super cute movie like bugs almost. We all loved it
Soarin over California- Jayden and I took Eli first and he loved it so Jacob and I took him again
Toy Story Mania - We all really loved this one we waited in a long line twice for this it was great
Tuck and Rolls ride em buggies- Eli did this with me and Jacob he drove and it was fun
Tower of Terror- Me and Jayden one of my favorites at Disneyland

  • Jacob and I hate the tea cups but apparently we have two boys that love them. They were so cute on the ride that we actually started to like it too.
  • We never waited in lines except Toy Story Mania. We all really loved it so much we did it again. This was pretty much the only line for the day.
  • We all got ice cream and the boys loved their Mickey ears.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Disneyland Adventure Day 2

Today was our first day in Disneyland and boy was it a wild, crazy and fun day. We started off getting the park a little before it opened. Then we rushed over to Haunted Mansion, and then we hopped on Pirates. It has been a while since I have been on either of these rides but I thought to myself this rides are a lot scarier then I remember. I am sure Eli was confused why we should be so excited for this place!! Anyway after that it was one wild ride and adventure. The following are the rides we rode, how many times and if the boys liked it or not (I just want to keep a record for the future)
Haunted Mansion - everyone rode and loved
Pirates- everyone rode and loved
Indiana Jones - All adults and they loved it (Eli too short)
Inovations - Jacob and the kids they loved it
It's a small world- Everyone rode and loved
Jungle cruise - everyone rode and loved
King Arthur's Carrousel - everyone rode and loved
Mickey's House - everyone walked it and met Mickey
Toad's Wild Ride - Everyone rode it and loved it
Pixie Hallow - we walked this and night very pretty everyone loved it
Snow White's Scary Adventure - Everyone rode Eli loved it once we told him to Witch
Astro Orbitor - Everyone but Jacob Eli didn't like it at first then he loved it
Autopia - Everyone rode it and just loved it. I let Liam drive 100% and it was one crazy ride
Thunder Mountain- Liam and I sat out Jacob and Jayden said it was fine. Eli HATED IT!!!
Buzz Lightyear ride- Hands down the boys favorite ride. We did it 8 times this day alone.
Dumbo- Everyone rode and the boys really really loved this one
The Tiki room- Liam and Eli loved it and it is really funny to hear them tell people about this
Finding Nemo sub ride - everyone rode and loved it.
Space ride- Just me and Jayden we both loved it
Star tours- Just the adults today Jacob went twice and we all enjoyed it
Tarzan's Tree house- The boys and Jayden They really loved it.

Things to remember about this day...
  • Whenever we would talk about a ride we would ask who wants to ride this ride and everyone including Liam would raise their hands quickly and say I do. It was super cute.
  • Eli really hated the Thunder Railroad and it almost made him not ride anything else.
  • We ate Yummy churro's which everyone loves
  • Eli saw a lot of Characters but the only one he showed any interest in was Mickey Mouse.
  • It started raining while we were in Mickey's house so we didn't do much in Toon Town cause we bolted for Fantasy Land to get rides since we came prepared with Pancho's.
  • Jacob loves this drinking fountain in Toon Town he says it is the best drinking fountain in the world. He of course made everyone try.
  • When we rode Haunted Mansion I told the boys it was like This is Halloween they really loved that song so they were excited. Oops that is only at Christmas and Halloween it was more scary, but Liam was really cute and he kept singing the song. Super cute.