Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Other Hoilday Activities

This holiday season has been so much fun. Katie and Jordan have been here since Thanksgiving so the Ash's have gotten together a lot. Aunt Julie has also been in town a few times and she is always a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of us getting together and having a good time...mostly around food!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas day we got up a little before 7 and everyone opened presents at our house. Eli was not really into the present thing. He opened one present and then played with that and the stuff from his stocking the whole time. Liam woke up bright and happy and loved playing with the paper and the bows. He laughed a lot and both boys had a lot of fun. After opening presents my dad made a yummy breakfast and we went over to the Ash's to open presents and then have lunch with them.

By this time I lost my camera and I do not have any pictures of the Ash events, but they were just as fun. Eli and Carson played together a lot and Jacob and his brother's had a wonderful time opening presents and bonding. The last present they each opened was Nerf guns from their mom. They all quickly opened them up and put them together. Jacob got his put together first and he shot his brother's while they finished putting theirs together. Then once everyone had theirs put together and all out war broke out among them. They had a blast. After the great gun fight we had a yummy lunch and the rest of the day just enjoyed our self and each other.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year Christmas Eve we spent with my family. We started off the night with dinner with the Gilmore's and the Hauter's at our house. (I do not have pictures of this because I forgot to take them) Then we headed to the temple for the music and to see the temple lights. We had a lot of fun and ran into some more family down there. After the temple we came home played a fun game with the Hauter's and then we all got ready for bed so Santa could come!

While at the temple we went and showed Eli the Christus. Eli took this picture...I am really impressed. Eli wanted to touch it so he walked up to it very slowly got right up to and decided to walk back. I wish I would have walked up there with him, but I did want to watch and see what he would do on his own. I think I am going to take him back so he can see he can touch it and not be scared.

We all get new PJ's for Christmas Eve I wanted to get a picture of the boys in front of the tree but I lost the camera. I found it after they were asleep so Jacob and I took the picture.

Jacob being funny

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kartchner Christmas

Every year growing up my Dad's side of the family had a Mexican Christmas pot luck. We would all get together at my house eat yummy food and have fun. Since my parents moved we still kept with tradition, but changed the location a few times. Since we got the old house back EVERYONE was excited to have this tradition full restored. We ate yummy food, acted out the nativity, and had a wonderful time seeing everyone.

Great Pictures

Katie not only has a really nice camera, but she also has the skills to use her really nice camera. We are lucky because whenever she is around we get some pretty amazing pictures from her! Katie was kind enough to send me a few of her favorites. The following pictures range from the mountain ranch, Christmas trip to museum, and playing at the riata house.