Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1 month

Today Liam turned one month old. I can't decided if this month has gone by fast or slow. At times it seems to be moving at light speed and others the speed of a snail. I guess both ways are nice. On one hand I get to enjoy these little moments with my little Liam being so tiny, and on the other the time of surviving on minimum sleep is zooming by. Liam is a sweet baby I have the most fun with him when he is in the bath. He coos, looks around and just is so content. He is fun right after he eats, and he loves to look at me and I talk to him. Liam is not so fun when he is tired, ex specially when he is fighting his sleep...which happens often. I call this his split personality. When he does this I just hold him close and try my best to help him stop crying. Sometimes it is hard and other times I find it very easy. I am sure this has a lot to do with how much sleep I get or how Eli is behaving.

Liam has started to smile more like smerk. He does this most often when I am talking to him, but sometimes he does it if you play with his hands. He loves his brother's voice and when he hears him I can tell he is looking for Eli. Once time I put Liam in the car and as I was loading Eli Liam say him and let out a big coo. Eli looked at him like what was that. I told him Liam said hi to him and Eli loved it he smiled and cooed back at him. Sometimes When Liam is in his split personality I can hear Eli saying it is ok baby brother, it's ok. Other times I have seen him putting the Binky in his mouth. It is cute seeing him try to help.

I have this App on my phone and it keeps track of all of Liam's info in one month Jacob and I have changed 289 Diapers. He has nursed for 4 days 4 hours and 59 Minutes or 276 times. The average nursing time is 21 minutes and I nurse for an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes per day! Liam has also drank his first bottle and loved it. He has gone to church and the young women love him. Everyone says he looks just like his brother. I am not sure about that, but I do say he is a little Italian version of him. My brother Lee insists that Liam is his twin...I guess time will tell who the little man looks like.

Our future Missionary

His brother gives him LOT of kisses.

He is actually crying in this picture, but lets just pretend like he is sleeping

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sea Life

Yesterday we made plans to go to the Sea life Aquarium, so the kids and I headed out there. My mom and Jacob were able to sneak away from work and join us! I use sneak away loosely as poor Jacob had to do auctions while walking around the whole time...poor guy. Anyway the rest of us had a wonderful time. This place was really neat. They have this little holes you can climb into and get right in the tank with the fish (well it seems that way). Some felt so real that Eli wouldn't go in cause he thought he was going to fall in the water. He would grab his tummy and say Scary, scary...it was so cute. He loved the sharks and the sea horse's. I loved to see the tiny hammer head sharks. They were so cool. Over all the trip was a success and the kids really liked it. So we bought a year pass so we can go all we want! YIPEE!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brillant Idea

So if you have been following my blog you might have noticed that Eli's hair has been getting super long! Well that is because he will not let me cut it and the last time I did we had a major drama at out house. So I came up with this brilliant idea to have him go with Ethan. He looks up to Ethan and they have the same hair cut so I thought Eli could watch Ethan and then he could get his done.

My plan worked pretty good. The Brewer's (Logan & Marisa) were there too to help out. Eli cried at first then the kids distracted him. They showed him the fish on his cape. Then he started talking and calming down. By the end he had it but overall I would say it was a success. When she was almost done he looked at her and said "All Done Hair cut."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This Father's Day was wonderful. When we got up that morning it was like Eli knew it was father's day. He kept saying it to his dad and giving him big hugs it was so cute! When we finally got out of bed we had some yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and just enjoyed being together. Then we went to my parents house for dinner where Eli gave his Daddy the card he made for him. Eli was excited, and Jacob seemed to really enjoy it. For desert we had ice cream cake again. Eli really enjoyed that as you can see from the pictures below.
I am so thankful to have such a wonderful man to be the father of my children. Jacob has been so helpful and amazing with the adjustment to having two children! He beams with joy when he see us, and he just melts me heart. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! I am such a lucky girl!

These picture were not taken on father's day but they seem to fit. Eli climbed in his wagon and made me dad push him around. My dad was so tired from work but he still did it...he loves his grandsons!

We did go see Cecil but I didn't take a picture. Eli loves his Papa Cec. He kept asking me if he could go see him that day. I swear the kid knew it was father's day...he is so much fun.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gi Gi

When Eli was little I bought him a soft blanket and with it came a stuffed Giraffe. Jacob and I would give names to Eli's favorite toys so we could figure out which one he wanted. Well this giraffe received the name Gi Gi. Eli really loves Gi Gi and Gi Gi sleeps in Eli's crib with him. Today when Eli woke up Gi Gi was a real person. He needed a diaper like Eli and baby brother, he needed to get his hair done like Eli oh yeah and he needed a car seat too! I think this is so cute so I play along with it. Eli, & Gi Gi had me read them books and now they are taking a nap. Man I love this child.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Day's

We are starting to feel like caged rats over here at the Ash house. So we have been inviting our cousins over to play to keep busy. Today we went swimming and gave baby brother his first official bath. Eli also joined Liam in tummy time. Today was a wonderful day!

As you can tell Liam didn't mind his bath too much. I would say he looked like he was relaxing in a hot tub. Jacob was so impressed he kept saying over and over again how wonderful it was the Liam wasn't crying. Eli always cried till he was much older.

Monday, June 14, 2010

2 weeks

Liam went in today for his two week check up. This doctor's visit went very smoothly and I am proud to say he is one healthy baby boy. Jacob has a stomach bug so I was worried Liam might be getting sick and that is why he is so fussy, but the doctor says that since he is getting breast milk he might get it but on a lesser level because he is getting my anti bodies. Liam is also growing very fast. When the doctor compared his weight from last week he started to laugh when he saw how much he gained. He informed me that I must have the rich creamy milk...which we all know from my fat little Eli baby!

Liam's 2 weeks stats:
Height : 21 3/4 ~ 75th%tile
Weight: 9lb 4oz ~50th%tile
Head : 14 3/4 ~ 50th%tile
Liam had a photo shoot this week and here are a few pictures on off he blog site. I just loved how they turned out. I should have more shortly.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun Sunday's

This past Sunday was filled with fun activities. Eli and Jacob went to church. While Liam and I stayed back and got some rest. I took some pictures of Eli because he did he own hair (with a little help) I think he did a pretty good job. His face is a little dirty in the pictures from his yummy french toast breakfast.
Sunday dinner was at my parents house. Lee made the kids root beer floats and then took them to the green belt for a little game of football. Eli loved both.