Thursday, May 29, 2008

Snow Hall 505



In 2002 after I graduated I moved up to Logan Utah to attending college. I went there on a volleyball scholarship and was originally put in a room with 2 other volleyball players. I wanted to make other friends then just the girl on my volleyball team so I asked if I could be moved to another room. They moved me to room 505!!! I am so glad I did this! Not only did I make new friends but I made life long friends. We were some wild girls. Some of my best memories include.
  • When you 1st move into your dorm they are always decorated with a theme for example, ours was jungle like. Well the 4th floor was themed after things that are SWANK. They had all the saying and put their new slag word all over their floor. Well one night their RA was not too nice to a couple of my room mates so they decided to make a little change on their floor. They printed of K's of all sort of different sizes to cover up all the W's Turning the Swank floor into the SKANK floor!!!
  • During this semester of school Nelly's song it is getting hot in here was very popular. The lyrics in this song say..."Its getting hot in here (so hot) So take off all your clothes. We decided to put on ALL of our clothes. Then after we had on more clothes then we could move in we entered the common area blasting the which we started taking of our 90 layers of clothing!!
  • Mullet night was another great night in out dorm. After a very hard practice. I started to get undressed and get in the shower. Well when I took out my ponytail I noticed my hair looked like a mullet. Everyone in the room started to make theirs into mullets as well. I really don't know why we started this but it ended up being really funny.
  • On one of our many shopping trips to Wal-Mart I found a huge Tennis ball. It was about the size of a basketball. I loved it so of course I bought it. We used this for many games we made up. One night we were playing one of our made up game and the boys from the 4th floor stole the ball. After chasing after them they dropped it out their window. We ran downstairs to get it. Well as Annie bent over to pick up the ball they dumped a whole bucket of water on her. This of course meant war. We attacked back totally soaking their apartment. Unfortunately they got the last laugh this time when they dumped a bucket of water under our door around 3:30 am. It flooded our Kitchen and our living room!!!
  • Continuing our battle with the boys... One night we snuck into their room and saw they had built a really cool fort after playing in the fort for a while we stole ALL of their toilet paper and left. They were so mad but never figured out it was us.
  • During finals week we decided one night that it was time to punk everyone on our own floor. We went to Wal-Mart AGAIN and bought all the clear duck tape we could find. After we thought everyone went to bed around 4 am We started to duct tape all of their doors closed. The next morning when they walked out they walked right into the wall of tape. Some got stuck. One girl got the term paper she was turning in stuck in the tape. Not having time to go reprint the paper she just cut around the tape and turned it in like that
  • After having some tape left over from our little door activity I had the bright idea to make 4 square in our room. We used our giant tennis ball as the ball and named the 4 squares. Big Daddy was the number one spot followed by boo-yah (I can't remember the 3 square but the 4th was poop on a log. Good times!!!

Obviously we did a lot and if I wrote everything I feel like I would be here all day. We became great friends during this time so we have kept in touch the past 6 years!!! Jacob being the sweet husband that he is wanted me to have a little reunion with them. So he flew me to Utah on May 16th. We met up on Saturday afternoon and went to Gateway Mall where we sat and talked for hours. Then I needed to buy a few things so we did a little bit of shopping. After Shopping we went to dinner and enjoyed a very yummy meal. I am so thankful for the fun times I have had with these girls. They are each so wonderful and so much fun. The next reunion I think is going to be in Arizona since all of them live in Utah I figure it is time for them to see good old AZ.

Here is a picture we got after eating dinner. This place was really cool. I like the flowers and the whole set up.


Now. (Starting from the left Kiersten, Cindy, Ashlyn, Me, Annie, & Aubrie) Ashlyn and I were in the same room and we are both pregnant. Which I think is so cool. This is her 2nd and my 1st.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby Shower

My sister is throwing me a baby shower, which means I need to get everyone address to her. Please leave me your address or e-mail it to me at Thanks!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day and more on Eli!!

Yahoo 28 weeks Down!!

Well it has been a while since I did a post all about our new little guy so I figured I had a lot of catching up to do. He is getting more and more active. Sometimes I even think he has little adventures going on in my tummy. I like to watch my stomach pop out from where he is kicking me. It reminds me of those old cartoons when their hearts are beating. I seriously feel like he is kicking out that far! I usually like when he kicks me but sometimes I have to talk to him and tell him he isn't being nice and that really hurts Mama. He usually stops right away so he is already a great listener and very obedient.

Things I don't want to forget....
1. On May 9th I had my glucose test. I have to drink this really sugary drink and then they will draw your blood exactly one hour later. They gave me the drink at my last visit and every time I opened my fridge it was a reminder of the fun times I had a head. I remember my sister not liking the drink at all so I was really worried I was going to throw it up. Well 30 minutes before my appointment I went to go drink the Fruit Punch flavored sugar drink and I couldn't get it open. Jacob couldn't go with me to this appointment so I was on my own getting this open. After 5 minutes of trying and totally failing I decided it was time to panic. (if I didn't pass this test then I would have to go back for a 3 hour way I wanted that). I called Jacob and he told me to run to a neighbor and have them open it. Well for some reason everyone decided they didn't need to be home. I was at someones door I don't even know when all the sudden I got it open and I just started to drink it as fast as possible. It didn't taste that bad...I actually liked the 1st 2 sips then it got to sugary and I had a headache the rest of the day, but other then that it went great.

2. This doctor's appointment was also a big deal because I officially entered my third and final trimester. You usually go in every month and then after this visit you go to biweekly visits. Well my doctor said everything looks so great that he wanted to keep me at monthly visits. He explained that they usually go down but he felt there was not need to see me I was doing great. I loved hearing this...when your pregnant you can worry so much!!

3. I think I am also starting to get big enough where people feel they can come talk to me about the baby. I have had some weird comments. I am getting those little jokes like I am eating to much or something....this is not a funny joke. I really don't understand why anyone would think this is funny. Also this past weekend I started getting people touching my stomach. Now this is fine if I know you, but I was getting a pedicure and a lady touched my stomach!! Not a huge deal, but kind of weird...and I feel totally NOT NORMAL. Just for the record if I know you that's fine, but if you don't NO TOUCHY! I have a feeling this is only going to get worse, and I am to nice to say anything so I am going to have to just accept this weird thing.
(Here is a close up of our 28 week Eli)

4. Now my feet have been hurting really bad. So bad in fact I feel like I am playing volleyball all day again. I have been doing everything I can think of to numb the pain, but it is pretty frustrating. I have even gone to the chiropractor and bought surgical stockings to helped with the circulation. I have almost all movement back and I think I have gotten over this little bump...I HOPE!

5. This isn't something I really want to remember, but more something I wonder about often. Do other pregnant women feel like a duck? I seriously feel like when I look in the mirror I have a strong resemblance to Donald Duck! I wonder if I waddle when I walk? If you see me you will have to answer this question for me.

6. This story is one of my favorites so far. The other day I was at my parents house. I was walking down the stairs and my nephew Austin was walking up them. This angle put my stomach right in his face. He stops puts both hands and my stomach and says, "Stacy, whens your baby gunna hatch? " As he is shaking my stomach. Even now this cracks me up!!

7. On Sunday I was walking out of the Young Women's room talking to a few of my girls. Some of Jacob's priest were right outside the door and we all started talking. A few more priest started to walk up to us and when they saw me in the group they started pointing at my stomach saying, "Hey there is Elijah! Hi Elijah!!" I thought this was so cute because how many 16 to 18 year old Young Men would do that? I seriously love our youth they are so cute and sweet!!

8. My final memory for today is Mother's Day. This was my 1st and Jacob was so sweet. He got my Rose's and a card. I loved both of them I could tell he put a lot of thought into which flowers to get and which card was best to give me. He also treated me like a princess the whole day...he does this normally but he went the extra mile. I am so so so so lucky to have Jacob as my husband.

These are the flowers Jacob got me. I just love the color. They got a little wilted, because he hid them in the hot car so I wouldn't find them.

My mom got my sister and I these slippers. It was cute because we were both dressed for church, but we took off our church shoes and put these on. We were both at the kitchen sink cooking dinner with our new Slippers. The kids thought it was funny.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Night out with Gilmore's...minus the Kiddos

Yesterday Jacob called me very excited because a Title Company gave him 4 tickets to the D-back game. Since the Gilmore's are the HUGE D-Back fans so of course we wanted to take them with us. We meet at the Gilmore's at 6 o'clock and headed to a Mexican food restaurant Jerel knew about. The food was pretty good. Stephanie and I got Street Taco's which we loved. I also go a Mango Margarita (virgin of course) YUMMY!!! Jacob got a sampler platter which had some interesting items on it. Needless to say NONE of us like Mole (pronounce Mole-a) Jerel actually missed dinner because he got stuck at work, but made it at the end so he got his food to go. After dinner we headed to the game and had a wonderful time. It was fun going with Jerel and Steph because they know so much about baseball and the D-backs. Jacob of course was making friends with everyone around us. They were all so friendly. Jacob even said it reminded him of fever pitch like we were one big family. My only complaint was the guys behind us were drinking beer and had beer burps all night...since I am pregnant and have the smelling capabilities of a hound dog this kept making me very sick. We took like 8 pictures and all of them turned out I will only put up a few.

This was the best picture we got. For those of you wondering about my bump there it is in all it's glory at 28 weeks!

While we were at the game Cory McClaws called us and he was sitting almost directly below us. I of course had to take a picture...Can you find Cory?

Last night our 1st baseman Connor Jackson and a Philli's player hit heads!!! It was Crazy. The batter didn't hit the ball very far so the catcher threw it to first. They ran into each other and the flew separate directions. They both got up, but I felt so bad for Connor Jackson it was his birthday. Happy Birthday here is a concussion!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Aly's 9th B-day

Aly's 9th birthday was on Thursday. So on Friday she had a birthday party which Jacob and I were invited to. Her party was so cute, and all her idea!! It was a movie night with her friends. So her parents rented a projector, put up an white sheet and made like a little backyard theatre. Then they got a popcorn machine, a Bahama bucks machine for shaved ice, tons of candy, and pizza. It was so cute and it looks like everyone had a great time.

I took these pictures before all the kids showed up, but it was a cute set up as you can tell.

The concession Stand

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALY. We hope you had a wonderful birthday and birthday party.