Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's 3:30 do you know where your Children are?

Today we had a little scare. I was cleaning up my house around 3 in the afternoon. I walked by the front door just in time to see a firetruck go down the street followed by some police cars. Then I saw them turn down my sister's street. I started to freak. I run up the officer and asked him which house it was. He said it was the one at the end of the street. My sister's house shares the end of the street with one other house. I ran to my house and called my sister. I asked," are your kids home?" She said, "I don't think they are home yet?" I asked her if the police have called her yet. She said to me no. I then said a house on her street was on fire but they won't let me go down the street. She said she would call her son Chase and I was then tried to get the officer to tell me more. It was crazy because men with camera's were already there before I was so the cop wouldn't tell me anything because he was worried about the press. Finally he realized that I was legit. He asked me what my sister's address was so I told him and he said it wasn't her house. WHAT A RELIEF!
I waited outside for the kids so I could bring them in my house since they couldn't go down their street. We stayed out front watching the 15 firetruck and dozens of police cars. It was sad that someone home was burning, but Eli and Liam really liked all the action going down our street. To be honest the older kids liked watching the emergency cars too. Austin made friend with the police officer so he let the kids play in the car. I took pictures of all the kids and mailed them to their parents. It was pretty funny!

I really like how Eli was scared in the car...The kid already gets that's not a place he wants to be.

Irrigation Brings New Friends

Irrigation is a new thing for our family. This morning we woke up to a backyard full of water, and some new friends! Eli was playing in the living room while I was making breakfast and I hear him start yelling to my mom saying, "The ducks their back!" I ran out there and sure enough two ducks. The boys enjoyed looking for them all day and they would come and go from our yard.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Activities

I say spring time activies, but if you felt the weather you would think it was summer already. Even though the temp has reached somewhere in the 90's the weather is still beautiful. Since the weather is so enjoyable we have been trying to be outside as much as possible. Bubbles have become a family favorite. Liam likes to watch Eli and Eli likes to laugh at Liam. We also tried to plant our own cilantro today. I guess only time will tell if that grows!

Adventures by Liam

Today Liam was pushing his wagon around the house. He set off on a little adventure. Soon I cam upon this cute little sight.

Liam was not crying nor did he even seem concerned. To be honest he seemed to really like it. I thought it was hilarious and Debbie and I took and second just to laugh about it. Then I freed him. He seemed happy about that too!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Man

This morning Jacob and I were sitting around visiting. There were some markers out all the sudden I had a childhood memory of making a little mouth and man on my hand so I did it thinking Eli would think it was too cool when he woke up. I was right. Eli loved it so I gave him one too. Then I said Eli you are not allowed to write on your hand like this only Mommy. I guess I should have been more specific because shortly there after Liam came crawling in the room with this gem on his hand.

Eli walks around the house and say hey man talking with his hand all day. He also walks up to me and tells my man to kiss his!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gettin Comfy

Today I went to the trainer and I came back to find my two cute boys sleeping like this. Or poor boys


Growing up my family has this picture of me wearing my mother's sunglasses. I guess mother like daughter because I now own a pair very similar to the ones my mom used to have. Liam has taken an interest in my sunglasses so I put them on him. The first time I did this he wore them for like fifteen minutes with the biggest smile and and talked the whole time. Today I grabbed a few shots and the pictures kid of remind me of my old picture. This makes me happy because these boys look so much like their handsome father I can at least claim there there is 2% of me in there.

This picture was taken by Eli. I love that all three of us are in it. Eli's finger, Liam's head and my leg!

Friday, March 18, 2011


On Friday's USA Gym has a buy one get one free admission. So we called up some friends and went down there to play. All the kids had a great time. Eli did pretty good with waiting in lines for his turn which really impressed me. Also Eli's friend Maggie and Clark came and they had fun running back and forth on the tramp.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

In honor of Saint Patricks Day we had a green breakfast, with green eggs and ham. I love Dr. Suess so we read this book all the time. Eli got very excited when I showed him the eggs. He said I would eat them in a train or on a plane. I laughed and then started to ask him if he would eat them other places and he always replied yes. So then I figured we would play a little game. I took him around and we ate our eggs like in the book, but Ash style. Here is how it went....

Would you could you with a bear? Would you could you in a chair?

Would you could you in the grass? Would you could you with a little sass?

Would you could you on a car not going very far?

Would you could you in a tree? Would you could you with a bee?
(bee not pictured, but there was really two in the tree!)

Would you could you with your mother? Would you could you with our brother?

Would you could you standing on brick? Would you could you with a stick?

Would you could you on the ground? Would you could you with no sound?

Would you could you by a bush on your tush?

Would you could you in a house with out a mouse?
(At least I hope there isn't a mouse)

The answer to all of these was yes obviously, however when I asked him if he would in the street on his feet. He replied NO!! CARS ARE COMING!!

p.s we even changed Eli's shirt this morning so no one could pinch him! I think today is going to be a fun day.