Sunday, August 24, 2008

1st month

It is crazy to think that Eli is already a month old. It seems like just the other day we brought him home for the first time. It has been fun adjusting to our new way of life. Since everything is pretty much new to everyone, this month has been a month of a lot of 1st's for us. the list of first's include:
  1. Eli has officially had his first poop up his back onto me and his clothes. I was hoping it would be a while before I had to deal with one of these kind of diapers. I am proud to report it was gross, but not that bad!! I think I handled it pretty well.
  2. Everyone knows that when you change a little boys diaper you have to use extra caution. My mom calls little boys little pee tails because they pee everywhere. Well Eli is a little pee tail he has peed on me, his dad and his own face. My mom thinks the time he peed on himself is absolutely hilarious. Jacob and I were such new parents we were so sad we did not find it as funny as my mom did. Now when she talks about it we can at least crack a little smile. I am sure there will be a lot more moments like this...

  3. Eli also had his 1st bottle. I have been told that you should introduce a bottle in the 3rd week so that they will not reject the idea of a bottle. In week two I was ready for someone else to join in on the feeding fun so I had Jacob give Eli his 1st bottle. I was told that I shouldn't even be in the room because Eli wouldn't want it if he knew he had other options. This is not true! Eli loved his bottle and took it like a little champ. I was worried that now he would only want bottles, but nope he loves both. I seriously have an amazing little guy. Jacob also did a great job. This was his 1st bottle he ever fed to a baby and he was a natural. We have now added the bottle into our daily routine.

  4. Jacob and I have been dying to take Eli for a walk, but since it is too hot and he is so little we have been putting it off. Once Eli turned 4 weeks I figured it was safe just to walk down our neighborhood. Jacob was extra excited about this little adventure because this meant he actually got to test out the stroller. Although Jacob and I really enjoyed the walk Eli did not stay awake for more then two steps out the door.

  5. After our walk i felt better about taking Eli out to visit more places. Since the walk he has been to the mall and 2 restaurants. The first restaurant went great he slept the entire time. The 2nd one things did not go so well. He slept the entire time until the exact moment the waiter put my plate down in front of me. It was at this time that Eli decided it was time for him to eat (even though he had already eaten) Needless to say I got the heck out of dodge because Eli was so upset!

  6. Since Jacob does not have a Sam's Club membership I was forced to leave Eli's side for the 1st time. I was so scared and I never hurried so fast in Sam's club before. I left Eli in the very loving carrying hands of his father, but for some reason I felt like a horrible Mom leaving his side when he was so little. I got home and everything was great at home. PHEW!!! What a relief. Jacob and I also left Eli for the 1st time and went to a business lunch. It was nice to have a free moment and free hand, but we both were happy to get back home to him as soon as the meal was over.

  7. Everyday I was carrying Eli around in my tummy I kept telling Jacob I just want him to be healthy, and have...curly dark hair, and blue eyes, and a smile like his dad. (I wasn't asking too much) Well I seriously got everything I wanted Eli didn't come out smiling like I had hoped but he did start smiling only two weeks later. I can't believe he started smiling so young. I am so incredible happy, because that just means he is more and more like his dad everyday. I also have proof of his these are not his best as he seems to always stop smiling when the camera comes out, but I do have proof none the less.

  8. Eli's umbilical cord has been such an adventure for us. All my past experiences have taught me that it just falls off in one big chunk all the sudden one day. NOT THIS ONE!! Eli's has been falling out in pieces for about two weeks. I have been dying to give him his 1st official bath, but nope that thing was stubborn and would just keep hanging on. Finally one day it officially fell off and we got to give Eli his 1st official bath. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Yep that's right Eli hates getting baths! Oh well he loves to cuddle up after that so I get to at least enjoy that part! P.S. Out of nowhere, another piece appreard and then fell off a couple of days after this picture. I think now it is officially safe to say it is completely off.

Things I want to remember:

  • I so badly want to remember all the funny and cute noises and faces he makes. He makes this noise that can best be described as a goat. He also has this cry which I have not been able to catch on video yet, but it is so cute and totally fake. Jacob and I sometimes just sit and try to do our best Eli impersonation. I must say we are really good at them.

  • I love when he is awake and just looking around. The best in when he is on his Dad's chest and he is looking up at him. Oh my goodness his eyes get so big!

  • I love love love to watch Jacob burp Eli. For some reason I find this totally amusing. It must have something to do with his hand or seriously cracks me up, but it always works and Dad gets the burp out!
  • Eli has added some more nicknames to his long list of names. His new nick names include: Jack Nicholson - I call him this because he has very little hair on top but a lot in back. When the hair in the back gets messy and pushed around it looks just like Jack's does in his movies! Pee tail- he has this nickname for obviouse reasons. And last but not least Goat boy- I call him this every time he makes the goat boy call! Oh yeah and he is still our posum he pretends to be sleeping all the time!

  • I will always remember how helpful my mother has been. She has really been there for me in moments of panic and pure desperation. I am so thankful to have such an awesome Mamo!

  • Aly and Ethan have both had really cute moments with Eli. Everyday just a little after 3 I get a call from Aly seeing if she can come over to my house and help with Eli. She even left me a message the other day that was so cute. I kept it and Jacob heard it and thought it was so cute too! (if Jacob thinks something is cute then it is really really cute) Now for Ethan's cute moment... The other night when we went to dinner Ethan wanted to ride in our car so we let him ride in the back with Eli. Eli was crying and looked back and Ethan had his hands in his lap and he looked totally worried. I realized he probably thought I was going to yell at him thinking he made him cry. I told him everything was ok and just to talk and try and comfort Eli. As soon as we got to the restaurant Eli wasn't crying and I told Ethan he did a wonderful job. Ethan turned to me and said, " Well see his Binky fell out so I just picked it up and put it in his mouth, and he stopped crying." I thought it was so cute, because Ethan was so serious!

Other things of Note:

  • My Mamo had a birthday. Obviously this was a very special an important event in our house. I am so thankful for her and had such a wonderful time spending time with her on her special day. Mamo we love you more then all the tea in China!

  • Chase also celebrated his birthday he turned 14 wow. It was funny because when we went to dinner for his birthday again and I realized that we went to the same place we went the year before! I guess some things never change.
  • Jacob and I have needed a new vacuum for a long time. The other day we were at Sam's Club and we noticed one of the vacuums I wanted was on sale. I was so pleased and excited so Jacob bought it for I am such a happy camper. I love my new vacuum. Say hello to my new Dyson DC17 Slim.

  • My cousin Bridget is about to have a little baby boy join their family as well. On Saturday my mom, Steph, my aunt Deanna and I went to her shower. My Aunt Carma, and her two daughters Veronica and Jenny put it together. It is always so much fun to go to a party thrown by them because they are always so nice and pretty.

This is Bridget and her mom.

Jenny, Carma, and Veronica

The umbrellas were the party favors. I just had to get a picture of everyone with theirs!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just settling in

This past week has been a busy one for our little household. Jacob and I are still adjusting to our new lifestyle at home. Our new lifestyle includes lots of diaper changes, me turning into Mama the feeding cow, and very little sleep. Although it has been an adjustment we have been having such a wonderful time with Eli in the house. Jacob and I enjoy having him around so much.
Other weekly events include Jacob's brother Jordan coming into town with his wife Katie and their little boy Carson. We have been over at Linda and Cecil's enjoying conversations and catching up with their cute family. I can't believe all the time we have spent over there, and yet I do not have one picture with Jordan and Katie. Jordan's visit was a little short lived and he left off to India on Wednesday, but lucky for us Katie will be staying until the end of this month! Katie is also a little photographer and she took some cute pictures of our little Eli. We of course are rookies about taking the pictures so we are going to do another session this week. Here are a few pictures that I think turned out pretty cute. Thank you Katie!!

On Friday Daniel also came in town from London so Saturday morning we went over to Linda and Cecil's again for breakfast and to hear all about Daniel's adventures. It sounds like he had a wonderful time. Jacob is always so happy when his family members are in town! Again I didn't get any pictures with Daniel but he is here for a few more days so hopefully I can get my act together! Jacob and I have also been enjoying the Olympics. We are true Michael Phelps fans, but then again who isn't. I have also been making Jacob watch a lot of volleyball. At first he didn't like it but I think he is starting to change his mind.

Eli also had his two week check up on Friday. I can proudly say I did a lot better this time. I was more prepared for what they were going to do with my little guy so I think it went a lot better. Plus Eli didn't pee this time when we took of his diaper so that in itself made the visit a lot better.

Here are Eli's current stats:

Height: 21 inches 50- 75%
Weight: 9 lbs 2 oz 50-75%
Head: 34.7 (not sure what they measure this in) 25-50%

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Life since Eli's Arrival

Oh what a week it has been. We got to bring Eli home on Saturday July 27th. It was such a treat to get out of the hospital and back into our own home. We also came home to a little surprise from my family. My mom and sister cleaned our entire house!! Plus my dad and Lee picked up our yard. Can you believe it? I have such an amazing family. They also left us some little presents. The 1st was this. This is what you saw when you drove up to our house.

Hmm I remember this picture being closer...oh well it is a sign for our neighbors telling them he has arrived with all of the details of his birth. (well not all the details, but you get the idea) We also put out our Eli boxes at the front door when we left for the hospital so people knew that is where we were.

Jacob's mom and dad also brought us some bath soap from Bath and Body works Aromatherapy for Energy and my family got us Aromatherapy for sleep. I think those are two things we both NEED! My family also got us this Willow Tree of a family with a new baby. I love it because the couple actually reminds me of Jacob and me. The guy even has curly hair!

On July 28th at 7:28 pm Jacob and I got a new nephew. Jacob's sister Allison had a sweet little boy and to top it off guess what they named him....Jacob Steven!!! He is named after the best man I know! Welcome to the world little Jacob. We already love you so much.

He is such a handsome baby!

My own sweet Jacob had his birthday too!! He turned the big 25! Although we didn't do too much for his birthday I still think he had a wonderful day. It started off with biscuits and Gravy made by his mother (his favorite) then he got to relax and watch movies during the day! We ate Taco Bell and Barro's pizza (more of his favorites) then that night we went to my parents house and got ice cream. He received cash from everyone (another favorite) and so this week he has been buying movies and books (obviously more favorites). Here are some pictures I got of Jacob's special day.

Here is the birthday boy!

Eli also had his 1st doctor's appointment. I think they should prepare mother's for this. I got there and filled out TONS of paper work. Then they took me back to the room and told me to undress him. Then they took his temperature, but in his bottom. Obviously Eli hated this, but to top it off he peed everywhere! Then she told me to pick him up and I followed her down the hall to get his length and weight (mind you we are both covered in pee) She made me hold his head while she measured him and then she made me take his diaper off again to get the correct weight! Then back down the hall to the room to meet with the doctor. He said Eli looked great and even said he was a good baby because he didn't cry while he was getting checked out.

As of Monday July 28th these are Eli's stats: Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz 50 - 75% , Height: 21 3/4 inches 75-90% and his head measured 33.8 cm 10 - 25% ( I guess he has a small head)

Stories to remember:

  1. I have received so much help from Ward members and my family. I am so thankful for all the meals that have been brought and the good wishes sent our way. I feel so blessed to have so much support right now.
  2. I have been a little bit of a worry wart. I have thought my baby has had a fever, thrush, and a rash. NONE of which are true, but I just stress about everything. My mother in law has told me to take things more in stride. I know she is right so I will try and take her advice.
  3. I have had a few moments where I have started crying out of nowhere for no reason. It is totally weird and has caught people as well as myself off guard. Oh these hormones are out of control. I wonder how long this part lasts?
  4. The 1st time Ethan saw Eli's stomach he asked what the heck that was in Eli's belly button we explained to him what it was. A few minutes later we heard Ethen calling it his extension cord instead of the umbilical cord....CLASSIC!
  5. Speaking of the umbilical cord 1/2 of it has fallen off on July 31st. Jacob was just holding him and all the sudden he was like where is his umbilical cord? We looked around for it and there it was stuck to Jacob's pants. I kept it in a bag on our counter for a day. I wasn't sure if this was something I was supposed to keep. I kept calling it my glorified scab. By the end of the day both Jacob and I decided it was kind of gross and we threw it away. Another piece of it fell off at Jacob's parents house. I have no idea where or when, but that will be funny when they find it!
  6. Eli has such a strong desire to suck. The nurse's at the hospital were even impressed at how great an eater he is. The other night as we were falling asleep I fell asleep to the sound of Eli going to town sucking on his hands. I just loved the little noises he was making.
  7. This is my favorite moment so far. Last night I was very tired and Eli wasn't really ready to go to sleep yet. Jacob came in told me to lay down and he was trying to put Eli down by rocking his cradle. He looked up at me with the biggest smile on his face. It was such a sweet moment because he was trying so hard to comfort both of us. I can honestly tell you Jacob never looked more handsome than he did at that moment. I just love my boys so much!
  8. Another moment actually happened this morming while I was typing this. One of the books Jacob bought with his birthday money was The Inevitable Apostasy and the Promised Restoration. Anyway, I fed him this morning and then we had wake time just like Baby Wise teaches( Eli got his first tummy time while he was awake, it was so cute seeing him try to roll over). I then laid him down in his crib and he started crying. Jacob and I do not want to spoil our kids and pick him up everytime he starts crying but it was very hard for me not to want to pick him up and hold him. Finally, Jacob told me to go in the other room and he read his new book next to Eli as he cried. Well, Jacob was right and Eli finally fell asleep and is still asleep at this moment. I'm greatful for Jacob. While Eli was crying I came in like three times and tried to talk Jacob into letting me pick him up but he wouldn't which now I am greatful for.