Friday, March 30, 2012

March 23rd to March 30th

 Brought Marley today. Look where he wanted to sit.
 I have two bunnies today.
 It got real quiet real fast.
 Liam left with Mamo for his first movie date...good luck Mamo.
 Liam got his first kid pack and was an angel. My mom said he loved it.
 Eli went out today too. Spring training game with Daddy, Papa Cec and Carson
Another picture I got from Daddy

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Instagram March 17th to March 22nd

 Little boy and his love for old westerns. it cracks me up. He wakes up from his nap and asks me to watch horses.
 Eli wanted to sleep on Marley's bed. I let him for two reasons #1 I love Eli so very much and #2 whatever keeps him out of my bed;)
 Eli said, "Mom Look at me. I am doing yoga, I am being a tree. Hilarious.
 My boys got a new ride. Out having fun without mommy. I think it's time for me to get a bike.
I am really starting to get that whole a boy and his dog thing!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

Last year Eli had so much fun acting out the Green Eggs and Ham book that we decided to make it a tradition. I made the boys some green eggs and ham, then we set out to do rhymes to see if Eli and Liam would eat it. This is what we came up with...I know some of these are a stretch...
Would you could you on your knee? Would you could you near a tree?

Would you could you with a car? Would you could you if it wasn't going too far?

Would you could with near a pot? Would you could you deep in thought?

How about with a hose toughing your nose?
Would you could you with your dad? Would you could you looking mad?!?

Would you could you on your bootie? Would you could you sitting on a cutie? (Eli thought of this one!)

Would you could you with a flower? Would you could with Jack Bauer?

Would you could with a pig while you dig?

Would you on a rock while you talk?
They LOVE green eggs and ham. They also were dressed all in green and had green milk

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 5th to March 12th

Mine and Jacob's lunches the next 4 days. We are trying to bring sexy back.

Just throwing dirt in the ditch. Marley also being the nice watch dog.

Fun night at the Suns game. Boys watching girl playing games. Fun times.

Apparently it takes one fully grown man, two toddlers (one of them questionably a super hero) and a dog to mow my lawn.

Little guy playing in the pantry.

Instagram March 3rd to March 4th

Someone is so happy papa is back. So happy in fact I am feeling a little rejected.

Liam loves watching AFV

Liam wanted some cheese. I guess he wanted all the cheese.

Me and my boys waiting for daddy.

Seriously this kid loves old westerns. he won't watch Barney but an old western has him captivated.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Instagram March 15th to March 16th

 On a date with my little man. We are both so excited to see the Lorax.
 Watching 3d and Giggling
 Picnic outside water fun next...It's a wonderful day!
 My little smarty
Lee got his wisdom teeth out today and I got this gem!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy news!

We have some good news after some not good news....I guess I will start from the beginning. Jacob and decided a few months ago that it was time to add to our family. After a couple of weeks I felt like randomly taking a pregnancy test. When it came up positive I was ecstatic and very excited. I quickly text Jacob a picture and just like that we were going to be a family of 5. Unfortunately a few days later I had some very heavy bleeding and my doctor wanted me to come in. They drew some blood and then they wanted me to come back in a few days and they would draw some more to see if it was a miscarriage or not. The Dr called me back after the 2nd test and confirmed what we already knew that I had miscarried. The bleeding started the day before valentines day so now everyone who knows how much I love the holiday knows why randomly this year I just didn't feel like going out. I always thought that if that happened to me I would be a mess. I am pretty surprised at how well I took it. I remember thinking over and over to myself that if I was miscarrying this was a good thing. My body is healthy and recognizing that something isn't right about this pregnancy. I strongly believe that I was receiving great comfort from my father in heaven.

Jacob to brighten my spirits said, "well since you are not pregnant lets get in a trip to Disneyland before you are pregnant, and this time you can ride all the rides!" (I know he was a sweetheart) So this also explains or very quick and very sudden out of no where trip to Disneyland! I figured that since I had a miscarriage that it would be a few months before I could or would get pregnant again. However just a month after finding out a was pregnant I  woke up feeling like I wanted to take a test. I honestly thought I couldn't be pregnant, but I took the test just to make myself stop thinking about it. You could only imagine my complete and total shock when I looked at the test a few minutes later and it said this...
Jacob and I are very, very excited to be expecting another baby this November.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Instagram Feb 28th to March 3rd

Buzz taking down Emperor Zerg

Marley and Eli are so happy to be back together.

We had a minor accident with our clothes. Nothing a new Buzz costume can't fix. Now Jacob, myself and Buzz are about to ride Star Tours.

Liam bringing his a game on the wood 3D ride

Liam's point of view.