Saturday, November 28, 2009


Another year, and an another Thanksgiving where I forgot my camera!! Since we spent last Thanksgiving with the Ash's this year we went to the Kartchner's. There was a great turn out, and of course wonderful food. Eli enjoyed the food (as always) but loved all the kids around even more. He ran around with them on the stage, and when they pulled out balls to play with Eli was right in the middle of it. After eating we met up with Jacob's family and went on saw the movie blind side it was really good.
Then on Friday we always decorate our house for Christmas. Jacob worked hard on the front yard as always. The lights look wonderful, and he takes his time to make everything look perfect. While Jacob was working hard in the front yard Eli and I were decorating the tree. Eli really got into putting the decorations on. I put one tree stuffer in and he started to grab them and stuff the bottom of the tree. After a while he started to get more an more excited about it. I hurried an grabbed my camera to share with everyone else. Seeing how excited Eli was about the tree made me so excited for Christmas morning I just can't wait!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Day in Disneyland

On Tuesday morning we woke up got dressed as fast as we could and headed to Disneyland. It was a great day to go. The weather was perfect, and the lines were really short. Honestly I didn't wait in one line the whole day. I didn't ride a lot either, but the is a whole other story.

When we first got there we went right for Pirates of the Caribbean walked right on. Eli had been missing me a lot so he sat on my lap in the wheel chair instead of his stroller and on my lap during the ride. He was not scared, however he wanted my arms wrapped around him. If I moved that to point at something he would quickly grab my arm and wrap it back around him. Then off to Haunted Mansion Eli liked this one the same, and wanted me to hold him the same. It was so cute he just looked big eyed at everything. To speed this up I will just tell you all he did....not the order. We went to Toon town went through Mickey's house, took a picture with Mickey, road the Carousal he really loved that he talked and smiled the whole time. He rod toad wild ride, this one was a little hard for me however Eli enjoyed driving. We headed over to California Adventure where he went on all the rides in it's a Bugs Life, and he watched the movie. I think the movie was his favorite part. When the water gets splashed on your face I heard he giggle...what a cutie! I honestly didn't even watch the show I just watched his face through all of that. We did the Nemo Sub ride honestly I hated that ride it seemed so long and it was really boring. Eli seemed to loose interest too, maybe that is why I didn't like it. One of my favorite with Jacob is the Buzz Lighyear ride, so I was really excited when I saw that Eli could ride it. Man the kid loved it I let him shoot, and spin us around. He liked it so much the first time I took him on it again with Aly!

Eli also rode it's a small world. He was less interested in the ride once he saw there was water on the side. He would reach over get some and splash it on his dad he thought that was the best!

Jacob got his Turkey leg like always. He loved it and so did Eli!

I tried to last until the fireworks but honestly at one point I thought I was going to pass out in my wheelchair. So I left with my parents and Eli. While Jacob stayed with the Gilmore's. He had a blast and seemed so happy, and so did Eli. We were going to try and stay another day, but since we did so much the first day Jacob used some major skills and got one day's money back form Disneyland which 3 times they already told us they wouldn't do!! Way to go Jacob!! As you can tell it was a crazy wild trip, but we made it, loved it, and made some wonderful memories.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gilmore's Beach

So on the day I thought I was just sick, and I was just trying to relax my family went on with their plans. My parents took Eli and boy did that little guy have the time of his life! It started off with brunch at some place. Stephanie told me it was a buffet and that they for sure lost money on Eli. The little guy just loved all the food and ate right up! After Brunch they headed to the beach. I was told that Eli really loved the water and would run right to it. My mom said that for 20 minutes straight he just laughed, and laughed jumping the waves with Jerel. I am so sad I missed it, but so glad Eli got to have to much fun with he cousins.