Thursday, April 26, 2012

Instagram April 21st to April 26th

 Went to the dance festival last night. Linda and Cecil put together. 4 stakes over 1,000 kids and it was wonderful.
In case you can't tell this is my husband covered in vomit and that is our son who threw up on him. Not once but twice!
Jordan came to our house and he came prepared. That is disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer. Can't get sick before his big test this week!
We were playing around taking pictures. We did funny, sad, mad and much more. Can you guess which one this is?
Eli had snacks today at school. they learned about under the sea so we made octopus and ocean water with sharks to fish out. We also had oyster crackers.
Almost forgot about snacks today. Eli's doing counting activities so for snacks. How many grapes are on your stick? How many points on you star? Take two heart sandwiches, and how many teeth are in your monsters mouth?

Friday, April 20, 2012

April 15th to April 20th

 Liam is helping Daddy clean the garage
 Cutie pie loving the yummy oranges.
 Love that sleepy face.
 My boys were chasing after chickens this afternoon. Oh how I love being a mommy to boys!
 Only Eli would think getting an IV and hi blood drawn was cool. He now thinks it's his laser gun like Iron man.
 Spirits are better now that Daddy is here.
 Out to dinner with friends and with oREGANo's
Picture of all the girls from a fun girls night last night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mother's Ramblings

Since my boys are talking and moving a lot more then they have in the past. More funny or memorable things happen on a day to day basis. I have not been very good about writing them down so I am going to start and try to do some posts about little funny things my boys say or do...
  • Right now Liam is old enough to be in time out so I put him in the mud room and I close the door for about a minute or less. Well lately when I close the door he walks up to it and knocks like excuse me I am in here. It cracks me up.
  • Liam can hardly talk and when I say hardly I mean 5 words at most, but one of those words is 2. My little bean who won't say anything will count to two!
  • Both my boys are obsessed with apples they love to eat them everyday. If we run out Eli will tell me I need to go to the store and buy more apples. They also do not like their apples cut up they must eat it whole. Sometimes then even eat the middle and the seeds!!
  • Liam has a hair obsession. He goes up to anyone with hair and squeezes it. Sometimes it goes well other time he freaks out the person or just looks way too aggressive. His hair obbsesion is very similar to my earlobe one.
  • My boys like to wrestle a lot. I know all boys like to do it but my boys just love it and I would say 90% of the time it's DOESN'T end in tears. They just like to rough house. One day Jordan say them doing this and just laughed at how wild and rough my boys are. He said Carson likes to wrestle but not the rough!
  • My boys eat all day long and they like healthy things. Mainly fruit and cracker and things like that. Any way if they already eat so much now can you imagine what it's going to be like when they are teens!!
  • The main games my boys play right now is football, cars and shooting. Eli really likes Superheros and Liam likes cowboys so sometimes it's superheros with cowboys.
  • Every night Eli says his prayers. It's so cute because recently I noticed he has been naming certain friends in his prayers and blessing them. I think it's crazy sweet and cute. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Instagram April 4th to April 14th

 I sent Eli to time out for picking on his brother. I said put your nose in the corner...good enough I guess.
 Liam was in the garage for maybe 30 seconds alone...little dirt magnate
 They colored them and the bunny hid them. Tomorrow's always a wonderful day.
 Look what somebody found in his Daddy's car.
 I always wanted my boys to be best friends. I just never knew they would love each other this much.
 Thor fell down the stairs.
Fun time at Peter Piper Pizza with my boys

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Morning

Easter this year was wonderful as usual. Our church starts at nine and Liam falls asleep right after so we got up nice and early and started hunting for our eggs. I tried to get the boys to change and get dressed first but they thought it would be best just to throw on their boots. Which made for some pretty awesome egg hunting outfits. After our other church egg hunting parties the boys have gotten pretty good at hunting down the eggs. Liam gets super excited and Eli tries to open all the plastic ones because he knows there is candy inside. Lately the Easter bunny has been bring giant eggs instead of Easter baskets. It was funny because the boys didn't really go after the big ones because they were so used to looking for the littler ones. Once the figured out the big ones were real and had stuff in them they got much more excited and would look for those.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Fun

Today Eli and Liam had to church Easter egg hunts to go to. We had our wards and Nana's wards was at her house so she invited us too! We went to Nana's house bad I didn't get any pictures there. However hers was so cute. She decorated the front of her house so cute and they made the yummiest breakfast. Then they lined children up by age and let them go in groups in the backyard. That way the younger kids were not competing with the older ones. It was so much fun because there were 100's of eggs! After that we left for 9th wards which was just has fun. We had a wonderful lesson, another little yummy breakfast and a huge egg hunt. Then all the children came inside and go to show off their eggs. The boys had a blast at both!