Monday, May 31, 2010

A Comforting Moment

One of my New Years resolutions was to read the scriptures with Eli every night. I bought the Book of Mormon Stories for Eli and so far this year we have read it at least 3 times. On our first night home with Liam I was feeling scared and worried about being a mother to two young boys. I was worried that Eli would feel I loved the new baby more, or I would neglect Liam trying to keep Eli happy. That night as I was putting Eli down we sat in our rocker and started to read our scripture stories. Jacob walked in holding baby Liam and sat down to join us. The chapter was Helaman and the 2,000 young warriors.

As I was reading the story to my family my eyes filled with tears. One part in particular that got me was....

"These young men were valiant, brave, and strong. They were also honest and trustworthy, and kept the commandments of God.

Although the sons of Helaman had never fought, they were not afraid. Their mothers had taught them to have faith in God and to know that he would help them."

These words were very comforting to me. I felt instantly comforted by my Father in Heaven. I knew there was a reason we were on this particular chapter that night. I was quickly reminded of how much he loves me and my family, and that with faith in him I can do anything. I am so thankful for these sweet tender moments. I will always cherish them.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Willam Bryant Ash is here!!

Jacob and I are officially the proud parents of 2 wonderful little boys. Little William Bryant Ash (aka Liam) was born May 29th. It has been such an adventure and the story starts Friday morning....
I woke up Friday a happy camper because at 3 am I started to have contractions and I was ready for my little guy to be in my arms. I wiggled and squirmed through contractions until around 5:30 and woke up Jacob I no longer wanted to do them alone. He was excited too and just layed there and talked to me. Around 6:30 I got really sleepy and thought I should sleep so I would have energy to push out this baby I already knew was a big boy. I was surprised to see that I could even fall asleep and I did until 8 am. I had two more big contractions and then NOTHING. The only good news is my Mucus plug came out (oh my gross) but it was progress and that is what I wanted. We decided that I needed to get up and moving to keep things progressing so we made plans to go walk around Bass Pro Shop and the Mall. We meet at my parents house around 11:00 and waited to Daniel to get done at the MVD. We decided it was better to eat and went to Olive Garden. After Aly, Ethan, Steph, Eli, my mom and I all went to the mall and Daniel and Jacob went to Bass Pro.
We did a lot of shopping at the mall. I walked around as much as I could and did a lot of lifting of Eli hoping each step and each lift brought this little guy closer to showing up. We almost were done at Dillard's when I noticed I started having this really sharp long pains. They were not contractions like with Eli, but they hurt and they were consistent. Aly really wanted to go to Tinkerbell and look for some jewelry so we walked to the store and while we were there I started feeling like I couldn't handle standing anymore. I finally decided it was time to get off my feet for a few seconds. When Steph and Aly were done I went to stand up and hand MAJOR pains. We headed towards the food court for a little treat. While they stood in line I headed for the bathroom. Once I got back I felt it was time to head home. I either needed to rest or this was getting close. We started to time these pains and realized they lasted between 30 & 45 seconds and were 3 to 5 minutes apart. I still wanted to go home even though my mom and sister thought I should head to the hospital...I just really wanted to shower. We headed home and called Jacob.
My mom dropped my off and my house and took Eli with her to her house. When I walked in my front door I was having a contraction. I saw Jacob jump up he was so happy like me this was finally happening. I took a nice long shower to try to relax and Jacob timed my contractions. They were consistent and strong for over an hour keeping pace so we thought we could head to the hospital since I had been doing this for at least 2 hours. We started to drive and realized in between contractions I felt 100% fine. I was worried we were headed there too early so we decided to pray what we should do next. I thought we should turn back and check on Eli and then we could go. So we did my whole family flipped when they saw me in the front door. My mom and sister couldn't believe I had not headed to the hospital yet. I then noticed the contractions we really painful and I was ready to go so we finally decided it was time to get to the hospital.

We parked walked to check in and they got us in triage right away (way faster then with Eli) then they asked me questions checked me and I was 5 centimeters dilated and 90% effaced. I heard them call doctor Huish who then wanted me sent to a delivery room. They put in my IV and sent me to my room (again much faster then with Eli. Jacob and I were so happy I didn't have to sit in the hall like last time. When I got to my room and lady walked in who looked way too familiar I looked and her and said, " Is your name Candy?" She replied. "yes" I was so happy this was the same person who gave me my epi last time!! She was great I loved her and I loved using my joke about Candy hooking me up with some nice candy!! Candy didn't fail me again 3 more contractions and that part was over...or so I thought. They checked me I was about a 7. This seemed to be the magic number because with Eli I got stuck here and Liam was the same. The nurse pretty much told me the doctor was not going to come unless my water broke. I knew my water wasn't breaking with out the doctor so now it was just a waiting game. I sent my mom and sister home around 1 am. Jacob and I tried to get some sleep. Around 3 am I woke up shaking really bad. I had been shaking the whole time, but now it was really really bad, and I was actually in pain. The nurse checked me I was an 8 and he was much lower, but no water breaking. The nurse said my water was so tight but it just wouldn't break and my Epi was wearing down so they got me some more, and about an hour later my body started to relax. Even though I was not feeling each contraction my body was still going through them and had been for was done!
Around 5 am my sister came back and my mom showed up shortly after that. The nurse checked me again around 6 while she was checking me I heard a balloon pop and my stomach instantly felt better. My mom and my sister was like what the heck was that. The nurse informed them my water broke and man did it my stomach was half the size. Oh yeah Jacob totally missed it because he was walking the halls. He was so bummed because he told me several times he wanted to watch that! Right after my water broke the nurse started getting everything ready for delivery. Dr. Huish showed up around 6:15 and checked and said it was time to get ready to push he just needed to go check on one more patient while they finished getting everything ready for me. At 6:30 he left and the nurse who was supposed to get off shift at 7 kindly said,"You have 29 minutes to have this baby out." Dr. Huish came back a few minutes later Liam was here at 6:55 a.m. They said I only pushed for 15 to 20 minutes which is a million times better then Eli's hour and a half!

William Bryant Ash "Liam"
born May 29, 2010
8lbs 6oz
20.75 long
Has dark curly hair, long skinny fingers and toes

Things I want to remember...
  • I was wheeled to my room where Eli was waiting to see his brother. I was quickly over came with emotion as I showed Eli his new baby brother. Eli smiled and just looked at him. At the hospital Eli was overwhelmed with everyone around but wanted to hold him and kept saying baby brother over and over again.
  • To say that Jacob has been amazing would be an understatement. He was met every need the boys or I could possible need and then some. He has been so attentive, kind, tender and thoughtful. I am constantly reminded of what an amazing man I am married to!
  • My mom and sister have been so excited about Liam's arrival they stayed by my side and cheered my on. I can still hear my sister cheering my on and talking to me. It was very helpful. For Steph to tell me I am doing great meant a lot cause she is a champ when it comes to delivering babies.
  • My water breaking....the sound, the crazy pressure relief, and how much my mom and Steph thought it was crazy. I remember looking at them and their eye were huge like what the heck was that! My mom said over and over again I will never forget that!
  • Liam was covered in this white creamy stuff. It is normal to have some but Liam had A LOT! Dr. Huish said that was very good, but that there was a lot of it. Also his umbilical cord was crazy think and blue. Which made me feel good knowing he was super healthy inside me.
  • When I was in the shower trying to relax with crazy contraction Jacob came in and said, "Stacy I know this is bad timing but I really want to try and think of another baby name." I was thinking WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY! Instead I said ok and figured he could name names and I would just answer. Finally Jacob realized that William Bryant was the perfect name for our son and so we decided to stick with the original. After hours of Jacob saying tons of names I really DID NOT like.
  • While we were waiting the on Friday night my Dad came to see him. We were all visiting and I wanted something out of my bag. Jacob was getting it out and my dad asked what outfit we had for Eli to come home in. I told him it was pants with a shirt and on the shirt there was a little whale. Some how that made Jacob think we should name out little boy Johna. I don't know why but I thought that story was really funny.
  • After the birth I wanted to get in the shower. Liam and Jacob were asleep so I was going through my bag alone. Inside I found one of Eli's toy trucks. It was his favorite. It made me smile and laugh because Eli did his part in helping us pack. What a thoughtful little boy!
  • After you give birth your second time your contractions afterwards are pretty painful and they keep you on patocin for 2 more bags. It is very painful. They say with each child it gets worse and worse. So next time I am going to quickly ask for crackers and get pain killers. I really did not enjoy that part.
  • At one point in the night I woke up and my whole body was shaking. My body shakes a lot when I am in labor but this time it was out of control and I was shaking so much it was hurting me. My body was also freezing so much it was hurting me. I finally woke up Jacob for support. He was so kind and just sat there by my side trying everything he could think of to try and help me. Finally I just held his hand and he comforted me and I really started to calm down and feel better. I am so glad he was there, I don't know how I could have done that with out him.
  • It was very peaceful again when Liam was born. I was more focused and aware then with Eli. I think with Eli I was shocked a little and unprepared, but with Liam I seemed more ready for everything that was coming. I just wanted for so long for that little boy to be out of my body and in my arms. It was so wonderful when it finally happened.
  • Everytime I saw Eli he was dressed in the most random stuff. When he came to the hospital he was wearing shorts that were for 6-12 month currently 2T is a little tight. When my mom dropped him off on Sunday his shirt and shorts were both ripped and they has no idea how it happened...nice.
  • Oh yeah and I can't for get the breakfast burritos. Jacob loves them so much so every morning we are in the hospital Jacob has one and every time he talks about how good they are.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Passing Time

Most days recently I can't seem to muster up any energy. However, on Monday I woke up with tons...well tons for a 9 month hugely pregnant girl. I quickly put the energy to good use. I cleaned my house and then I thought it would be wise to do a little activity with Eli. I decided on making homemade play dough and working on his creative side. Plus it was another good way for us to continue working on his colors.
Eli loved it for the first few minutes he he kept saying muffins, because that is what he thought we were is the only thing I let him help me cook right now. Then he realized he would put our hands in it and he started having real fun. After a few minutes I would hear, "uh oh." which meant it was too sticky and he needed my help. Eli made a heart, frog and a snake. For the next few hours he would walk around the house saying, " sssss SNAKE!!" it was really cute. After we were done Eli was so cute and even enjoyed cleaning the bowl...I know he is fabulous!
After the play dough I went and helped my cousin Kristyn move for 5 hours. I thought I deserved and pedicure so I ran home gave Eli to his dad and jumped in the shower. I warned Jacob to watch Eli because he dough was not dry yet. While I was in the shower Jacob came in and said why would you put Eli on the table. I said Jacob I didn't he can climb up there....I guess Jacob didn't understand what I was telling him. Anyway the frog and snake got destroyed.

Me and little at a little over 38 weeks.
We were getting ready for music class. I went to throw away Eli's diaper and when I turned around this is what I saw...haha so cute.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

Yesterday was the Gila Valley Temple dedication. I was excited about this for a while then I realized the date and I thought for sure I would have my baby and miss it. I almost didn't even get the little green card you had to have in order to enter the dedication. I just so happened to be standing there when Jacob got his so they gave me one too. In my head I thought it is good I have it, but there is no way I will use it because I am going to have this baby. Well, it turns out I was totally WRONG!! Sometimes I need to be reminded that I am not on my time table and someone else is in control.

I woke up a little grumpy to still be big and prego. I was thinking how this was not going to be fun sitting there uncomfortable and maybe needing to pee but I couldn't get up. For a split second I thought about not going, and then quickly changed my mind and got dressed. Jacob and my dad got there early to save me a seat so I wouldn't have to sit too long. When I got there they had a slide of temples all around the world showing. I sat there and watched it I thought to myself that I was lucky I didn't have the baby and that I was able to be there. Then the program started and I was so happy. I had been so self absorbed in having this baby I didn't know who was going to be there to dedicate it or anything like that. When I saw Elder Eyering was conducting I was so giddy to think he was just in the same state as me. Then he said that they were going to go outside and put in the corner stone with President Monson. Oops so self absorbed again to not know the prophet was there. It was so amazing listening to these men interact and just be normal men. President Monson really interacted with the children and you can tell he has such a warm tender heart for the people of this church. Elder Holland was there too again another great surprise to me.

After they were done with the corner stone they went back in the temple where the temple Matron, temple president and Elder Holland all gave wonderful talks. Then president Monson went up said a few words and then dedicated the temple. Time seemed to fly by and I was so happy for a few hours to be pregnant and able to be there. I would be lying if I said I was never uncomfortable I am always uncomfortable right now so it was no biggy. I am upset I didn't go home and write about this right away because I had so many thoughts and feelings during the dedication that I have already forgotten. However I am sure I remembered some of the most important parts.

One thing I know I learned... actually relearned is that I don't know what is best. I was convinced it was best for me and everyone around me that I have the baby. No what was best was for me to be there feel the spirit and increase my testimony even more before I receive another little valiant spirit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eviction Time???

I went to the doctor on Monday hoping to get good news. By good news I mean something like the doctor saying I was very dilated, maybe even going to have the baby any day. I don't know something wonderful like that. Instead I was told I gained 10lbs in 8 days!! (the doctor made this very clear this has to be water weight you can not gain fat that quickly...phew))) I was also told that I am only 2 centimeter's dilated and 50% effaced. Most would think this was good news, but not me because right after he told me that he told me I was measure 39 weeks. WHAT?? Last week when I was only 36 weeks I was barely measuring 36 weeks now I am measure two weeks ahead. HELLO this baby is getting to big. I asked Dr. Huish what he thought about the size and he informed me that he does not think the baby currently is not bigger then I can deliver. However IF I make it to my next appointment I will have an ultrasound to verify the size of the baby and see what we need to do from there. I guess he isn't worried because I had Eli at 38 weeks weighing 8lb 7oz. Therefore he will check the size of this baby at 38 weeks....which I hate to say makes sense but still freaks me out!

So my game plan...try to talk the baby into coming out, working extra hard at boot camp and do anything else I can think of that would make this little guy want to come out. I want to say it is time for him to be evicted, but I guess I have to listen to my doctor and just see next week.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aly Runs for Class Pres

This week has been a busy week for the Gilmore's. Aly decided she wanted to run for class president, and therefore the week has been filled with making posters, lei's, speeches and much more. Eli and I wanted to support Aly so we went down to the school to watch her speech. Eli had so much fun watching Aly and pretending to be a big kid. Unfortunately did not win, but she did an amazing job on her speech, and everything else. We are so proud of her.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

37 weeks...well almost

I noticed I have not updated about this pregnancy in a while so I figured it is time!! I have to admit about 3 weeks ago I was done, finished, ready to evict this little baby. Then all the sudden it just went away. I was ok with being huge and just kind of accepted it. Now that it is time to have him I am not really sure if I am ready...ok I am not ready. I don't mean I am not ready to be a mom of two (which sometimes the thought scares me) I just mean I haven't gotten everything ready for this sweet little bundle. I decided it was time to get my rear in gear and start getting my list of things done. This week I finally ordered my new rocker, pulled out his clothes and blankets, made plans where everything is moving, and Jacob and I cleaned out the office. I also bought some of the stuff for my hospital bag and my new over night bag. I would say now I maybe a little over 50% ready for this baby. The rest of my to do list is pretty easy I just need to get my list done!!

These pictures were actually taken at exactly 37 weeks I took I long time finishing this post. Oh yeah and I went to the doctor and I am one centimeter dialated and 50% effaced.

Things I want to remember...
  • All I want to eat is Ice Cream this whole time seriously every meal that is all the can think about. I am not sure if it is just because I am hot all the time of what but I always want and icy drink or some ice cream.
  • I have been having a lot of tailbone pain. I will stand up and it feels like someone has kicked me really hard right in the tailbone! I did not have this with Eli but I remember after delivery I it hurt really bad. It makes me so worried because if it already hurts I can only imagine what it will feel like after delivery!
  • With Eli I didn't feel like I had an increase in urination. This time I would say there is a major increase ex specially at night time. I constantly feel like I need to go and most the time I hardly pee anything. It is funny cause I swear he moves and I just run to the bathroom because he just moved right on top of my bladder.
  • I have the hardest time sleeping. Some nights I just lay there wide awake other times I just toss and turn cause I can not get comfortable. I have found the colder my house and the more pillows the better the chance I will sleep better. I also try really hard to join Eli for his afternoon nap that way I am not too grumpy from the lack of sleep.
  • My feet are starting to get pretty swollen, and I am retaining a lot of water in my legs too. My tushy is getting bigger I hope that is just water, but something tells me it is really the ice cream.
  • I am still doing boot camp. I enjoy it still however there are still a few times when I get in moods where I get pretty lazy, and then other times I push myself pretty good. I really hope all the working out helps me in delivery and in my weight loss after!
  • Speaking of weight loss I have gained more weight at 34 weeks with this baby then the day I delivered with Eli. This isn't something I really want to remember however I thought it was something I should document none the less.
  • One morning I was laying in bed and I could feel that the baby got the hiccups. I have very concerned because I realized they were coming up high up by my ribs. I did not like this because I thought for sure this baby should be head down and stay that way. After a few seconds of hiccups I noticed they started moving down and around. I could feel the baby spinning in circles. It was crazy one minute head up, next head down and then back around again. It was so cool because I would tell what body part was where and it seemed like he was having a great time just spinning around.
  • The last story is crazy to me because most of this pregnancy I could say the baby is pretty much just chill and sits in there. However most the time out of no where it is like he is at a party or dancing or wrestling or something. Most then day nothing and then BAM it's a party in my tummy. What a funny kid.
  • I find myself wondering what he is going to look like a lot. Will he look just like his big brother? Will I have cookie cutter babies? Or will this baby be more Kartchner and very dark? It is fun to think about I can't wait to see what he really looks like.
  • Eli really seems to like babies whenever we see them he always puts out his arms to hold them and is very sweet and tender with them. A few weeks ago I watched some of my cousin's Charlee's children including her newborn Dylan. Eli just loved him and sat on the couch and fed him an entire bottle. As you know newborns don't eat so fast so I was impressed he was patient enough at 20 months to just sit there and feed him the bottle. I always knew Eli was going to be a great brother, but after that I knew he would be amazing. Now I just wondering how he is going to feel about the baby never leaving?

Jacob's Memories...

  • Jacob says that I always say this pregnancy is harder...meaning I wanted to be done sooner this time. He says that is not how he remembers it and he thinks it is about the same.
  • Jacob also says that I am smaller this time, but I think I am bigger.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Dear I Love You So...

This mother's day has been great!! I being pregnant and really feeling like I have been carrying the load of being a mother...literally, did not even remind Jacob about Mother's Day. Yes, I was testing him, and yes I am fully aware that can be a little evil, however my Jacob bear did AMAZING this year!!
It started off with an amazing present which he couldn't keep a secret and I actually got to see it a little early. I should say Jacob is great at keeping secrets...just not presents as secrets. I love my present and I feel like he hit it out of the park with this one. For the longest time I have wanted a Christus, and I have been tempted a few times just to buy it. Jacob seized the opportunity and not only bought me the bigger one, but the marble one as well!! It is so pretty and I love it. I have already moved things around in my house so I can have it out for everyone to see. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE IT!!
This week in music class Eli made me a card and it was so cute. I guess the teacher asked him questions and he answered them...his answers are hilarious. I loved the card so much because it was cute and it was my first thing Eli has ever given me!
On Sunday Jacob got me some really pretty pink flowers. We went to my families house for dinner where we ate a very yummy meal made by all the men. We also had a DQ ice cream cake which Jacob was in charge of. After dinner my we all hung out in the living room and shortly Lee started wrestling my mom. This is something Lee has done to my mom pretty much his whole life so I thought it was very fitting...and funny. After hanging out for a while we went to see Linda for Mother's Day. We had a nice visit over there, and ate a little more cake. Now I am home relaxing with my two boys....a perfect ending to a perfect day!
Things I want to remember...
  • When we put up my new Christus Eli kept saying, "Where's Jesus?" then when he finally saw him he said, "There he is!" Now that it is out on our mantel every few minutes you hear him say, "Where's Jesus?" Then he points up and says, "there he is!!"
  • Today at church I was holding Eli walking out of the building we walked by a picture of the first vision. Eli pointed at it and said something. I went back and said, "Where is Jesus?" He pointed right at him VERY excited. Then I thought I would test Eli so I asked him where Joseph was. He paused for a few seconds I could tell he was thinking and looking and then he got a great big smile and pointed right at him. I was beaming with pride!!
  • This morning Eli woke up in such a sweet mood. He kept hugging and kissing on me. He is very cuddling and kissy anyway, but today it was extra thick. I swear he knew it was Mother's Day and he just wanted to show me love. He was so sweet Jacob even noticed he was extra Momma attached this morning. It was so cute.