Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oops Missed That

Today I was doing some after Christmas Cleaning and I was going through Eli's back back. I guess for a good few days things were put in a pocket that normally we do not use. Since I didn't check it a I missed my present from him and a lot of cute things he made. Also they had a crazy hat day and school. However for some reason I randomly sent him to school with his monster beanie that day!! Oh ya and the Christmas party info I missed! Oh well all's well that ends well.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas each year just gets better and better. I remember loving it as a child, but as a mother it is a million times more wonderful! Waching Eli and Liam get so excited about their presents was just too fun to put into words. Here I go getting a head of myself here is the day from Dawn till dusk....

We thought the kids would wake up at the usual time around 6:30 or so and so we planed on opening presents then. Go figure the boys decide to sleep in when we have a lot to do this morning if we want to make it to church we needed to get moving. So we ending up waking up the boys. Liam got up fine, Eli however said he wanted to go back to bed. After a few minutes of rubbing his back he decided it was ok to get up. We started with the stocking which the boys enjoyed but the true excitement was went they started unwrapping presents. Liam would start shaking at though he was about to burst and Eli just couldn't hold still he just was so excited. We tried lots of time to catch their excitement on video, but never really caught it 100%. Liam's main present for Santa was a bike and Eli got a Captain America shield and mask. They both were super happy! The Gilmore's were there too and Chase just had his surgery so he was a little drugged up and really funny to watch. Lee and Austin came too however Lee was sick and was even more hilarious then Chase. While I was in the shower I guess Lee started yelling, "HELP ME!" Since my mom didn't go back there Jacob went and checked on him and basically Lee didn't feel good and misery enjoys company (and in Lee's case dramatics). Also later as we were leaving the kids were riding their new toys out front went all the sudden we heard them start yelling. I guess Lee also threw up in our front yard! Thanks for the "gift" Lee.

After breakfast we got dressed and quickly headed to the Ash's to join them for church. Cecil was speaking and the twins were going to church for the first time. Cecil did and excellent job (and he even prepared it the night before) Obviously he has wonderful talents.After church we quickly went to Tressa for lunch and our white elephant gift exchange. I was in charge of veggies so I cooked them at Linda's on a lower temp while we were at church. When we got home I quickly notice that my oven wasn't on and that I had turned on Linda's oven! (Linda has two ovens) Oops! I quickly turned up the temp and the veggies got done enough. We had fun at Tressa's and Eli played with his cousins outside like the whole time. They had so much fun I think they would have stayed there if they could have. After a fun filled afternoon and Tressa we thought out day was complete but we came home to see that my family was gearing up for evening food and fun. As you can see it was a jam packed day, but a wonderful day.

(these pictures are in reverse order)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was wonderful. We started off the night at the Ash's haveing homemade pizza's. Tressa and some of her kids were there too. I know I say we do this every year, but again like every other year I didn't take pictures!! After food and great convo we came back to our house to meet up with my family. My parents, the Gilmore's and the Haueter's were all there enjoying dinner. We had a little bit to snack on then we all played Left, Center, Right. This time Eli came out the grand Winner!After everyone left we got the boys all dressed up in the Christmas matching Pj's set out some milk and cookies for Santa and Carrots for the reindeer. then it was off to bed for the little ones

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A & S Party

Yesterday we had our 2nd annual A & S holiday party. This party we rented a huge bounce house with a slide combo, a giant obstacle course and the rock wall volcano again. It was so funny because when Eli saw me ordering everything he saw the volcano and remembered it from the year before. I was surprised that he could remember something from a year ago at such a young age. The party was another huge success however yet again this year I was to busy to get any pictures. This house was buzzing with work, friends and family and I am sure we had at least 200 people here having a wonderful time. It was still pretty chilly this year but nothing as bad as last year.

We had the bounce house for most of the next day so some of my friends and their children came over a played pretty much all day. It was a lot of fun...but yet again I didn't get pictures! After my friends left Jacob came home from work early to play with us. While Jacob was here all three of us (Jacob, me and Eli) climbed to the top of the volcano and it was a lot of fun. At this point I finally remembered to grab my camera and take a few pictures.

p.s when I say Eli climbed the volcano that is true however Jacob and I kind of force made him and he wasn't very happy about it. However when we ask him about it now he seems OK with it and pretty proud of himself.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adventures with Trill

Trill has been on several adventures since he has come back. This year Ethan touched Trill and it freaked both Eli and I out. Eli was very worried that Trill would not longer be able to fly to the North Pole. I told Eli we will just go to sleep and see what happens in the morning. The next morning we woke up to see Trill on the counter rest on a Marshmallow pillow and a wrapping paper blanket. There was also a penguin with a note that said his name was peaches and that he was there taking care of Trill. He said that Trill still had his magic because Ethan didn't know it would hurt him. However Trill was still pretty sick and that Peaches was there to help him get better. Trill stayed on the counter like that for two days and then he was back to his moving hiding self. For example a few days later Trill got out some flour and made a flour angel. I guess he just missed the snow.