Thursday, June 23, 2011

39 Years and Counting...

Today my parents celebrated 39 years of marriage! I know impressive huh! Anyway we kept it simple and got pazookie's from Oregano's and ate them at the house. It was fun and simple and we had a great time. Congrats to the couple!

p.s we ate these cookies after boot camp. Kind of counter productive, but still fun.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today was Father's Day and it was a fabulous day if I would say so. I got up this morning kissed my husband hugged my Daddy and then made them huevos rancheros for breakfast...which they loved! Then while I was eating Jacob went a played with the boys in the toy room. Liam came out a few second later crawling with his naked bottom in the air. I thought ti was funny. Then a few second later Jacob walked in to get him and said, "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!" I turned behind me to see Liam had pooped on the floor and was now stepping in it. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Jacob cleaned up Liam and I cleaned up the floor! We relaxed then when to church. Eli made his dad some cute crafts which Jacob wore and I got a few pictures. Then we had a yummy dinner of hamburgers, homemade onion rings, black bean salad and dessert. Dessert was brownies topped with mom's homemade fudge, ice cream and berries. It was so yummy I had seconds. After dinner we went to the Ash's we took Cecil his father's day gift and just visted with the family. Like I said it was a fabulous day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

First D backs Game

Jordan and Katie were taking Carson to a Dback's game and they invited us to come along. Jacob ended up getting some tickets from a buddy so we decided this would be a perfect time to take the boys to their first baseball game. Eli's baseball hate no longer fit him so we ran to Walmart and got him and hat and then ate at Taco bell. We headed to the game and while we were walking up Liam was wearing his sunglasses and his hate. You could tell he thought he was cool stuff and didn't take them off for like an hour. Eli really got into the game and would copy us whenever we yelled and if we told him to say or do something he would do it. I would still say they are a little young for baseball games so it might be a while before we take them again. However we had a lot of fun with Jordan, Katie and Carson!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yeah he thinks he's big stuff.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iron Man

Jordan, Katie and Carson are living in Arizona for the whole year. They got in town last night so I asked to take Carson so they could sleep or get things done that they needed to. The boys played slip n slide and then we watched a few part of Iron man (I didn't not let them watch the movie just the cool parts where he fly's and learns his guns) anyway after that I dressed the boys up like Iron man and they had a lot of fun. Eli really got into character and would shoot and fight. Carson would walk around exploring. You could tell they thought they were very cool.

Watermelon + Sunglasses= Summer

I bought Jacob some sunglasses for Hawaii and the guy have me a deal on the kids ones. I couldn't resist so I bought the boys both a pair. They LOVE them! They put them on and think they are so cool. They look at each other and just dance while they have them on. It is super cute and I got some even cuter pictures of them...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gunner's Birthday

Eli's best friend is Merrick. Merrick's big brother Gunner and a birthday party and invited Eli. This party was awesome. The kids when swimming in this really cool pool, they had snow cones, sip lines, a trampoline, a pinata and a cool dinosaur cake. Eli had a blast and has started counting down the days to his own birthday party!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home again

We got home from Hawaii and out kids were already asleep so we had to wait until the next morning to see them. We missed them so much as we were landing I was kind of aching for my children. When we walked in the house we decided to just peek at out little ones as they slept in their bed. Oh they are so cute!
The next morning they both really slept in which was crazy but we just wanted to see our babies. Eli woke up first and just walked in our room to get his underwear. When he saw me he just froze and stared for a while it was like is this real or am I dreaming? It was so cute once he realized it was real he ran over and gave me the biggest hug and kiss. Liam woke up later and when he saw him he was grinning from ear to ear, and didn't stop smiling like the for hours. You could really tell they were both happy to see us.
We also bought the boys some things in Hawaii so we let them open them up and play with them.They both really liked their stuff, but were truly just happy to have us back!