Saturday, February 28, 2009

7 Months

Eli is now 7 months old and I can't believe Eli has been with us for that long already. Eli is such a sweet joy in our home the past 7 months have flown by. Jacob who at first told me he was scared of Eli (just because he was never around babies) to now just thinking everyday he is more fun and entertaining. Here are somethings Eli has been up to this month.

I had to send some stuff to the fun old IRS so I went to my mom's office to make some copies. It is always nice to go down there and see everyone plus Eli loves to see his Mamo and Aunt Stephanie for a few minutes. I guess I stayed to long because Eli got sleepy and while I was there he decided to take a nap. Look how cute he was taking a little nap on Stephanie's floor.

The weather has been so nice here. Eli and I have been trying to do so much out doors. One of the things we really like to do is walk down to the park in our neighborhood and swing and just look around. I went to the dollar store the other night and I saw some bubbles there. I thought Eli would love them so I bought them. I took them to the park with us the other day and Eli just loved it. He would just start cracking up laughing whenever I would play the bubbles. It was so cute. Eli also is starting to move around everywhere that he sometimes get pretty dirty after the park.

Debbie watches Eli while I go to my trainer so I usually stick around my parent house for a few hours after my work out to play the kids and to see my parents. One day there were so many adventures I had to start taking pictures. It stared off with Lee making treats for all the kids so I put Eli in his little walker and talked to Lee while he was cooking. All of the sudden Lee feels this little things bumping and pushing on his leg we look down and Eli had used his walker and walked across the dinning room into the kitchen. How he managed to do this I will never know. while I took the picture of Lee and Eli some how the walker got smashed on is foot and he started crying. It was sad, but don't worry I quickly picked him up and he was just fine and immediately stopped crying.

One of the first things Eli tried was a little thing my mom snuck in his mouth when I wasn't looking. It has been a long time, but I have finally allowed him to have the little treat while I was looking, and look at what happened.

Eli is starting to get some hair so Stephanie and I decided we would give Eli and little fohawk he still needs some more hair, but I thought it still turned out pretty cute.

Eli mimics or at least tries to mimic everything we do. Lately he has been smacking his lips. It is super cute. Now he his progressed into clicking his tongue, but here is the video of him smacking them...

Eli still loves everything I give him. He has now tried pickles, cheese, sweet potatoes, tomato soup, pears, green beans, peas, chocolate, cake, squash, butternut squash, and much much much more. HE LOVES THEM ALL!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Suns game

Jacob's uncle Brad called us Monday and gave us 12 tickets to the Suns game. We were so excited because these were the box seats his company always gives away. We called up some friends and went to the game on Tuesday night. Those we came with us are Wayne and Rachel Dobbins, Spencer & Alisa Caldwell, Mark & Anjonell Burgess, Aaron & Sara Pratt, and Brant & Lindsay We had a lot of fun that night. Whenever any one asks me how the game was I just tell them it was fun. I don't really go for the game, but I enjoy getting to visit with everyone. I do however know that the Suns did win!!

We had such a wonderful time. We thankful to have such great friends, and such a thoughtful uncle! Thanks again Brad.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing Can Stop Him Now!!

It's official Eli is crawling around our house. Now he hasn't perfected his crawling, but he has found a way to move around the house. I notice it is very hard to get things out of Eli's reach now. We have this little shelf in our family room where I normally put things I don't want Eli to get his hands on, THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. Eli wiggles, army crawls or whatever you want to call it over to the shelf. Then he lifts his little head to see whats up there and starts grabbing. It was cute, but I am sure the faster he gets it will be difficult and it will get real old real fast.

Last night I was talking to Jacob and we watched Eli move across the entire room. I never really noticed he moved so far so quick so I figured it was time to document it. As always as soon as the camera comes out Eli turns into a deer in headlights. After a while he finally got used to it and I caught him going this short distance last night. He does go short distances on his knees with a normal crawl but for some reason he finds this way easier and faster.

(For the record my voice is not that deep I was trying to copy Eli)

I swear if you watch this Eli mouths hi when I say hi...judge for yourself.

Eli is such a joy in our lives. The other day I was working out with my Mom. Eli had enough of us not playing with him so we had to stop. He then got very busy and was so cute. I took some pictures. I love this one of my mom and Eli because his cheeks are HUGE!! Also that is not sweat or drool he decided he was thirsty like us so he had to have some water too.

I don't know why but he is always finding new ways to crack me up. The other day this show was playing a performance of the new Sherk Musical. I am walking around the house picking things up and I walk by Eli playing on the ground. Then I hear the show and there is a part when Fiona and Sherk are tooting. I am not kidding when I saw this, but after each of them tooted Eli did too just like it was part of the show. I started laughing so hard. Eli obviously had no clue why I started laughing and he jumped because I scared him a little, which made me laugh even harder.

Eli was supposed to be taking a nap a few days ago and I hear a little voice coming from his room. I go in a check on him and I find him very busy in his crib playing ith Gigi (his Giraffe) and his mobile. I thought it was so funny I had to get some pictures. Also since he was being so good I let him stay in there and play so I could get some things done.

Another Year, Another Charity Event

Last year Jacob and I attended a charity fund raiser for Green Leaf, and we had a wonderful time. This year we were attended our second event. This one was for United Families International (UFI). This organization was put together to help preserve the family. In today's society the family is being broken down my divorce, parents/couples never getting married, and other outside forces. These things are destroying the family unit. We feel the work UFI is doing is very important and we support their effort on trying to preserve the family.
UFI threw this event to try and raise money for the charity. It started off with a silent auction. Jacob and I saw a lot of things we were interested in, but we ended up only bidding on some tickets to the Zoo. I know it sounds silly, but Jacob has wanted to go to the Zoo forever so we thought this would be a good way to get us there. The auction was followed by dinner and speakers. We had a leave the party early to pick up Eli so we only heard a few speakers and we don't know if we won the Zoo tickets, but we did have a wonderful time and I think the night was a success.

My Thoughts...

Let's face it I come from a very political family. Ok I married into a very political family, but that still doesn't change the fact that I have my opinions. Yesterday I kept venting to Jacob about the current state of our economy and our nation. You name the emotion I feel it right now. Jacob is such a positive man that he just sees great things and nothing ever breaks him down, so when Obama announced his new plan for our mortgage collapse yesterday Jacob saw great things. I on the other hand felt a lot of things, and the last thing I saw or even felt for the matter was great. I visited my friend Kristen's blog yesterday and she posted this mans vent which I couldn't agree with more.

To Congress and the president:
Thank you for helping my neighbors with their mortgage payments. You know, the ones who in the good times refinanced their house several times and bought SUVs, ATVs, a pool, a big screen, two WaveRunners and a Harley. But I was wondering, since I am paying my mortgage and theirs, could you arrange for me to borrow the Harley now and then?
P.S. - They also need help with their credit cards. When do you want me to start making those payments?
- R.D. Ford, Queen Creek

These were the exact things I was saying to Jacob yesterday. He had to listen to me complain over and over again about the two ladies I saw on the news complaining about their current situation while wearing a fur coats. That's not exactly screaming poverty to me. I do feel really bad for some people who have tried their hardest and come up short again and again. For those people I want this plan, but for those people alone. For the people that live a better life then most and have their hand out I just want to smack it, and teach them that their are consequences. Now for the record I don't think Jacob and are flawless. We have made mistakes, and I am sure we will make more, but we also live with the consequences of our mistakes.

Since I am such a conservative republican people often ask me if I even want Obama to succeed. I find this such a silly question OF COURSE I DO. So what my guy didn't win (and lets face it he wasn't perfect) fine who cares. I have moved on and support our new president. So Obama here's to you I wish you the best of luck with the rough times ahead, and may they be few and far between.

p.s I just wanted to thank Jacob. I kept sharing my feeling and I KNOW he was annoyed with me, but he listened and was a supportive none the less. Thanks Jacob your the best husband.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick again

On Valentine's Day Eli woke up with such a runny nose and was congested. So on Saturday night I slept in the same room as him. It was so sweet to look at my little guy sleeping. He is so cute. Sunday Morning poor guy still didn't feel very good and didn't slept well that night so we didn't go to church. He would wake up random just screaming. It would just break my heart, but as soon as I would touch him he would stop and get as close to me as possible. He has such a sensitive heart. I again slept in the same room at him Sunday night. He slept better, but woke up with such a bad cough. He was coughing so hard he was gagging himself. I called the doctor and got him in right away. As I drove to the doctor's office I listened to my little guy. You could tell he was having a hard time breathing, but he was just playing and smiling the whole way there. Then I walked into the office and I noticed there were A LOT of sick kids. Normally in the sick room it is just you and one other person, but there were like 8 of us this time. It was such a sad room to be in because all the kids were so sad, and just laying on their moms. Eli feel asleep and then woke up and was playing again so happy. I realized nothing makes Eli sad! The doctor said Eli had a little cold and that I would just have to wait this one out. He is still too small for any medicine. GRRR I don't know why I take him to the doctor this is what I hear every time. I slept with Eli again last night and I can tell already he is starting to feel better. I think tonight we might go back to our regular routine. I just wanted to remember this because I feel so lucky to have such a sweet baby. He is so positive and loving. I couldn't ask for a sweeter child.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eli bath time & more

Eli has been growing up so fast and getting so big. He has officially outgrown his baby bath. Which has caused a bit of a problem. This is a problem because Eli is not big enough for the tub, but he is too big for the sink and his little tub. Jacob goes crazy when he has to bath him in those sports so the other day he decided to just put him in the shower. At first he seemed a little concerned. Then he warmed right up to it.

As you can see he is rolly and polly, and such a happy baby.
After Eli's bath I got to looking at Eli. I know everyone thinks he looks like his dad, but to me he looks like his dad now, but not what Jacob looked like when he was a baby. At least he didn't look like it to me until this moment. I swear these pictures are Jacob when he was a baby.

The other night I went to put Eli's PJ's on him and since I have not done the laundry in a while I noticed I did not have clean PJ's. I decided that I would put him in a long onsie and some pants that night. Oops I guess this onsie was a little small, and Eli has some cleavage showing. Oh my goodness I thought it was hilarious so I took lots of pictures. The pictures do not do it justice seriously so funny.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the best day of the year. Ok well that is what I think at least. I don't know why but I just loved this holiday. Maybe it is because I always pick the underdog (everyone else seems to hate this holiday) maybe it is because of all the pretty colors (Pink, Red & White where can you go wrong) or all the flowers, balloons and stuffed animals or all of the above, but I just LOVE Valentine's Day.

This year it feel on a Saturday which was kind of a bummer, for some reason I feel like this holiday should always be on a weekday. Jacob still turned it into a wonderful day for me. It started with him letting me sleep in. When I did actually get up this morning I woke up to a smiling husband, baby and flowers. We ate a yummy breakfast. Jacob requested egg sandwiches so of course I had to make them. Then it was time to get ready for a baptism. Our trainer Greg Lake got baptized, and we were so excited to attend and join their family and this very exciting day. The room was full of people there to support Chelsea and Greg, it was such an amazing experience.

After the baptism we went to lunch at Native New Yorker...YUMMY!! We ate there a lot while I was pregnant. I craved spicy foods, and the wings were the only things that didn't make me throw up. I was happy we went there I forgot how much I love their salad and wings. After our delicious lunch we went to Nail Unlimited (my favorite place to get a pedicure) and relaxed. As you can tell from the pictures, Eli and Jacob got very relaxed.

Eli sat in that spot the whole time. It was funny because the more he sat there next to me the more relaxed he would look. Everyone there was laughing so hard at our funny little guy. They also said to us you may have named him Eli, but this little guy is Jacob Jr.

Once we were all perfectly relaxed and finished there we went to Sam's Club. Earlier we saw they had chocolate covered Strawberries and Apples so we wanted to get some treats for the day. I got strawberries, Jacob got an apple and we also got apples for our mothers & Debbie. Oh my goodness they were so good. Then we ended the day with dinner at AH SO. This has been a tradition which we have followed since before we were married. This is our 4th year doing this and we still love to go there on Valentines Day. Elliot and Cami came with us again. This is their 3rd year in the tradition. We had such a wonderful time.

I told Jacob we had to get Eli something for Valentine's Day. I said he loves balloons we should get him one so he can play with it. Jacob was so sweet and went and got his little man a balloon. Eli loved it, and I loved it because it was in Spanish. I am always telling Jacob he should talk to Eli n Spanish then Eli can be bilingual just another way he can be like his dad.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the Fangs come out...

Ok not really, but now it is only a matter of time. What I am trying to say is Eli's teeth are officially starting to break the surface. On Sunday during Sacrament meeting Jacob taps me and says, "Stacy Eli has a tooth." I immediately start thinking; WHAT?? The kid slept the whole night, hasn't even been fussy, surely I would have seen it, how on earth could he have a tooth? So I stick my finger in his mouth and sure enough it's there. Now just the sharp part came up so you can basically only feel the tooth and not really see it, but it broke the surface none the less.

Knowing the bottom two come in, then the top two. I think don't these things come in pairs. Now I check his mouth everyone morning wondering if I can feel the other tooth break through. Sure enough Monday morning I can feel it. So Eli got his first tooth on February 8, 2008, and his second on the 9th.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So cute...

For a little while now Blurb has not been working with Blogger so i was not able to work on my 2008 book. I received news from my sister-in-law, Katie, that Blurb was up and running again. I have been so excited about getting started on my book that I have been busy working on it this evening, which is a completely different routine than what I normally do. Jacob was very helpful, however, he is a morning person and not much of a night person and fell asleep in the living room with Eli next to him playing. I changed Eli and got him all ready for bed and then got back to working on my book. About 10 minutes later I notice that I no longer heard Eli talking and I started to get worried that he had gotten into something he was not supposed to. I hopped up and ran into the living room to find Eli passed out on the floor. This was so funny to me for 2 reasons. Reason number one is Just yesterday I was thinking about babies being so tired they just fall asleep in the middle of what they are doing. I wondered if Eli was ever going to do this. Then tada, he did it tonight. The second reason why this was so funny was because of how he was laying. I am sad to say I didn't take a picture, but basically he was laying on his back with his arms above his head and his legs spread out....hilarious. Darn I really wish I would have taken a picture.

Instead here is a picture of Eli after I put him in his crib...still my cute little angel.