Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dinner in a pumpkin

Ever year we have dinner in a pumpkin on Halloween. This year was no different, however we did involve the entire Kartchner family. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Since we moved into the new house we have switched up the sleeping arrangements for Liam and Eli. Liam used to be in the pack and play and Eli n the crib, but now Eli is in the pack n play and Liam has upgraded to the crib.

Eli's new room has a Murphy Bed so I have struggled with what I was going to do. Should I leave the bed up and buy bunk beds or use the Murphy Bed? Eli since he has been sick has joined us in our bed once and made Jacob and I sleep on the floor. That combined with Eli is too tall for the pack and play made me finally decide we should just put him in the Queen bed and Liam would join him when he was big enough. Tonight Jacob and I put the bed together and this was Eli's first time in his big boy bed.

At first he didn't not like the idea and started to fuss when I laid him in it. I just laid there with him and talked to him. He soon realized it was ok. I then decided to grab a few pictures before I left. Eli was still worried then I took a full view of the bed and I saw how little he was and I got worried. Then all the sudden Eli loved it thought it was funny and was okay with his new bed. Let's see how the whole night goes!


This Halloween was a little different. First off it was in our new ward and 2nd it feel on a Sunday so we celebrated on Saturday. We ended up going to our ward Trunk or Treat and it was so cute and so much fun. There was a cake walk, yummy food, games and tons of people. Jacob and I decorated our car so that it looked like a Monster's mouth and we made floating ghosts all around it. Eli was a tiger and Liam was a pumpkin. They were both really cute in their costumes. Eli at first didn't get the trick or treat thing then he started saying and liked seeing that people gave him candy. We got to our car and he had already had enough he started giving Jacob all of his candy. I asked him if he wanted more candy and he said he was all done and wanted to stay with his dad.

When we got there we saw another Tiger and so they took a picture together. Eli was nervous at first but then he seemed to like it.

It was pretty windy so the eye for a monster blew away, but you get the idea.

We filled water balloons with water and painted them read for blood didn't really work.

Pumpkin Patch...really quick

We have been so busy this month that we haven't done anything fall or Halloween with our boys. I am so bummed, because Jacob and I love to decorate our house for Halloween and we were really looking forward to taking the boys to the pumpkin patch...ok maybe just I was. Anyway this morning I woke and and I thought we have to go to the Pumpkin Patch today...even if it is only for a few minutes. I was determined to make it happen and we made it. Eli loved walking around and telling us about all the pumpkins he saw. He thought they were so neat. We stayed long enough to pick two pumpkins for dinner( we cook soup in it) and a pumpkin for Eli. We had so much fun and Eli loved it so much I think we are going to have to go back again so Eli can spend more time there.

Things I want to remember..
  • Eli kept picking up pumpkins running them over to me and saying, "look Mommy heavy. TOO HEAVY!' Then he would drop it.
  • He was so proud of the pumpkin he bought that he carried it all the way to the car and demanded that he put in in the back and ride in the back with the pumpkin. We allowed him to put it in the car, but we made him get in his car seat.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Picnic

WE LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE, and one thing we love to do in a our new house is eat lunch outside! We grab up all our yummy food and sit in the grass! Today was such a nice day we just relaxed, snacked and visited! LIFE IS GOOD!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Movies with Daddy

We are still moving everything into the new house, but we keep trying the best we can to have some of our "normal" behavior or routines continue. So tonight Jacob started a movie with Eli and they both watched it together. Now this isn't something we always do, but I popped them popcorn and they relaxed together...that is something they do together. This time we added Liam in on the fun and it seems like they all loved it and were happy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Funny Baby

The other day Liam was playing on the floor and I was working on my laptop next to him. I looked up and was talking to someone and when I looked down this what I saw!

That funny little baby wiggled his way around and started to eat my laptop. I thought it was cute so I was going to let him keep doing it while I finished what I was doing. When I started typing he tried to see who was making the noise and spun around and ended up like this...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Camera Man

Eli has figured out how to work my camera. I go through my camera and I find pictures like this all the time. HA HA They crack me up and I they are so cute too!


That's the magic number that sent us to the Emergency Room in the middle of the night. Poor little Eli has been fighting the croup for the past week or so and just when Jacob and I thought it was almost over Eli started becoming very clingy and a little fussy. Eli is not like that at all so we knew something was up. Yesterday afternoon around 1 I went to pick up Eli and he was burning hot so I took his temperature and it was 103.8. I gave him some Tylenol and put him down for his nap hoping the Tylenol would do the trick. When he woke up from his nap he seemed much happier and his temperature had dropped down to 100.8. So I figured that would do the trick and he would be ok.

Jacob had made plans to help my dad in the temple last night so I thought Eli would be find and I told him to go help. I took the boys to the grocery store then on the way home Eli wanted to go to the park so I hurried put up my groceries and took the two boys and Buddy to the park. Eli didn't do much playing and actually acted like it was 20 degrees out. He was shaking and shivering. I finally talked him into leaving so we went home. I figured Eli could watch a movie and I could put Liam down for a little nap and I could get things done. So that is what I did once Liam woke up I called Aly to try to run to Sam's since I knew Eli would not like to go so late. While I was at Sam's I grabbed and ICEE for the little man to see if he would drink that (up till now I could not get Eli to eat and drinking was sparse). When I got home things took a turn for the worse. Eli has really hot again and this time wouldn't let go of me. So the rest of the evening consisted of me holding both boy and running around trying to comfort them both and get them ready for bed. Did I mention I had to hold both while nursing and Eli wouldn't let Liam touch him! That was a task all in itself. I tried to wait for Jacob to get home to give him a blessing but finally after reading several books Eli basically begged me for bed so I figured let the child sleep and see what happens.

When Jacob got home he figured the plan I made was perfect and we would stick to that. Around 3 am Liam woke up hungry so I fed him. No sooner did I get back to sleep did I hear Eli start screaming! I ran in there and he felt even hotter then ever and he said he was freezing. I decided it was time to head to the hospital. So Jacob, Eli and I left and my mom took Liam while he was sleeping. We got in really quick at the hospital and the doctor said his temp was 104 and that he need to get chest x-rays and blood work done. Eli hated both of these. He would cry look at me and say, "Mommy help me!" I hated hearing that but I just kept trying to talk to him and calm in down. He actually was fine because as soon as I was the only one touching him he stopped crying. After all was said and done the doctor said it looked like just a virus and said Motrin and fluid should do the trick, and sent us home. We headed home around 7:30 a.m. I told Jacob on the way home basically we paid $150 (our co-pay at the ER) for peace of mind.

Today was supposed to be our first day at our new church but since I got zero sleep and Eli was sick I stayed back with the boys and Jacob went to church. The rest of the day has been a lazy day just laying around and relaxing trying to catch up on some much needed sleep. Oh yeah and Eli is much much better and happier. His fever is pretty much gone now and he got a good nap and is eating again...YIPPEE!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drink & Drive

The other day my Mom got us all a Jamba Juice to enjoy and I looked outside to see Eli enjoying his in the back yard. He put a whole new meaning to drinking and driving!

Liam didn't want to miss out on all the yummyness....see this kid is just dying to eat and enjoying everything like us!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mammo Loves

My Mom was playing with Liam and I got some of the cutest pictures. Oh he is such a sweet baby!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Prayer's and the Still Small Voice

In the midst of our move Jacob had this bright idea to sell his car. Ok the idea was good and I understand it, but I feel the timing was poor. Anyway in the midst of the move he sold his car and once we moved in Brad's went to go deposit the check only to realize he miss placed it! Now Jacob and I do not have loans on our cars so this was a significant amount of money! We were just sick about this. We spent hours going through papers boxes and checking places over and over again only to not find the money over and over again. We just kept praying that we would find it or that since they were cashier's check that in 90 days we would be able to get them reissued. We finally gave up on looking for the checks and kept praying that everything would be ok. Jacob and I had countless conversation and I hate to admit it but fights about this. Finally we just decided this was a huge life lesson and we just needed to learn from it and move on.

The next day after we had made arrangements to start to process of getting the money back in 90 days I was cleaning in Eli's room. I felt like everything needed to be dusted so I left my task I was in the middle of and started dusting Eli's room. I came to his bookshelf and saw there were some of Jacob's books in there. I thought that was worried so I picked them up and put them on the floor to take upstairs latter. As I was putting it on the floor I noticed that my Young Woman's Manual was at the bottom and I thought randomly how cool it would be if the check was in there. I even started to dust again and I thought oh what can it hurt to look. I opened up the book and opened it directly to the page that was holding the envelope with all the money! I immediately started crying and called Jacob to tell him the good news. Then I went in with Eli and Liam and prayed again thanking Heavenly Father for answering our prayers.

I want to remember this story for a lot of reasons. One of them is to remember to always go to the bank right way. Next and most important is to listen to that still small voice when you hear it, This was a nice little reminder that our father in Heaven hears and answers our prayers! These are the things I learned from this and I want my boys to learn them as well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Riata Ready and Some Moving

We have been moving into our new house and have been very very busy. We wake up early in the morning run around crazy busy all day, eat a little here and there go to bed and then wake up and do it all over again. Linda suggested that I take pictures so I can remember what it was like. Here are a few picture/stories I got and want to remember.

If you notice my pant in this picture you see a nice runny stain. That is a nice little gift from Liam. I was holding him talking to Jacob and all the sudden we heard a huge explosion. I looked at Liam then Jacob started saying oh my gosh. I looked down to see my pants covered with poop!

Eli has kept himself entertained. He just goes in the back and plays with the huge pile of boxes. He throws them around, hides in them jumps in them and just has a great time.

Aly thought Liam looked like a cowboy how he was sitting so I got a quick picture. Now a see him seeing like this a lot...funny baby.

I thought this picture was you can tell all this moving is wearing us out!