Thursday, September 29, 2011

Liam's 15month stats

I don't usually do a 15 month post, but I did just want to keep a record of Liam's stats
Height: 32 in or 63rd%tile
Weight: 24lbs 9 oz or 42nd %tile
Head: 18.75 or 56%tile

Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's a wonderful time of year for peaches so my dad ordered a box from Utah. We hide them in the pantry because they needed another day or so to ripen. I don't think we hid them very well because this morning I came in to the long term storage to see my boys enjoying themselves. To say they love these peaches is an understatement. They go crazy for them and I see them constantly opening the fridge or sneaking into the box for more. It is so funny to see Liam because it seems like it is so big it is even hard for him to hold or sometimes the peach looks as big as his head.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Today the boys and I were vegging on the couch when I saw E.T was on. It was the Halloween scene and I thought it would been fun to show Eli. I was right. His face was priceless when he saw E.T. It was the cutest face I have seen him make in a long time. At first it was pure terror then it was shock and then he kind of started to feel comfortable. After all those emotions he went right through them all again each time he saw it. I ran for my camera as quickly as I could and tried to get a picture of his face. I didn't get the best one, but these are good enough. I also got a picture of Liam sleeping and then his face when he woke up to an alien on the TV.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Auction Empire

Jacob has working on starting a new business a few months ago a friend and investor came to Jacob with the option to buy a building and invest in the public auction company. Jacob thought long and hard about it and decided it would be a great thing for them to do. We bought the building a quickly started making changes to it. The building was once a bowling alley and then a paint ball arena also it was vacant for a few years so obviously it needed a little work. I do not have any pictures of it before we got in there, but here are a few while the work is still in progress.

Camp Out with Carson and Jordan

Jordan and Carson went on a mini adventure with Jacob and Eli. It started off with dinner and fun at Chuckee Cheese and then ended with the building of a fort (or tent depending on who you talked to) at our house. The boys had so much fun with their dads running around. We even found a huge frog in our backyard. The boys caught it and liked holding it. After a few minutes it got away. The next morning when they woke up we made the waffles and then they went right back to playing.

I didn't get around to documenting this event until about a month after it happened. Eli was the pictures and remember the whole things. Playing games with is dad and having fun. It was so cute it was like he was telling me the story as it just happened.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Phoenix Children's Museum

Since the Discovery Gateway Museum was such a hit in Utah. I finally made it to the one here in AZ. I took Eli and Liam down there and we had a blast. Everything was a little different and the boys loved to play around and explore. Eli loved everything I couldn't say what part was his favorite. So I ended up buying him a pass and now we can go back A LOT!!

Some of the things we did....taking bikes through a mini car wash, noodle forest, racecar tracks, fort building, mazes, flying bath tubs, watching what happens when air blows and things, and much much more. We had a blast!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

One of the major perks of Jacob's job is whenever there is a US holiday he doesn't have work because the banks are closed. Labor day this year we made big plans and we wanted to go out and have fun with the boys. Jacob and Eli started off the day working in the yard. I made breakfast and then we rushed off to go bowling. This was the boys first time. They loved it so we played two games. The second game we gave Liam his own turn and Liam beat everyone. He kept getting strikes and stuff. It was so funny that this little 15 month old was beating everyone. Liam also would grab all the ball and walk around with them. He would even try and pick up mine and Jacob's balls at like 12 and 14 pounds! Eli liked the game and was very good at waiting for his turn. He also liked that his bowling ball was blue (he kept saying blue it's my favorite color)

Things to Remember

Lately it seems as though time is passing by me. Everyday my boys do something cute, sweet or funny and I feel like I am not documenting it enough. So this post I just wanted to sit down and take a moment to remember some of the cute things they are into and like to to right now.

Things to remember...
  • Eli and Liam are true blue buddies. They just run around the house laughing and playing together. They wrestle and even build things together. Sometimes I try to take them places alone with me so that they can have some one on one time with me. Whenever I take Eli he always asks where his brother is and says he doesn't want to go without him. I know if Liam would talk he would say the same thing.
  • Eli is really into super heroes right now. He runs around the house and says he is super Eli or he will turn into robot and he is iron man. Eli walks around humming the ironman song and that is supper cute. Liam has heard it so much that he has now started to hum the tune as well. Eli likes shooting the bad guys too. It is a very cute sweet thing that I am sure lots of little boys do, but Eli does it the best. We were at the mall and Eli would stand in mirrors by me and do super hero moves and watch himself in the mirror.
  • Liam is the master mimic right now. He see us do something and he joins right in. Right now he notices that Eli wear underwear and he wears diapers. So he will bring me underroos and have me put them over his diaper. Then they both grab their rain boots and run around the house.
  • Eli sometimes will point up in the sky and say look mom it is buzz light-year. I would then look up and see the streaks left behind from airplanes. Whenever he sees those he thinks it is buzz flying to infinity and beyond! He also sees yellow cars and says they are bubble bee and big rigs are optimums prime (if blue) and sentinel prime if another color.
  • Both boys love to wrap up in a soft blankets, and hang our with that blanket all day. Liam even takes it a step farther and he just loves soft things. Liam when my hair is down will run his fingers through it. Or if it is braided he will even play with the ends. The other day my hair was up in a bun so he couldn't get any of it and he started pointing at me and yelling. Basically telling me he was mad he couldn't play with my hair. Needless to say I hardly ever wear my hair in a bun any more.
  • Both boys just love to be outside and doing things. I love to do yard work and help their day. Just the other night Jacob and my dad were planting our winter grass and Eli and Liam both stayed outside with them and helped. Even when the sun went down they stayed out there helping.
  • They boys also love to take baths. If I need to get dress and get something done I will just put them in the bath and they will play for such a long time. (I of course stay in the bathroom and do my work, but it keeps them busy)
  • Marley is a staple in their lives. Liam rolls and plays on him and Eli calls for him to follow him around the house. Marley always stays by the house, but the other day he took off and we thought he was lost (well he was lost). Eli was so worried he went out calling and looking for him. He drove around looking for him. When our neighbor showed up with the dog both the boys were beyond happy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hole in the Rock

Ever since A mountain was such a hit with the boys Jacob has wanted to take them on another hike. I heard of Hole in the rock and I heard it was easy, so I thought this would be the perfect little family hike for us. The weather here is still VERY hot so we got up early Saturday morning packed breakfast LOTS of water and headed for the hike. We got there loaded up everything and then started our hike. The hike was no joke only 5 minutes, it was even easier then expected (maybe even too easy). Eli was not disappointed he LOVED it. He did everything his self and loved the view when he got to the top. We enjoyed a nice breakfast with a wonderful view and then we headed back. I think it would have been the perfect hike if it was just a little longer, but it is good to know there are such easy hikes for the little ones.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Jacob is a huge cardinals fan and since most of their games are on Sunday he never gets to go. Well this year he planned in advance. He found a game NOT on Sunday and got 3 tickets so he could bring me and Eli along. Jacob was so organized he ever made sure each of us had some sort of cardinals attire to wear there. I thought it would be fun to paint their faces to we did that to make the outfits complete. The drive out to the stadium was just plain crazy it took us like 2 hours! Then we walked across like 2 shopping centers just to get there. Eli was a good sport and never complained. I think he was confused why we were driving so long. The seat were way high up but Eli got to see the whole stadium and he thought that was pretty neat. We played the Denver Bronco's and we seriously killed them. It was almost a shut out but in the final seconds they scored. Near the end of the game we went down to some closer seat to better see the players. I would say the night was a success we even stayed till the end. I thought for sure Eli would be tired or bored before the game was over but I was wrong. He loved it and wanted to go back. I wish I could say the same. Between the drive, traffic, and parking I felt crazy and HATED that. We decided that IF we went again we would go there way early and shop and the mall there. That way we could avoid all the traffic coming to the game.

I only have these two pictures because I took them on our VERY long car ride. Then in the stadium I brought in my small camera and it died when I went to go take!

First Day of School - Take Two

So today was Eli's real first day of school. We got up and did everything the exact same as e Tuesday (lets just call that our trial run). This time he got to school and there were other kids! So I kissed him and left him to play on the playground. Liam and I ran some errands and then picked up Eli. I was informed that he made a new little friend. A pretty little girlfriend I might add. I am not sure if it is a crush or if that is just the girl he played with. However when people ask about school she is who he talks about. He said he liked it a lot and is very excited to go back.