Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Boy

Today the Irriagation came. I looked out the window and I saw Eli running back a forth with Marley following right behind him. I also noticed that he stripped off all of his clothes to do this. I watched Eli run around for a long time with Marley then stop to play throwing around some balls that he found. If that doesn't sound like an afternoon with a little boy. I don't know what does!

Another Year, Another Swim lesson

Just before Eli turned one I put him in swim lessons. He turned out to be my little fish. Last year swim lessons did not go so well after I had Liam so we stopped. I was worried he wasn't gong to like swimming again this year, but I was wrong. He loves it and is doing great. I am pretty sure by the end of the summer Eli will be a swimmer!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and a Eggslalent Surprize

Happy Easter Sunday. I love Easter. To me this holiday is the most inportant of the year, and I love everything about it. We had a lovely Easter. It started out waking up and finding out that we got a new pet. Jacob got his dream and we are now the owners of Labrador dog. Then we looked for eggs. Eli was more interested it finding the plastic eggs and opening them. He would find one and then open it get so excited about what was inside he stopped looking for eggs. Needless to say that took forever and we actually looked for eggs for over a week after Easter. Liam and Eli found their big Easter Eggs which are their Easter baskets and had so much fun with the surprises. After finding everything we watched a movie with Eli while Liam napped. We all laid down in the toy room. The dog didn't want to lay on his bed so Eli did and we all layed around him. We all feel asleep and this resulted in a very very cute picture that my dad got.

The story of Marley...
Jacob was so excited about the dog he actually slept in the toy room with him. Then that morning he was helping my dad and went outside for maybe 2 minutes. When he came back in he saw Eli in the toy room playing with the dog. I didn't know Eli was awake so we BOTH missed Eli finding the dog. Jacob knowing he would be in trouble (because two minutes before that I told him to hide the dog in the laundry room, which he did not) told Eli to pretend like he didn't see the dog. They came back to get me and Liam and the first thing out of Eli's mouth was we got a new dog mom. Jacob's face went white. I would be lying if I said there wasn't a little argument after that. Then I realized we both missed it. it was what it was and I needed to get over it. Both the boys LOVE him so much and they get so excited and play with him. The dog was named Brinkley before we got him, but when Eli saw him he said he was Marley. It was at the moment we realized he looks like that naughty dog from Marley and me. Eli would not call him Brinkley so that is why he is called Marley.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Secert Garden

Today we went to an Easter brunch we were invited to at my Uncle Ronnie's and Aunt Carma's. They live in this darling home right across the street from the temple. Everything about this house is charming and just too pretty. They have an amazing garden and the house it's self has been remodeled and so pretty. I thought we were having brunch it in the secret garden. Eli loved it because there were even baby chicks! He held them and tried so hard to be careful. We had the yummiest food, hunted for eggs, and visited with family. I had the nicest visit with my cousins. It was such beautiful pleasant day. The only thing that would have made it perfect is if Jacob was there. He was unable to come because he was on a camp out with the scouts. The good news is Carma said they will have one next year, I am so excited.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs!

Since my mom was going into surgery for her colon we decided to dye our eggs a little early so she could be a part of it. Eli had a lot of fun because all of his cousins (on my side) just so happened to stop by so he was able to have fun with each of them. Eli really liked his dinosaur one and would walk around the house roaring! He was also much more gentle with the eggs this year and only one was cracked!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


My mom had surgery today. The poor thing has been having some major stomach problems and the doctors said he had to have surgery. My mom is currently on what I would say is a lot of drugs and she is FUNNY! She told me that the hospital people are mean to her and put her in the dungon. She told my dad this a few times and then started crying. She also ripped out her IV twice, because she was trying to escape. She later told me she saw the blood from the IV but was not concerned because she knew first Aid. Like I said DRUGGED UP!!

Buppy Rabbit

My cousin Charlee just had a major surgery. She has 7 children and 3 of which are home all day. She can not pick up her little ones so I tried to help out and take her kids for a day so she could rest and not be tempted to pick them up. As soon as Tessa, Rebecca, and Dylan got here they headed straight to the backyard and started playing. I was talking to their dad when I heard them all talking about a bunny rabbit. I thought nothing of it and continued finishing and few things. I went outside and Eli told me mom look we have a bunny rabbit. I said oh no that is a car. Rebecca looked up at me like I was crazy and said NO A BUPPY RABBIT! Sure enough there was a rabbit in there. Since Easter is so close I said to the kids do you think this is the Easter Bunny? Did we just catch the Easter Bunny? Rebeca assured me this was not the Easter Bunny as he was much to small.

I grabbed it some celery and carrots and the kids fed him. We tried to capture him. At one point he ran from the bushes and we chased him all around the yard. The kids were screaming and laughing. I thought it was so cute. This will probably be one of my dear memories and it was so child like and so sweet. The rabbit turned out to be our neighbors pet so we returned him.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Relax & Enjoy

Eli and Liam just love it outside. That is one of the main reasons we bought our new house. It had a nice big backyard where our boys could get out explore and have fun. Today we did just that. I set up the sprinkler toy for Eli and the waiting pool for Liam and we just hung out int he back yard. I realized at the beginning I was kind of their little slave running back and forth getting them snacks and food while they sat in this pool. Liam got so dirty playing I think every inch of him was either covered in food, dirt, or grass. Eli of course by the end was naked...which is basically how everyday ends now. OH HOW I LOVE LITTLE BOYS!!