Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uh Oh Buddy!!

I was at Sam's today with Eli and he kept saying Buddy, Buddy, over and over again. I kept telling him Buddy was at Mamo's and we could go see him later. Soon Eli's voice started to get more, and more concerned and he kept saying Buddy. Finally I looked at Eli and he pointed in the basket and said "Uh Oh Buddy." I soon realized Eli was pointing at the rotisserie chicken I had bought. He thought it was Buddy....poor guy no wonder he was so worried.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NO NO!!!!eLI

Eli broke a bottle of nail polish across my tile floors...NOT GOOD!! After a few minutes on the ground with Jacob we got the mess cleaned up...thank goodness.

Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

Jacob didn't have work this presidents day, and the kids didn't have school we made a fun trip to the park. We started off by riding the train, and carousal. Eli liked the train ride and Jacob and I said we really enjoyed it too. I think it had a lot to do with the Bullet pops we got...they were yummy!! Then we grabbed our bread and fed the ducks. My mom and dad brought Buddy so after a while Eli took over walking him it was cute. He walked him all around the park. Once Eli found the slide he was done with Eli and played there for a while. Then we headed to the Gilmore's car to get the water balloons they had brought. We had a balloon toss and Jacob and I won each time, however the 2nd time it broke all over me so I was wet and freezing!! It was a wonderful trip to the park.

On our way home we say this mini horse so we stopped to let Eli pet it...he really liked it but I think was surprised by the size.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anyone can catch your eye

but it takes someone special to catch your heart....

This weekend was the best. On Friday I surprised Jacob with the info that we were staying out in Scottsdale, and having a fun filled night with no baby! Jacob really loves Eli, but he was so excited for the alone time. We checked into our hotel and then had dinner at the tortilla factory. After dinner we headed over to Jesterz to meet the Gilmore's and Whatcott's (sp?). I have been trying to get Jacob to go for years and he loved it and is already trying to make plans to go back again. After the show we went to the Sugar Bowl and ordered dessert. This place was cute and we had fun. I think my dessert was the best (just because Jacob loved mine better then his) Sam & Lani shared this huge banana split, I had to get a picture and they finished the whole thing...way to go Sam.
Saturday we woke up and went to breakfast at our hotel. It was so yummy. Jacob and I have eaten at some pretty nice places and we think this place was the best so far. While we were at breakfast we saw Vicki from the real housewives. She looked prettier in person, and tall too. After breakfast we headed home to see our little Eli (my mom and dad watched him for us). The rest of the afternoon we played with Eli and just loved and kissed his cute face. That night we went to dinner with Wayne, Rachel and their little girl Regan. We kept with tradition and ate at Ah So...we love that tradition. Jacob didn't have to work on Monday so we wrapped up the weekend with going to Valentine's Day the movie on Monday. We both liked it....perfect weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Coming....

No not the baby, but my favorite holiday VALENTINE'S DAY!! So in honor of this wonderful holiday Kristyn and I got together and made tons of yummy treats!! By tons I mean: 25 Carmel and Chocolate pretzels, 31 Chocolate covered Strawberries, 37 Oreo bombs (yummy) and 15 Popcorn ball hearts. It was a good day!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Zoo with Dad

After our fun trip to the Zoo Jacob was sad he missed out on the fun so he went with us again. We had so much fun with Jacob a long!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A fun fun day!!

The weather has been so wonderful that I figured Eli and I needed to get out. I am sick of the park so we headed to the Zoo and boy am I glad we did. Eli and I had so much fun!! We started off by riding the carousel. Eli seemed to like riding them when we were in Disneyland however he has not liked it since. Poor guy smiled and shaked the whole time he did not like it. I guess we will take a break from that for a while. After our little ride it was off to see the animals. They have a new exhibit where you can feed the Giraffe's. Since they are my favorite animal I HAD TO DO IT. I can honestly tell you I was like a child, and loved every minute of it. Eli enjoyed it however he was concerned about the Giraffe's tongue ever time it licked us. Eli liked seeing the lion and tiger, when we saw each one he growled. It was so cute!! The monkey's are always fun and Eli thought so too he kept saying "oooo aaaaa" then he would get confused and start singing Elmo. It was so cute. Monkey village was very active today so there were a lot of monkey's out and about. Eli kept calling for the monkey's saying, " Monkey? Monkey? There he is." After Eli and I left monkey village we stopped for a snack and shared a banana. On our way to the petting zoo Eli spotted a rock that looked like a frog he kept saying, " Ribbit, Ribbit." I thought was wanted to get closer so I put him on top for a picture, he wasn't so sure about being that close to the frog. The petting zoo was a hit as always. Eli loves petting all the animals and walking around to each one. At one point I caught Eli laying on a goat. The goat didn't like it and started to head butt Eli. Of course Eli thought it was playing and was going to try and head butt back...I quickly got Eli out of there. After petting the animals I thought Eli needed to run around a little more so we spent some time at one of the playgrounds. On our way to the parking lot we stopped by a few more animals but one of the funniest was the turtle. He couldn't see if for a while and just kept looking at me like why are are staring at these rocks. Then all the sudden one of the turtles moved his head and Eli realized it was living and let out the biggest, hardest belly laugh ever! Then tried hitting all the other rocks around us thinking they were turtles too.

On out way home from the zoo we stopped by my mom's office and had lunch with her. We ate at this place called La Fonda. It was yummy food, and it was fun eating there because my mom said she has eaten there for years. She even told me that she started eating there when she was my age! As you can see Eli and I had a blast and I am sure if it was up to Eli we would have never left the zoo.