Friday, May 29, 2009

And the cow says...

Today Eli and I were watching Sesame Street (Eli favorite show). One of our favorite parts other then Elmo is Murray, the monster with his Spanish speaking lamb named Ovejita. Murray follows the lamb to a different school each day, and this time he followed her to a farm. Today when the showed the cow I made the sound the cow makes for Eli. He looked at me and then he looked at the cow and started Mooing! Jacob was walking out the door for work so I yelled for him to come back. I then rewinded it and Jacob heard Eli moo like a cow too. Later they showed chickens and I said cluck, and I swear he clucked too!! It was so cute. I am so excited to see if he remembers this tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We had such a fun weekend! On Friday we didn't really do anything special. We just ate dinner and watch the Divinci Code. (Last week we saw Angels & Demons so Jacob wanted to watch the Divinci Code again) However the real fun started on Saturday. We woke up and went to Jacob's parents house for a hair cut, then we went to the movies with the Gilmore's & Austin and saw Night at the Musuem 2. I really liked it. I thought it was so cute and funny. Then we met up with Debbie and my mom and went to lunch at Cafe Rio. After lunch Stephanie and I went shopping because Steph and Jerel were going to the No Doubt concert (or the Gwen Stefani concert...not really sure) that night. Since they were going to the concert Jacob and I watch the kids and we had a little sleep over at our house. We ate pizza, went to the park, swam, played raving rabbits, and watch Hocus Pocus.

The next morning Jerel came and picked up the kids, but they really wanted to go to church with us so Steph brought them to our ward and they all went to church with us. After church we had lunch as usual and then went home. An hour later the Gilmore's called and they still wanted to hang out so the kids came over again and stayed the night on Sunday too. We just watched the Princess Bride and went to bed this time, but it was fun because this time Chase came over.

The next morning Jacob got up before the birds and did sprint triathlon. Before any of us woke up Jacob already ran 3.5 miles, 15 mile bike, and a .5 mile run. Jacob randomly will got for like 50 mile bike rides and 10 mile runs here and there. So he had fun doing this. He said the swimming was the easiest for him. I am very impressed with Jacob because this is something I WOULD NEVER WANT TO DO. Once Jacob got back we were off to the Gilmore's for Breakfast...YUMMY! Then all 8 of us played Raving Rabbids together (Eli played with some other toys) We all had a lot of fun. At noon we went to my parent to eat and swim. Then at 5:30 Jacob and I went to Linda and Cecil's for dinner. It was fun because their backyard was so pretty and the weather was so nice. Also they had friends in town visiting from New York who are actually French. It was fun talking to them they are such a neat wonderful family.

See I told you we had a WONDERFUL WEEKEND.
(I did not take very many pictures, but these are the ones I did get)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Eli gives Kisses

Oh it is so cute. Eli understands when we ask him to give us a kiss. I was over at my parents house and Eli and I were about to leave. Debbie walked up to us and pointed to her cheek and said Eli give me kisses, and HE DID IT! Then my mom tried and he did it then too. It was so cute. Now Jacob and I asked for kisses regularly. It is so cute because he always does it, but his face always looks a little confused on why we would want him to do this.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ethan graduates and we celebrate

About two weeks ago Ethan informed me he was graduating from Kindergarten, and he expressed it was very important to him that Eli and I come. I asked him when it was and he said he would double check with his teacher. I received a phone call a few days later from Ethan with all the info. So of course Eli and I went to Ethan's graduation. There were so many people that I didn't actually get in the room, but I did see it and Ethan was so happy.

After the graduation Jacob caught up with us, and we went to the movies with everyone. We saw Earth,which was very depressing by the way. Anyway the Eli quickly picked up on the social part of the popcorn in the movie. This video is so cute, but you have to look very closely and you will see he grabbing the popcorn from Debbie and getting his own handfuls...ha this kid is a riot.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Round and Round

We were at the mall the other day, and Jacob and I saw the carousel we thought it was a good idea to let Eli go for his first ride. At first Eli was a little confused and then he liked it and started to smile. After a while I do think he got worried and thought it was never going to his face you will start to see the concern.

Friday, May 15, 2009

So cute

So my niece Aly finally got an e-mail address so I shot her a few e-mails cause it is really cute to see how she reacts and loves them. I remember when I used to get excited about people e-mailing me too. Any way I guess I sent Aly this e-mail about this professor claiming their is no God saying that god is evil blah blah blah. Finally at the end of the e-mail the student proves that God exists and evil only exists with the absence of God. I got an e-mail back from Aly about it and it was so cute. This is what she said....

That is the most awesome thing ever! (insert happy face here) That student sure showed that professor who is boss. And they are right! Evil is just the absence of God (insert happy face with Halo here) or the Holy Ghost, also it's sad because that professor doesn't know that god exists. (insert wilted rose here) I can't even start to imagine my life without knowing about God. (insert face with one eyebrow lifted) Awesome.... I don't know what else to say about it!

I am all choked up! I thought this was so cute it made my heart melt...I am so thankful for my sweet little Aly and her testimony!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Like I said before it is very hard to take a shower at our house lately. As soon has the shower turns on Eli takes off really fast to get to it. Then he spends the rest of his time trying to climb in it! Jacob and I have a code word that we yell which mean HURRY ELI IS GETTING IN HERE. That word is PATO, which actually means duck in Spanish. I honestly don't know why we picked that word, but now it is pretty fitting. Eli loves water and is our little duck.

One day I did not get there fast enough and our little Pato ended up all wet!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I know every mom goes through the stage where there baby has HAD it with the backwards facing car seat and they can not wait for their baby to be able to face forward. I for sure am that mom. Poor Eli would twist his body around to try and face forward. Then to top it off it has been so hot lately that every time I put him in his seat he comes out soaking in sweat!! I finally decided my baby being the big boy that he is was ready to face forward. I got online did all my research and found the SAFEST and BEST forward facing car seat. YIKES it was really expensive. So after a lot of looking I find it new and on sale!! They also have this fabric pattern which is cow pattern which they call Cowmooflage. Jacob and I thought that was pretty funny.

YIPEE. Eli and his mommy are both really happy now.

Monday, May 11, 2009


For a while now Jacob has been really wanting a piano. Since he has been working so hard at work, and he is such a good piano player I finally thought Jacob not only deserved this, but that he needed it too! He can't keep wasting his talent not playing. So we are the proud new owners of a YAMAHA piano.

Eli has been doing the funniest things lately. One of them is he crawls around the house with random items in his mouth. For example his rubber duckie, remotes, necklaces or a dolphin.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I have to admit that I have the best husband EVER! Jacob didn't make Mother's Day a one day event. It started on Thursday night and went all the way to Sunday....who knows maybe it will keep going!! LIKE I SAID HE IS THE BEST!!

Here are just a FEW of the things Jacob did for my special "Mother's Weekend"
  • Friday I woke up to a perfectly clean house...oh yeah and he took the baby and let me sleep in while he was cleaning the house!
  • Eli has been a little sick so needless to say I have not been sleeping well. Either he was upset or I was not sleeping because I was worried about him. Jacob took him on Saturday morning and let me sleep in...I did not because I heard the doorbell ring and I was worried he had to work, but for me it was all about how thoughtful he was and willing to help me out.
  • He has constantly told me how I am the best mother. Which makes me feel good and helps and encourages me to be an even better mom. It is so nice how supportive of me he is.
  • On Saturday I wanted some new Swimsuits. I had my eye on a few so he went with me to try them on. He was so nice and did not even try to rush me. Not only did he not complain about the price, but he also encouraged me to spend a little more then planed, because he thought I looked great in them and deserved them...I know he is so SWEET!!
  • Saturday night I came home to a dozen roses, double stuffed Oreos (my fav) and a balloon. It was so cute how he had everything set up and ready for mothers day.
  • On Sunday I got to sleep in...which for me is all I really wanted, but he also had another dozen roses hiding that he put out for me. I also got a robe that I wanted forever from Anthropolgie.

I could go on and on about how wonderful Jacob is and how great of a weekend I had. I am so thankful for my sweet husband and cute little baby for making me feel so special.

Here I am with my mother! I just love her so much & Eli does too. She is the best!

We got Linda some gardening stuff for Mother's day. We played around with it for a while...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swimming YIPPEE!!

Since it is so stinkin hot Jacob and I decided it was time to have a family dip in the pool. We actually didn't end up getting into the pool until later in the day, but it was still so nice and we had a wonderful time. Eli loves the water and it is so cute to watch him. Here are some pictures of videos we got.

Playing at Sam's Club

My mother went to Sam's to buy some flowers, and Eli and I went along. While my mom was in line. I put Eli in this canapy yard set and played with him. He was being so cute. I had to get some pictures!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We have been sick

So we have been sick at our house. It started with Eli, then I caught it, and then it finished up with Jacob. We all have high fevers, runny noises, coughs and congestion...grr no fun. Eli is the sadest to watch sometimes he looks so blue and depressed and then others he perks right up...see for yourself.

In this picture Eli didn't want to nurse to sleep instead he got on the ground and layed there. It was so sad. After a little while Jacob got on the floor with him. Eli didn't move he just sat there and stared at Jacob.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well it finally happened...

Eli threw his first fit today. I even called Jacob so he could enjoy the moment with me. Here is what happened. I took Eli grocery shopping. Like most kids by the end of it he had it and hated being there. So in order to help him be good so I could load the car I had a "wonderful idea", I would let him stand in the drivers seat and play with the steering wheel. Once I was done and moved him to his car seat he whinnied a little but soon stopped. I figured the best way to unload the car was to do the same thing. YIKES!! When I was done and pulled Eli out of the car and started walking in the house Eli started crying and went really stiff with his legs. He cried for a few minutes, and I have never seen his legs so straight. I even called Jacob to let him hear it (which was funny because he was with clients). I finally poured Eli a glass of apple juice and he finally stopped!