Monday, April 27, 2009

9 months

Eli turned 9 months on Saturday (Wow time flies). 9 months means it is time for another well check up. Since the doctor Eli normally sees was not available until May I made an appointment with another doctor. I figured I have not found one I love yet so I will just keep trying. This time I have found the perfect doctor. He was great I loved how he was with Eli, he gave me tons of information, spent lots of time with us, and overall I just liked how he did things. FINALLY after 9 months I found my doctor!! Eli is doing great. He is growing like a little weed! I was worried he stopped because we were all really sick last week with the flu and Eli didn't eat for like 3 days! He got really skinny (ok who am I kidding Eli is still my little round man, but he did get a little bit skinner). The doctor was impressed the Eli has been crawling and pulling himself up he said it wouldn't be too much longer before Eli is walking. I told the doctor I hope he is wrong, and I still have a few more months.

Things I want to remember..
1. Eli has all this funny little quirky things he does for example. Sometimes he squints his eyes and smiles at us. I am not really sure where he got this or what he thinks it means, but he did these a lot for about a week or two. Now he has replaced the squinting with a head bob down. It is so funny. Whenever Jacob and I see him do this we do it back.
2. He loves to push things around our house. He loves to get the vacuum on its side and then push it back and forth or he will spin the wheels to his dad’s bike. After a while I got sick of him playing with these things so on Saturday we went to Target and bought him a new town that he can push around and push all the buttons. He loves it and plays with it all the time!
3. Right now he is in the phase that is not so much fun for me. He follows me around the house and whines when he wants me to pick him up. It is hard for me not to pick him up, but I really don't want to spoil him so I mainly spend my days trying to beat him. For example I try to unload the dishwasher or washing machine before he reaches me. I also do this when vacuuming or putting things up in a certain room. This is becoming very difficult since Eli is getting pretty quick at crawling.
4. We have a snail shower so whenever Eli hears the shower turn on he tries to crawl there as fast as possible and climb in. Jacob and I have a code word we say which means....the baby is crawling in the shower hurry up and get him. The word is Pato (duck is Spanish) I don't know why we say this, but we just do it.
5. Eli LOVES to go for walks. He is fine if I put him in is stroller and walk for hours. He is even pretty good at the mall. He just doesn't like it when I stop and look at something to long. He also loves when we go to the mall, because he loves to play on the toys and pretend he is big like the rest of the kids.
6. Eli still loves everything I give him to eat. This baby just LOVES food. I have given him everything from cakes and cookies to peas, avocados, dates, beans, mushroom (you get the idea) and yet to find something he doesn't like. I am pretty sure his favorite things are strawberries.
7. Eli loves to watch Sesame Street. He will sit and just watch it and he loves Elmo when he comes on. It is so cute! I am not going to lie Jacob and I love the show too.
8. I could go on and on about Eli and how much fun he is. Jacob and I love him so much and cannot get enough of him. Jacob used to be so scared of Eli that he didn't like to be alone with him. Now Jacob gets home from works and plays with him for a while. Jacob is already ready for another baby, I told him not quit yet!

Eli’s current Stats are:
Height: 25.5 inches 90th%tile
Weight: 22lbs 2 oz 75th%tile
Head: 17.5 inches 25th%tile
Here is Eli watching Seasame Street

Thursday, April 16, 2009

8 months = 8 teeth

A few post ago (ok sometime ago) I put up a post title "and the fangs come out" which actually turned out to be pretty accurate. Eli for a short time had 4 teeth on the bottom and one fang...I know very unique, but for him very helpful when trying to eat big people food. Anyway one day I got to looking and I noticed that Eli started getting in his other fang!! My cute little guy turned into a true little Vampire! It was hilarious to see him smile and see those two white fangs back at ya! (sorry Eli's face is dirty in these pictures because he just had dinner and I didn't wash his face yet...)

A few days after these pictures his two middle teeth finally come through. So Eli is now 8 months old and he has 8 teeth. Good work Eli!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


On Saturday night we went over to my parents house for dinner and to color eggs for Easter which was the next day. Since this was Eli's first Easter I bought our first egg coloring set, and we planned on doing 12 eggs just our little family. Jacob and I pretty much did all the work, Eli sat on our laps and enjoyed chewing on whatever we would let him. We had a lot of fun and personally I think they turned out really cute.

On Easter Sunday we got up early and headed to my parents ward. Since our church is so late and theirs is so early we would have missed everything. So we figured since it was Eli's first year that it would be wise to join in. Like expected Eli really didn't get it, but we all had a great time none the less.

We made the kids all wait until I counted down from ten before they could go off looking for the eggs. It was so cute because Eli saw all the kids there and he crawled as quick as he could to get in the middle of it!

This is Eli all by himself after all the kids took off . All alone and totally confused.

This is Eli's basket where it was hidden.

This is the first egg Eli found! He found it in the bush and even tried to grab it. Then when he got it he dropped it like 5 times.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Splish Splash....

Eli was splish splashing all right just not in the tub. Yesterday I thought I would go outside and work on not being so white. I brought out Eli's jumper so I wouldn't have to worry about the pool. I guess Eli wanted nothing to do with the jumper so I figured I would just play with him and I could still get some sun that way. After playing with him for a little while I figured I would see what he thought of the pool water...mainly the cold part of it. I showed it to him at first he was really confused, but it didn't take him long to take right to it. He started splashing and parting and smiling so big. He loved it. The longer I let him splash the more wild he got. He is normally pretty mild but this is Eli times 10 around the pool. After a few minutes I thought I wonder what he will do if I put his whole body in the water. So I let him sit on the first step. At first he was like not sure about the cold and it looked like he adjusted his breathing like all of us would when first entering cold water. It wasn't two seconds later he wanted to just take was so cute. I am calling today to get swimming lessons started as well as a net for the pool.

I have another video that shows him all the way in, but he is naked and I was not sure if you are allowed to post stuff like that??? It is really cute. If you want to see it I can e-mail it to you.