Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween this year was a blast. I was worried the whole time I would go into labor after all the contractions I had been having. However during the day I didn't have too many. After eating dinner and taking the boys I around I figured it was ok if labor started cause I wouldn't have her until the next day which was fine as long as it was Halloween. They boys and I went around just our neighborhood this year. They seemed to really like it. We went down our street and one more street down that was decorated pretty cool. Jacob joined us for the first street which was pretty cool, because he has never joined us before! After those streets they said they had enough candy and wanted to go home.  I wanted to walk some more so I just walked the boys down one more block to look at the houses. This street had a super cool and way scary house that both boys walked down. They both were fine and it didn't even scare them. People tired to give them more candy at the houses, but they said no thank you they had enough candy. Haha I thought that was so funny. I never heard of kids saying that before. After the street we went home and helped daddy finish up passing out all the candy. Jacob and I let the boys have a few pieces and then we put them to bed. We stayed up to watch a scary movie, but hated it so we watched the Office instead. Overall it was an A+ night. Oh ya and all the walking kept giving me contractions, but NOPE NOTHING!

Had a little party at the park today. They found ghosts, dug for bones and decorated cookies. We had so much fun.

 Quick stop by the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin for dinner.

 Every year same dinner. Right out of a pumpkin.

 Daddy loves to scare the kids. Eli is helping and Liam just eats all the candy he sees

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Instagram October 25th to 30th

 Trunk or treat was tonight. To say they were excited was an understatement.

 We finally hung some things in Lilia's room. I just love it! It stays let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains.

 Lilia exactly 37 weeks. I have decided I don't want her to come out until after Halloween. Eviction starts Thursday:)

 Eli and I got invited to join Daddy at the cardinals game. Got on our Cardinal gear. Go Cards!

 Daddy and son just enjoying some BBQ tailgating. They think they died and went to heaven.

 Like father like son. Jacob and Eli are gunna leave with no voice left.

Hanging with this little guy at my Dr's appointment. he gets so excited he says, "Mom read book and bebe hart."
Tried to spell that how he says it but doesn't really do it right :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Things We Want to Remember

·         Liam loves Nursery at church. I was always worried he would hate it or I would always be stuck in there with him, but I was WRONG. After sacrament meeting he always runs up to me and says class now and gets so excited to get there. It is like he can't get there fast enough. After class he runs up to me and is always really excited to show me what he colored or made that day too.

·         Eli says some of the sweetest prayers. Sometimes he says things that really catch me off guard. Like the other night her prayed that the bad man's heart will be softened and that he won't hurt little kids any more. (the bad man is the man I always refer to when I don't want him to go too far from me)

·         Eli loves to read the scriptures. Everyone night when going to bed we read two books and then one section in the children's B of M. Every night he gets so excited. Even if he is super tired he will skip the other books but not the scriptures. Sometimes when the chapter isn't as long he will even say, "Mom that was too short. Let's read another." I know it sounds like he is stalling bed but trust me he is not he just loves the stories. They sound like great adventures to him. 

·         Eli was blessing the food one morning and near the end of his prayer he stopped and looked up at Jacob and I. He then whispered, "There is nothing else in my heart." We smiled and said then I guess you are done. We have been talking about having a prayer in your heart or praying about things that come to your heart. He is such a sweet spirit.

·         We are nearing the end of being a family of 4 and expecting Lilia any day.  Jacob and thought it would be smart to sneak off for a nice night out. So we got Alexus to come and babysit and we headed out. As we were leaving Eli flipped. He started screaming and wouldn't let go of me. He has NEVER done that before so it was something new to everyone. Liam didn't know what to do, but he knew Eli was upset. It was so cute because he kept hugging him and saying, "it's alright E eye." When I got home the next day he asked me if I was so happy to be back with my family. I am worried the little guy thinks I am going to have this baby and not come back!

·         Liam will run up to my belly several times a day and start kissing my belling. Eli does this too sometimes, but near as much a Liam.

·         When Liam was about 2 we were really worried about how little he said. Since we have moved back to Orchard his speech has greatly improved. Sometimes he doesn't stop talking. Sometimes I am the only one to understand him and other times NO ONE understands him, but that doesn't stop him. When he talks it is always serious too like he is telling me this grand story.  Other times he is just a little echo of his brother. Eli will ask me something or tell me something and Liam says everything but on a slight delay. It is really funny.

·         Liam and Eli were playing in the toy room one day. Jacob heard some tears break out so he went in there to see what was going on. When he got in there Eli was crying and said Liam had done something to him.  Jacob turned to Liam to scold him and Liam quickly said, "nothing." Then he kept repeating it over and over again NOTHINHG NOTHING! The best part is how is said it. He just got louder and more serious and started crying and this was happening.

·         Liam is always starving 1st thing in the morning. He is so hungry you would swear I never feed him dinner. Anyone he want breakfast right away and his favorite is cereal. He will come up to me and say , 'hungee." I will reply, "want some cereal." Then he gets the biggest smile and starts running/ skipping to the kitchen saying, "yes yes yes yes!

·         I swear Liam sleep walks. There are several times I get up and check on the boys and Liam is gone. Then I find him in a random spot in the house or roaming the house behind me. I quickly just pick him up and take him right back to bed. 

·         Eli and Liam really are best buds. They play so well together and really love each other. We love having two boys so close together. We feel so blessed.

·         My boys Love Apples and Apple pears. I always have to have a drawer full of them or they think we have no food.

·         Jacob's work had some important clients come in town. They treated them to some pretty nice seats at the Monday night Cardinals football game. Jacob was going to go tailgating with them and then catch the game. He forgot his Jersey so we ran it out to his office. Eli figured out his dad was going to the game and his heart looked like it was broken by how sad his face was. Jacob couldn't take it and ended up buying two more tickets so Eli and I could go. They were pretty pricey but Jacob said they were worth every penny. I think Eli would agree he had a blast.

·         I have been taking Liam to my Dr visits with me. So we drop Eli off at school and then we rush down to my appointment. Liam loves them and actually seems to be excited for them. He always says, 'mommy Dr?" I reply, "yes" and then he smiles really big and jumps up and down and says," read book and bebe hart."

·         Eli is always really focused on things that are good for his body. Recently I told him that he also has to play, run hard and lift heavy things to make muscle. He took this information to heart . Right after that I would randomly see him running around and then he found a 12lb weight that he would run with and keep lifting.  I would also hear him breathing so hard after. I also told him if he watches too much TV he loses his smarts and his muscle. He turned off the TV.

·         Eli is starting to ask me what some Lyrics on some songs mean. The other day a song came on and was about not caring what someone else says. I explained this to him and then about 5 minutes later he said, "Mom this song is like that book from the library. The boy said she was extinct. She listened but she didn't care." He was right and I remember the book it was Edwina. Love this sweet boy!

Friday, October 26, 2012


I have not been very good about Journal-ling this pregnancy. I take pictures here and there, but actually sitting down and writing about how I feel or what this pregnancy has been like. I have been a total slacker (who am I kidding the blog has seriously slacked this year) Anyway I thought it was about time I wrote thing things I just have to remember about this pregnancy that I have been so lucky to experience.

Things I want to remember...
  •  This little girl is very active. Liam didn't move a lot and that would make me nervous. Not this sweet thing she moves so much. It is so comforting to know she is growing and getting so strong.
  • We struggled a lot with naming this little girl. For a long time Jacob really pushed Savanna and he wanted to call her Savy. I liked the name but didn't love it. I liked names like Charlotte, and Colette. The other name Jacob like was Hannah. We liked each others names, but never really LOVED one. Eli ever since he found out I was pregnant wanted a little sister and to name her flower. I liked the name Lily and Jacob liked it too, but I guess Cecil dated a Lily and Jacob thought naming our baby that would be weird. One day I just asked Cecil and he said her name wasn't Lily but it was Lilia. Jacob then said shoot I like that name even more. So we are actually even naming her Lilia, but Lily for short. I think it is fun how Eli had a cute part in naming her.
  • Liam loves baby sister and is always looking for things for her. He likes to show me things that he thinks she will like. Eli asks a lot about what she can and can not do. Basically everything I say she can't do for a long time, and he says that is ok he will just have to teach her. 
  • I would say hands down this has been my hardest pregnancy. I have had a difficult time with being sick. I can't eat much food and when I do it either gives me heart burn or makes me sicker. I had to actually even take pills to get by. I get horrible contractions, but non that count.  I have felt a lot of pressure and that makes me uncomfortable. I am extremely swollen in my hands and feet. Even more then with Liam.
  • This little girl loves Sushi. I haven't been able to eat much but one meal I can eat every time and not get sick and feel good after is sushi. I don't even like see food that much, but sushi is what has gotten me by. I joke and tell Jacob she is going to come out Japanese. He doesn't think that is a funny joke.
  • I thought having a fall baby would be nice because at least at the end it would be cooler and not so hot like with the boys. Oops boy was I wrong. It hasn't gotten below 90 yet!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Instagram October 22nd to October 24th

 OH how I would love to hate you.
 Love Love love being a mom. Today a train stopped us on the way to the store and all three of us went crazy with excitement. Something that would normally make you frustrated becomes amazing. Kids make life a little better :)

 I found some sort of pudding Davina left in our fridge. I gave Liam a bite and now he is following me around teh house like this..haha

 The Ash's prepare for the debates like most peole prepare for the Super Bowl.

 Boys got their costumes today. This picture cracks me up.

 Hey Mom your so lucky you have TWO super heroes at your house! - Eli Ash

Her room may not be done and no hospital bag...just yet but the seat is super clean and ready to go.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 10th to October 18th

 Keeping the boys busy while I am making bows and daddy is at a meeting. Whenever i look away Liam throws a handful of marshmallows in his mouth. m

 Liam likes to play in my pantry tonight dinner was a little late and so he kept running in there sneaking noodles to eat. I guess I should have dinner made on time.

 I may be over reacting but I am pretty sure he is going to have a heart attack.

 Poor baby had a rough night and is now having a rough day. Mama has a sick baby:(

 Knocking down crows at Eli's feild trip.

Having a blast on the air pillow.

 The donkey was across the field to sweet Eli. After Eli called him over for some reason the donkey really loved him.

  Riding the "train"

Thought he was better but NOPE. Sad sight today.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Instagram October 1st to october 7th

 Another D- backs game with the boys

 Eli had snacks today at school. Learning the letter S. Snacks were Quids with a side of slimy slugs. With refreshing Spooky Mummy juice.

 Went shopping for little miss today and Liam really got into it. He said for baby sister and would keep picking up things to show me. He wouldn't put the stuff back he really liked.

 Eli came running in saying, "mom we have an emergency! There is a fire and we have to put it out."

 We have to boys who love each other and love their dog. Eli was hugging Marley but rolled over just before the picture.

 Learning about spiders and letter S today. Snacks were popcorn spiders with a side of Raisin flies.

 Stenciling is going up. Pick up crib and bedding tomorrow. Super excited.

 Now they are listening. When they hear the word they get the treat in the bowl. I am not sure who likes this more, the kids or the hubby.

My boys always kiss my belly. Tonight all three gave Lilia some loves at the same time. Too bad no body is excited for her.