Monday, February 25, 2008

Charity Dinner

On Saturday Jacob informed me we had a formal dinner to attend that night, and I need to be at Uncle Fred's by 6 PM. Jacob was very lucky I had a nice dress that could wear now that I am starting to get a baby bump! Anyways I did show up to Fred's (a little late...ooops) and we headed off to Camelback in where the dinner was being held. I wasn't really sure what we were going to but I found out once we got there the Ash/ Reeb family had donated some money to the New Leaf foundation and they were having a charity auction to help raise money for the foundation. This foundation helps a shelter's for domestic violence & homeless. The event was well planed with a great turn out. I enjoyed the food (yummy) and watching some of the drunk people dance. Overall the night turned out great and we had a lot of fun.

Here is Mark and Candy Reeb. I never really got to hang out or talk to them much in the past, but at the event I got to know them a lot better. They are a very cute couple who are actually hilarious to hang with. Candy wanted to win a basketball signed by Steve Nash & Marion but she did not win. Mark on the other hand won a T.V which I hear he is very happy about.

This is Uncle Fred and Laura Ash. Laura and I chatted a lot since Fred is always talking to a Friend. I seriously think he is a celebrity because everywhere we go there are people that know him. They will have to give up their Newlywed title because this March they will be married for a year. Congratulations!!!

I got another picture of me and Jacob. I know, I know my husbands a hottie.

Uncle Fred, Cecil, & Jacob. I thought that all looked great. I never noticed this but they all wore red ties!

This picture I know is very hard to see but if you look closely you can see Cecil and I dancing. Cecil is an excellent dancer (he was on the BYU ballroom dance team) The song Jitterbug came on and he wanted to dance so bad. Linda wasn't there because she is off taking care of Abigail and Eliza (Ben and Allison are on a cruise) so Cecil needed someone to dance with. Now I did attempt to dance with him. I wasn't very good, but Cecil is a great teacher. Hopefully next time I will do better and not be so shy.

Here is an another picture I of took of Fred with David Reeb. David just moved back to Arizona from Utah. When I first met him I thought he was his brother Dan. I talked to him for about 20 minutes before he set me straight.

Now the night did have some funny moments. As we were leaving we walked passed this man wearing short red short a black polo, and a hot pink sweater wrapped around his shoulders. I of course had to take a picture. (now remember this is fancy fancy event women were in ball gowns and some men in tuxes)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is by far my favorite day of the year. Jacob knows that this day is very very important to me so he always tries really hard to make sure I have a wonderful day. Well this year he did such a great job. I felt special from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. Our day started off with a Jacob getting me a flower arrangement. He wanted to make his own unique arrangement, he was upset because it didn't turn out like he had planned, but I loved it. Then we made our favorite breakfast together...Egg Sandwiches. Jacob also squeeze oranges for fresh squeezed orange juice.

After breakfast we got dressed and went to my favorite nail place. I received and pedicure and a manicure, while Jacob enjoyed getting his feet rubbed. I should have taken a picture of my pedicure, but I hate feet so that picture would always bother me. You will just have to take my word for it that they turned out really cute. After our Pedicure's we went to the mall to play with Labrador's. Jacob really wants one, but I am not ready yet so this is what we do instead. I don't know why but the dogs always love me and try to jump on me even though I have no interest in them. After the mall it was lunch time so we went and got the lunch buffet at Peter Piper. I know this part isn't very romantic, but Jacob loves pizza. Plus ever since I have been pregnant I just love their sauce there. Basically Peter Piper makes us both happy.

After lunch we were both kind of sleepy so we went home for a short nap. Which ended up going to long and we almost missed our doctor's appointment. This really stressed me out but we ended up making it and we enjoyed hearing the babies heart beat again. We set up our next appointment on March 13th at the appointment we will find out the sex of our baby!!! We can not wait. Sticking with the baby theme we left the doctor's office to go see the movie Juno. We both thought it was really cute. I have been trying to get Jacob to see if for a while so I am very glad he finally gave in. Here is a picture of us at the theatre.

I know this day sounds really long but I promise it is almost over...After the movie we went a got flowers for our mother's. Jacob also bought some movies. (I love Valentine's Day and he loves movies) He took the flowers to our mother's and they both just loved them. They have bloomed since then and they seriously are so pretty I just love them. Finally it was time for my favorite part of the day...Dinner at AH SO. Yummy! We have gone there ever year since we have been together. We both love the food and entertainment so we always look forward to dinner. This year we had Elliot & Cami Caldwell, Charles & Carly Hutchinson and Stuart Malnar & his date Heather Bolter. The funny thing is Stuart told Heather she wouldn't know anyone at dinner. So he was surprised to find out that Heather and I went to High School together. We even played volleyball together sometimes. Her family is also in our ward now!!!! Talk about a small world.

Even though the doctor said I could have a little bit of cooked crab I chickened out at the last second. I didn't want to take any chances.

Here is Elliot and Cami they got married in April 2007. Elliot and Jacob are business partners.

This is Charles and Carly. Jacob and Charles served as mission companions in Ecuador and now they are in our ward too!!! They are also working with Jacob looking for the 1st home to buy.

This is Stuart and Heather. I still can't believe what a small world it is.

Here is our Chef. I took this picture perfectly. I thought it turned out funny. Since I took the picture he thought it would be ok to tease me the rest of the time. Plus he gave me extra shrimp and said it was for my little baby. I thought that was cute but I did not eat the shrimp. I was still too scared. (I don't have a big belly yet, he only knew I was pregnant because I told him my meat could not be red) After dinner we went home and just was a perfect end to a perfect day!!

Thanks you so much honey!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tea Party

On Saturday we attended a Bridal shower Bethany Brown. Bethany is the daughter of one of my mother's dear friends Marilyn Brown. If you knew Marilyn & Bethany you would see the shower was perfectly put together for their taste. The Bridal shower was at Posh Nosh which also catered the event. The food was delicious and we all felt like little princess'. Here are some pictures of the party...

Special thanks to Carma Brewer, Veronica Rogers, and Jenny Richins for the wonderful party.

(I am sad I just realized I didn't get any pictures of anyone else)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Poor Puppy!!!

I coach volleyball on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and therefore I miss American Idol sometimes. Jacob and I do have a Tivo but for some reason we loose it sometimes. Well I was at my parent’s house the other day and they had on recorded that I had missed so I thought I would watch it. Buddie my cute little puppy was sitting on my lap napping as this horrible singer comes one. Buddie seriously never even looks at the TV, but for some reason everyone time I play this one part he always does this.....

I know my laugh is really annoying but I am sorry I just couldn't help myself.

Monday, February 4, 2008


On Friday February 1st I was over at my parent's house, and my Dad called and told me that he was with Uncle Gayle and that they would be home in a few Minutes. My uncle Gayle and Aunt Velma (his wife) live up in Holbrook and so whenever they come down I just love to be around them. They are seriously HILARIOUS!!! For those of you who know the car wash story you know what I mean! I was curious to find out why he came down by himself so when he got to my parents house I asked him. He told me that he just finished his Pony Express 50th ride. Since I think this is the coolest thing I want to keep record of it for my family and our future generations. I decided I was going to interview my Uncle and find out all the details of his trip. This is what I got....

The 1st time around...

His 1st ride was in 1958 he rode down to the state captial with about 15 other people on his horse Ginger. He was the youngest of everyone at only 23 years old. After being sworn in (which I thought was cool. It reminded me of those old western movies my dad watches.) they took off from Holbrook for their 18 hour straight ride!! This path was on windy dirt roads that were not smooth at all!! Plus they are winding down Mountains. Once they reached the Capital they delivered a letter to the Governor at the time Paul Fannin. The letter invited the Governor to the Hashknife stampede Rodeo. The governor accepted the invitation and did attend.

Same ride 50 years later....

Ok now fast forward 50 years, and this is the ride my uncle just finished. He left Wednesday January 30, 2008 at 8:00am. They stopped in Payson at 5:00 for dinner and to sleep. The next morning they got up and arrived in Scottsdale at 4:30 January 31th. He then rode into Scottsdale the next day for a very big event honoring the men of the Hashknife Pose. Upon arrival in Scottsdale they unveiled a new monument to the Hashknife Pony Express. My Uncle Gayle was the youngest rider on the original ride, and this year he was the oldest. He is also the only man who is still doing the ride that was part of the original pose in 1958. They brought down over 30,000 letters as well as the official football for the Super Bowl being played in Glendale that Sunday. They recorded footage of the men riding their horses into town which will also be viewed at the game.

Some other interesting things I found out from my Uncle.
1. His coat was hand made by his nephew Jason who is Uncle Jack's son.
2. Even though the men are all volunteers if they drop a bag of mail they are fined $100!!!
Here is a Poem someone wrote about the ride...
The Hashknife Pony Express

Y'all gather around and
I'll tell ye a tale
'bout the Pony express
and the delivery of the mail...

From Holbrook to Scottsdale
it's a rough 3 day ride
with an overnight in Payson
where some of us reside...

For the last 50 years
the ponies and their men
have made this tough Journey
up over the rim...

But should any man drop
a bag filled with Mail
he cannot blame the weather
be it rain, snow or hail...

One hundred dollars is the penalty
Just ride carefully.

Then loop down the Verde River
a final stopover, and then
it's onward to Scottsdale
Where their historic ride ends!

One last thought...for those of you who know my dad and you want to know what he will look like when he is older just look at Gayle. I can not believe how much they look a like. I told my Dad to put on his cowboy hat and take a picture with Gayle. My dad could not find his hat so he put on a hat he got in Australia and told me to take the picture...from what I hear my dad is a cowboy at heart. Even though he looks like an Australian here!!!