Friday, August 31, 2012

Milwaukee day 3

The first time I went to Milwaukee we visited the fair with Allison and Ben. I planned my trip to make sure we could do it again, because it really has some of the cutest things for families. Every year the Friday before labor day Ben takes the day off and they headed to the fair. This year my boys and I joined them as well as the Wheeler family (some really good friends of theirs). Our day consisted of a lot of fun. We saw lots of animals. Which the boys and loved and pretty much when crazy over. Sometimes the owners of the animals would come up to the boys and ask them if they wanted to pet the animals. Then they would help them pet them. They would go crazy when the actually got to touch the animals. We went to the pig races which was a lot of fun. I think Liam really loved watching them run around and he would cheer really loud.

After the pig races we went to my favorite part of the fair which is this giant tent. Inside the giant tent you get a basket and you go around a cute little garden picking fruit and veggies. You also go up to a fake cow and milk it, you pick up some meat and then after you go around this whole thing you take it up to a little "Store" and sort your stuff. After you sort it you get paid, and you can take you money a buy either milk, string cheese or some sort of dairy product. It is so much fun watching the kids do that, and see their little brains grow. In this tent they also have some fun little tractor you can drive and a butterfly barn where you can hold the a stick with sugar on the end a butterflies will land on it. They also had a little kids show that the kids got to be a part of and they had a lot of fun doing that.

After we had enough fun in the ten we headed over to the food and started eating up all the yummy food. I have to admit we did a lot better this time, then the last time I went. Meaning I didn't eat near as much, but we still had a lot of yummy fun stuff. We finished up our trip by stopping by the horses. Which of course I knew would make Liam go crazy. He just loved seeing all the horses. The fair did not disappoint.

Instagram August 31st

 They were far apart when I left them. Love that my boys love each other

 At the Walworth fair. Having some fun times with the cows. Next stop pig races.

 Liam loved watching the pig races he would cheer for them too.

 Interesting booth at the fair. Just two questions from the "God Mobile"

 One of the reasons I love this fair so much is they have a kids garden. Where the kids go around and pick veggies.

 Then they take everything to the market sort it, sale it. Then they get money.

 Then they use their money to buy something like chocolate milk.

 They also have a butterfly house where the kids can catch butterflies.

 Eli tried so hard to catch a butterfly on his stick. Then I hear him yelling so excited because after all that trying one just flew and landed on his finger.

 Let the gluttony begin.

Someone said they had a nice bunny we could pet. Liam loved it. Eli freaking out when we found a nice pig he could pet.