Thursday, June 26, 2008

40 weeks... are we there yet?

So I guess I never realized how long women were pregnant before. I mean I knew how long I just didn't realize that they are pregnant for a long time. I guess it just always seems to go so fast for ME. Now that I am the one pregnant I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER! As you know I want to remember as much of this experience as possible so, here are some things that have happened, things I miss and some thoughts and feelings as well.

  • Jacob and I have officially finished our labor and delivery class. I can honestly say we both have mixed feelings about how this class went. I honestly think all that breathing crap they taught us is totally out the window once the pain starts. Plus they kept trying to teach Jacob how to help me relax, but honestly everything they taught made me uncomfortable so obviously he can't use them when I need to relax!. The teacher at the very end of the class gave 2 pieces of advice that made Jacob turn to me and say, " Those two things she just told us was worth the 70 dollars." Obviously we both thought this advice was good so we better remember it. The first was she told me DO NOT start pushing until you are told to by the doctor. I guess a lot of women feel the urge and start pushing which makes them swell which make that process much wait for the doctor! The second thing was the correct way to push. Which sounds kind of weird, but if you are going to be doing it you need to be doing it right. So I guess I will be hearing Jacob say to me, "Stacy push my hand off your stomach." This will help me push the correct way.

  • We also attended a nursing class since I am planning on breastfeeding. This class was only one night for two hours and I learned so much. I seriously wish the two were flipped. I am glad Jacob came with me because I am worried I am going to forget something and it will be nice to have his help. I did learn just one thing at this class that was amazing. They did a study around the world on babies that were born with no medication (no pain killers) Well right after the babies were born they placed the baby on the mothers stomach. The babies would crawl, yes crawl up the mothers stomach to their chest and start feeding. What an amazing thing!!

  • The last few days I reached the point where I want Eli out and I want him out now. I mainly only say this to Jacob and I say it to him mainly because I am looking for support. One time after saying it to him he looked at me and said, "Stacy it is a little late for you to say you don't want to do this any more." Now to be very honest I am surprised I didn't rip his head off, but instead I actually found this pretty funny.

  • Speaking of putting Jacob through the ringer I have another moment of brave words from Jacob. One day I called Jacob and told him when dinner would be ready. Well he did not leave work after the call so I was upset and ate dinner with out waiting for him. He was a little upset with me when he got home because he wanted to eat with me. Well he said something to me that obviously the second it came out of his mouth he knew I was not going to like. (for some reason I can't remember what he said) So he quickly changed his tone of voice and what he was saying and chose to say this to me instead "Stacy lets just get this baby out of you and everything is going to be ok." I think this is one of those stories that you had to be there for it to be funny, but it keeps making me think that Jacob probably thinks that to himself a lot. I picture me saying something totally irrational to him and Jacob's brain just saying to himself she will be normal again once Eli comes out.

  • I know it is hard to believe but yes I do have some moments that are a little irrational. My main one right now is my crib. My brother had this very nice set from pottery barn that he used for Austin that he gave to us. I loved the set but the wood was a color I am not a fan of so I wanted it darker. My dad being the service oriented type of guy that he is took this task on. Well to make a long story short the type of wood the crib is made of does not take dark stain properly. This has been a source of many tears and I still do not have my crib finished. We finally settled on painting it a brown color. ( I don't love the color, but I just keep telling myself...Stacy you can not have everything!) Jacob and my dad have started working on the crib together. Now the crib, changing table and baskets have all be painted and only my rocker is left. Hopefully I will get it this week! ****One funny thing about the crib nephew Chase was looking for a way to make some money and I said he could paint my crib and I would pay him. He looked at me and said" which crib? Your house or Eli's bed?" Haha I thought that was so funny. The generation gap has finally caught up to me!****

  • Another irrational moment was when I found out my travel system (stroller and car seat combo) was recalled. I was very upset because I did all this research found the best for what I was willing to pay and was very excited only to have my hard work thrown away. I kept bringing up how I couldn't believe this happened and my mother in law had some wonderful advice for me. She said Stacy this is just a bump in the road. We are not in Iraq, we are not crossing the plans. This is just a bump in the road. I am glad she could help me get things in perspective, but at the same time they BETTER get my stroller fixed before Eli comes!!

  • Since it is so hot outside I have been getting in our pool a lot to deal with the heat. I also invite the kids to come over and swim to help them have a fun summer and keep me company. Well it is so funny because whenever I take my shirt off I get a lot of attention and tummy rubbing from them. I guess I instantly turn into a Buddha, because they have to start rubbing!

  • One day I was at Sam's Club and a little girl saw me. She yelled to her mom that girl has a baby in her tummy. I thought this was so funny then I heard her start yelling much louder MOM IT IS COMING OUT!!! I thought that was hilarious.

  • Finally things I miss - 1. being able to bend over! 2.To go one day and not feel nauseous. 3. Wearing a pair of jeans and feeling comfy and cute in them again.

    Well I know this post was way long and I am sorry, but I want to remember these moments! Here is a picture of what I see when I look down for your enjoyment. I will have to remember to have Jacob take a picture of me so you can see a full body!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Events

Last weekend Jacob and I did some new things we have never done before. On Friday night we went to downtown Mesa. They were having an event they call Friday Night out. They keep the stores open later and do events for families our couples date night. They also do cruises and stuff where people show off their really nice cars. Well this one wasn't an official cruise (although there we a lot of cool cars) I think this Friday Night out was more of an ice cream social. We rode out there with the Gilmores minus Chase and met up with Cyndi, Tobi, Sadie and Noah. We then just kind of walked up one side of the street and down the other. There was an ice cream eating contest but we missed it. Instead we bought some Root beer Floats...they were only 50 cents!!

Here are the kids playing on one of the statues they have on Main Street. Noah was hilarious he kept making these funny faces for the pictures.

Jacob and I thought we would join in and get a picture on the big pink chair. I honestly just was tired and wanted to sit.

There is also this pig statue that I think is really cute down there. Ethan and Aly were climbing all over it so I thought it would be a cute picture.

I had to get a picture of the back of the pig because for some reason I think its bottom is so funny. We had a nice time getting out of the house and enjoying every ones company. I don't think Jacob had the best time, but he was a very good sport about it.

On Saturday night we went on a double date with Jacob's friend Wayne and his wife Rachael. Ever since Jacob went to India he has just loves to eat Indian food. Well there is one not to far from our house so we ended up going there. Jacob loved the food and the atmosphere. I on the other hand decided that I am not a fan of Indian food. I can say this because this is my 2nd time trying it, and for some reason I still don't feel like it is a meal.

Here is a picture of Wayne and Rachael. I think they both enjoyed the new food.

Jacob tried really hard to make the experience like we were really in India. So yes we ate on the floor. Which was quit the task being 8 1/2 month pregnant. Also Jacob ate his entire meal with his hands, which I know he just loved.

This place was really authentic and they didn't not speak English very well. So I tried to get a group picture, but they kept cutting Rachael out of it. This is the best one I got.

One last note about the weekend. Ever since playing volleyball at Utah State I have not been able to eat a donut. They showed us how bad they were for you so basically the thought of eating one makes me sick. Well, Eli obviously missed this lecture, because ever since I have been pregnant I have wanted to eat one so bad. Jacob and I will go to the grocery store and I will literally just stare at a box for a few minutes thinking about buying it, but I never will. Finally I told Jacob at some point I am going to break, but when I do it will be a Krispy Kreme donut. I mean if I am going to do it I am going to do it right. Well the very next morning Jacob was helping one of the boys in our ward with his Eagle Project and guess what they gave out for breakfast.

He told the family about how much I have been wanting a donut so they sent a whole box over to our house. I woke up to this pretty little box sitting on the counter. I thought for sure it only had one donut inside, but when I opened it up IT WAS FULL. I figured it was time for me to break and I ate not one donut, but THREE. Of course not being used to that much sugar I made myself sick. I have officially broken my need for a donut and can say I don't think I will ever want one again.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eli's Baby shower.

On June 7th my sister threw Eli the cutest baby shower. I tried really hard to document everything I could about this special day, and show how cute everything was. Here is my attempt at making a detailed memory for myself as well as sharing it with everyone who was not able to attend.

Here is a picture of one of the invitations. (not a very good picture I might add) I say one of the invitations because not one invitation was the same. They were all similar in style and layout, but the papers used for each one was different. The writing across the front said "Little fingers, teensy feet, pure and precious...oh so sweet!

The day of the shower I walked up to Stephanie's house to see such a sweet surprise at her front door. She put together these stacked boxes with Eli's name across the front. My hormones got the best of me and of course my eyes teared up. Just for the record ...if anyone is keeping one I did not fully cry.Here is a picture of Stephanie and Ethan at the front door with the cute boxes.

Stephanie even set aside space for a Baby book for everyone to sign. Since I did not have one. Nor did I feel the need to get one I brought these cute piggy banks instead. Jacob and I have had them since we first got married and it was nice to actually have a purpose for them. This was a picture taken of the front right when you enter.

Anyone who has ever been to the Gilmore residence knows two things. First they are perfectionist so the house is always perfectly put together and clean. Second, Jerel doesn't like too many people in his home and so parties there are almost unheard of but when done they are done perfectly. Examples.....

Upon my arrival I could hear sweet lullaby music being played as well as each screen saver on their computers was changed to this...

Jerel was found in the kitchen busy doing this....

Most guys would just let their wife get everything ready for the party need for the husband to be stressing. Well not Jerel he was so helpful and I am sure it made Stephanie feel a lot better about everything.

This is an example of how perfect their home is...look at their cute family wall.

Before the party started I had to get a picture of everyone with the finished product of all their hard work.Debbie cooked most if not all of the food. My mother and Stephanie helped with all the details of the event like invitations, napkins, the display for the food...I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Ethan and Aly even helped make the tomato sandwiches. I know, I know I have an amazing family!

As you can see everything turned out so pretty. The only thing I didn't do was take a picture of the guest of honor himself mister Eli. (meaning a picture of me and my tummy) Here are a few pictures that did get taken of me opening up some presents. I can't believe I am letting people see these, but they are the only ones I have and obviously I have to.

I am so thankful to everyone who came and supported us. We had such a great turn out with lots of love and support. I also want to say a special thank you to Stephanie, Mamo and Debbie. I appreciate all the hard work they put into the shower to make it nice a memorable for me. it was truly beautiful and perfect. Thank you all so much.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Years!!!

This past weekend was a very busy one for Jacob and I. One of the most exciting events was the celebration of our two year anniversary. Last year we went back to Hawaii to celebrate, and we plan on going back every year. Well due to how far a long I am we felt that Hawaii was out of the question this year, and therefore had to postpone our vacation. We decided to keep it pretty simple since we are still going to go on our trip, so we decided to go to the Melting Pot for dinner. Jacob and I love going there and trying everything. We also enjoy the atmosphere and always seem to enjoy ourselves every time we go. Since Jacob's parents celebrate their anniversary just a few days before us we invited them to join us for dinner.

Whenever we eat with Linda and Cecil we always have such wonderful conversations. One topic of conversation was Linda and Cecil's dating and engagement story. Jacob and I never heard it before so I was so much fun. Their story is actually very cute and interesting. I am so glad they could join us!

I can't believe Jacob and I have already been married two years. It seems like just yesterday we starting dating. It is funny to look back and think about our dating & engagement time. As well as think back on the day we were seal for eternity....what sweet special moments! Everyday I feel myself loving Jacob more and more. I am starting to get why older people say that youth today have no idea what love really is. It is true the longer you are married the MORE your love grows. I loved Jacob so much when we first got married, and my love continues to grow each day as I see the choices he makes, the way he treats me and everything he does for our family. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, and I know he will be just as amazing of a father. Thanks for the best two year babe!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A little bit of what I like to call randomness

Well I don't want to say that Jacob and I have not been busy, but at the same time we have not been up to too much either. I have some picture here and there of somethings we have been up to.
One of the most exciting things was Lee turned 31! We went to Dinner at Matta's and then we went back to my parents house for some ice cream cake. Lee loves the cake from Baskin Robins so he and Austin went down to pick out the cake. This is what my mother came home with!! I thought it was so funny we had a Dino cake for Lee's B-day.

One day Jacob and I got a little bored and we didn't get to see my family for a while, so we went over for a little visit. While we were there talking to my mom and Lee I was holding Buddie and giving him a little tummy and back rub. Jacob took this picture because he thought it was so funny. Just more proof that Buddie thinks and acts like he is a person.

As you know School is now out and the kids are wild, free and happy! Well after school was out we were at LJ's and this is what they did to my mother! She is underneath Austin and Ethan!

The main reason we all went to LJ's was to celebrate Chase's graduation from 8th grade. That is right Chase is going to be a Freshman in high school next year! I just can't believe it.

The other day we were driving with Marisa and Aly and we needed to stop for gas. Jacob got the girls to get out and start cleaning our windows. Jacob is a wonderful teacher he showed them how to do it and then let the girls take over. I was cracking up the whole time watching them clean the windows. I thought for sure Jacob would have to do some touch ups before we could drive away, but nope he taught them well...the windows looked great. Jacob also gave them a $1 each. For those of you who know Jacob this little payment was very shocking, he is completely anti any type of spoiling of kids of any kind, but he is also very warm and giving! He is going to make a great father!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1st Labor and Delivery Class

Well tonight Jacob and I had our 1st class to start preparing for Eli's arrival. Jacob has not been looking forward to this class! He kept repeating over and over again," I can't believe this class is 3 hours! What on earth are we doing for 3 hours? Also why are there 3 classes?" Well we got to the class and upon arrival we signed in and we were given an Alligator pen. This perked Jacob up....a little. Then the class started. We started off by meeting all the other couples in the class. I was surprised to see how many people signed up. It was also nice because most of us we due withing weeks of one another.

After that our class instructor had us fill out these anatomy sheets. They basically showed a woman's body when she is full term. After starting the paper and labeling everything Jacob and I soon realized that we didn't really know what most of the stuff was!!! Jacob of course had to throw in a few jokes here and there. Then she asked the class to start telling her what they marked for certain things. The man sitting next to me seemed to know the answer to everything. This was actually a little bit annoying which made Jacob say," Who is this guy? Does he think he is a doctor or something?" I don't know why but this was so funny to me.

After our little quiz we had a short break. It was so funny to watch all the women make their husbands buy them treats. I think Jacob and I were the only ones who didn't get something. I am very glad we didn't because when we came back we watched a video of a lady deliver her baby. Let's just say they didn't leave anything out. I had a hard time watching it, and I admit it did freak me out at times. Then at the very end when she had her baby boy the whole mood changed. Instantly it seemed like everything that woman just went through wasn't a big and was totally worth it. (I hear this is how women feel after) Jacob said he felt the same way after that part. I don't think everyone else in the room felt the same because the room was very silent and I honestly think most of the people were in shock.

The last thing we learned in our class was some breathing exercises that are supposed to help me relax. We started off sitting and doing long controlled breathing. Then we progressed to some short breathing techniques. With each breathing techniques we also learned different positions to sit in that might help us feel more comfortable. I realized right away that some of these things made me uncomfortable and I made sure to let Jacob know I was pretty sure I didn't want him to try this one one me. I know that if I didn't like them tonight Jacob shouldn't do them when I am actually in labor...I might hurt him or something!!! I liked this part though because Jacob was so amazing. I have to admit this surprised me. Jacob is such a caring person I figured he would be one of those husbands who would have labor pains or something with me just because he thought that would make me feel better. He took it so serious and it was like his father instincts kicked it. He was so focused and was truly trying to do everything so perfect. I know this wasn't the real thing, but I could tell instantly that when I do actually go into labor he is going to be my ROCK!! I am so thankful for that.

We have 2 more labor and delivery classes and then one nursing class still to go!