Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2 weeks

Today Lilly had her two week well check. I think the normally do a month but for some reason they wanted to see Lilly at two weeks.

Lilly's two weeks stats are:
Weight: 8lbs 6oz 50th%tile
Height: 21.25 in 75th%tile
Head:  14.25 50th%tile

So are she is tall so we are excited about this. She is finally back at her birth weight which is really good. I am not used to having a baby stay small for so long. Both the boys weight went down for one day and then they shoot up and just stayed up. Lilly has dropped and is just now back at her birth size. I think that is totally crazy. Everything about this little girl is totally pleasant. Like I said I swear she has smiled at me since the day she was born. She keeps a pretty good schedule already and she has has slept for 5 hours streches at night. The best part of this little girl (right now) is that she doesn't wake up until 7 or 8 which makes a big difference for me. The boys would wake up for the day at like 6 and well sometimes still do. I do not do well with anytime before 7 so this is awesome to say the least. I am really curious what he eye color will be. For some reason when I look at them I am convinced they are not going to stay blue. Right now I think they may be green like her daddy. I guess only time will tell us on this one.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Liam's & underRoo's

Liam has been ready for some time to be potty trained. I have personally been putting it off. I worried about him having set backs after his sister got here so I just figured I would wait. I don't know why but the other day Jacob and I just decided to go for it. We bought Liam underoos. He is doing great and is doing the same thing Eli did when he was learning. He has figured out if he pees he gets a treat. So Liam will walk up to us which feels like every 30 seconds and yell pee pee pee. We follow him in there and sure enough he pees. Sometimes it's only a drop but he is doing it. Things are going well because Jacob is home. We shall see what happens when it's just me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cute Stories

My children are constantly telling me cute this so here are a few of their cute stories.
  • Every day Liam says to me, "my belly hurts." At first I was always thinking he was sick or going to throw up or something. Then I quickly realized that just means he is hungry He wants food. So basically every morning the first thing I hear is my belly hurts. Then maybe two more times in the day when he really wants a snack.
  • Liam's other phrase is, "You broke my heart." This is basically his way of saying you hurt his feelings. He will look at you with the saddest face and then say you broke my heart and then instantly your heart is broken too. 
  • Liam found one of our stuffed animals and it's a little seahorse that plays songs. Lately I have noticed he carries it like Lilly and copies me. Then he started to call it his baby and ask me where his baby is or that he forgot his baby. Monkey see monkey do.
  • One day Lilia was crying while I was making dinner. All the sudden I noticed that she stopped. I had my back to her and I turned around to see Eli was holding and rocking her. He even had his hand on her back patting it. He was so proud of him self. I notice sometime he likes when she cries so he can pick her up and make her happy. One time I am pretty sure he just set her down so she would fuss and he could make her happy. He really is so sweet with her. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mommy Memories

  • While Jacob and I were in the hospital Linda had our boys. One day she made them a yummy lunch and they ate it in the back yard. I guess Eli and Liam were in the back yard getting Rollie Pollies and when she came out Eli put them in his armpit while he ate lunch. She said everyone once and a while they would drop out and he would just pick it up, put it back in and start eating. He didn't want to loose his Rollie Pollies.
  • Linda told me another funny story. While she had the boys she caught Eli biting his toe nails. She said Eli don't do that it's yummy and germs will get in your body. He look shocked and grossed out. After talking to Linda he decided that he did not want germs in his body. He then said his tummy was going to be lonely because he wasn't going to eat anymore germs.
  • Jacob play madden on the PlayStation and he lets Eli think he is playing too. Liam even grabs a Wii remote and pretends he is playing. Each play one of the boys coming running into the room to tell me what happened. Usually it's good news like Cardinals touchdown. Or Fitzgerald caught the ball. They are very excited and love it.
  • Liam has been very curious about everything with sister or his words baby ister. He wants to know why I feed her like that, why she is sleeping all the time, why are we quit and things like that. Eli thinks everything is totally normally and has transitioned like Lilia has been here his whole life.
  • Eli is such a sweet heart and teaches me every day. I can get frustrated and I would not be calm and he is such a great example of kindness. For example Jacob and Eli were playing the Madden game and Jacob threw a touchdown. Jacob was pretty upset about it and said, "Dad, Dad it's okay. I am not mad." I hope that we are as kind and patience with this sweet boy as he is with us.
  • Liam loves hats. He mainly grabs his shark beanie hat out of his hat drawer but the other day he found their train hat from Chama. He put it on got really excited and yelled at me, "All aboard!" I didn't even know he knew that went with trains. It was crazy cute.
  • When Lilia came home Eli wanted to know why she wasn't watching him play. I explained that he eyes couldn't see that far yet. I told him soon she would but right now her vision was very blurry. He asked me a lot of questions about it but seemed fine with the answers. That night while he was saying his prayers he said," please bless baby sister that he eyes will get better and she can see better." It was so sweet.
  • Jacob was told about a friend who's dog ate their newborn. I have been nervous about having Marley even around Lilia and then after that story it put us both on edge. Jacob wanted Marley to smell her so while I wasn't looking he took Lilia over to Marley. Jacob then came and told me  Marley wouldn't even smell her. He wanted to show me but I didn't want him to take Lilia to the dog as he could snap at her or something( by the way Marley has never done that, but I was a scared mother). Jacob still wanted to show me and Liam freaked he ran in between his dad and Marley and said no. He would not let his father take her over there. Poor Lilia she will never be able to date. She has two very good and protective brothers.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life as a family of 5

I have been told over and over since we had our first that the third child is the kicker and it is very hard. Since I was a little afraid to cross over into this territory we delayed having Lilly for a little while. After praying we felt it was time to just bite the bullet and have our third child. The whole time I was pregnant we would pray and hope that she was a mild child. That we could make the transition. I am so very happy to say that my prayers have been answered. Lilly is such a pleasant little girl. I swear she smiles at me since the day she was born. I think she is just so happy to have her body and be in our family. I was also really scared to have a little girl. Now I am thinking what was I afraid of little girls are just wonderful. Boys are fun and I will always love my boys, but having a girl is a whole new fun adventure.

The boys are adjusting too. I haven't had any melt downs and anything like that. They truly love her and if anything have already become very protective of her. Jacob went to show her to Marley and Liam freaked he stood in between Marley and Lilia and would not let Jacob take her any closer. I wonder if this beautiful little girl will ever get a date with her two older protective brothers.

My parents haven't been able to come over much because of my dad's cancer. We have had a little cold so my dad and mom need to keep their distance. They brought us dinner the other night and I got to take these sweet shots of my dad playing with my boys. Liam and Eli sure do own him. Liam in particular they are kind of kindred spirit they have really bonded over old westerns!

2 day check up

Lilly had a little bit of Jandous in the hospital. Since Jacob and I didn't have maternity insurance we had to check out 24 hours after birth or else it would cost us a lot of money. The Dr's allowed us to leave if we promised to have her seen in the next 24 hours to make sure her numbers were okay. Today Lilia went in for her check up. Her numbers are great and is in perfect health :)

Lilia's current stats are:
Height: 20.5 In
Weight: 7lbs 10 oz
Head: 13.75in

When they told me her weight I almost died. I asked twice what she said. I have never had a baby loose that much weight and never be that small either. The Dr said not to worry about it they just don't want to her to loose any more. Her diapers are wet and she is pooping so they said it was totally normal. I will try to stay calm about this.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lilia's birth

This morning I woke up with a horrible feeling that the hospital would again be busy and I would not have my baby girl. I finally broke down and asked Jacob to kindly call the hospital and try to find out how our day was looking so I wouldn't be a complete mess the whole day. Jacob walked out of the room to make the call. When he came back he didn't look excited, which actually told me it might be good news because he likes to prank me. Anyway he was trying to prank me, we were next on the list! She said we should get a call in 30 minutes to an hour! I was so happy. We quickly ate, showered, got the boys ready and finished some little things around the house.  Before everything was done we got the call and headed to Linda's to drop of the boys. Eli was concerned about this whole thing and then I remembered he had school, so we took him there and he was much happier with his normal routine. 

We got to the hospital and filled out what seemed to be hours worth of paper work...which by the way I already went in and did. I never understood the preregister part because they ask you all the same stuff over again. After the paper work they still were not really ready for us so we sat in the waiting room. I am glad to say I was really calm. All week I was so nervous about be induced I was surprised I was just ready.  After waiting a while our nurse finally came out. Her name was Vicki and she took us to our room where we would have our little girl. I liked that it was room number 5, that's one of my lucky numbers. 
Once we got to our room again the paper work started up. They asked all these questions again. I wasn't annoyed or anything I just thought it would be different and we would get there and start right away.  The nurse checked me and I was a 4 and 60 % effaced. Jacob was hungry so I told him to go get food since I didn't really need him right then. Dr Huish didn't leave instruction so we were trying to find out the plane. When he finally called he said he would be over in a few hours to break my water but to start my drip. Finally Vicki was ready to start my IV so she could start giving me Pitocin.   After trying to find a good vain and blowing one of my veins (ouch) she went to get another nurse for help. After 2 more pokes they finally got me! I finally started to get the actual drugs a little after 12 o'clock.

 Jacob came back like 5 minutes or so before the drip started. I thought this would be a long process and I forgot our camera so I said he should run now and get it before I was in too much pain. Jacob started to walk across the room and I was having a horrible contraction in the middle of it Lilia gave me a big kick which actually made me kind of yelp and then there was a big gush of water. Jacob wasn't even across the room and I said, "Jacob my water just broke." He replied, "No way!" I said, "my water broke or I just peed my pants." All the sudden I was real worried I peed because that kick really hurt I probably let me guard down or something. Anyway Jacob came over and started to peek under the sheets to see if he could tell what happened. Right then the nurse walked he to catch Jacob peeking. He quickly explained what he was doing and she checked and sure enough my water broke. Jacob and I were shocked my water never broke on its own before. Liam I was pretty much ready to push and even then my water wasn't broken. 

Jacob quickly decided it wouldn't be wise to leave right then so he called my sister to get the camera. I am glad he made this choice because once my water broke the contractions went it super painful mode. The nurse asked if I wanted the epidural yet and I said no. Then I had a few more painful ones and I thought why be in pain right now if I am going to get  an epidural eventually. I finally said I wanted it. The Dr came and had me sit up to get my epidural.  The last two times I was on my side so this was different for me. It wasn't as fast and I could feel a lot more pressure then with on my side.  After what felt like forever (my other two were much quicker) the epidural was in and I was on my way to comfort. (or so I thought). The nurse checked me and I was an 8 and 90%. Dr Huish then walked in and he checked me again two second later. He looked up at me and said, "we are going to have a baby sooner than I thought. I am going to hurry and do a few things and I will be right back." Another nurse came in right after Huish left and said they were turning of the potocine since I was having some crazy contraction and they didn't think I needed it. She said this is pretty much you because we haven't even given you a syringe worth of pitocine yet.

 I liked that Dr Huish thought it wouldn't be too much longer. However I was nervous because I felt A LOT of pressure on my tailbone. So much I would actually say it was painful. At this point everyone started to show up my sister, Aly and even my dad. He just got done with Chemo and Radiation and he had Randy drop him off.  My mom showed up at 2:20 and she could tell I was in a lot of pain. She was right for having an epidural I wasn't feeling good. I could even feel the contraction on the left side of my stomach. Jacob had been chit chatting with the Anasteologist. So he happened to be there. I quickly moved to my other side now laying completely on my left and he pushed a button to give me more drugs.  ( I actually didn't know he did this until after since I had my eyes closed because of the pain) The nurse came in and checked me she said I was ready and called the Dr. The funny thing is I felt like I was ready for a while but I just didn't think I was right and I didn't want to bug people.  I am also really grateful for the roll over and the extra push of drugs because instantly I felt great and felt NO pain.
Vicki called Dr Huish and he said he would be right over. They actually brought in everything had it set up and we were still waiting. Dr Huish's office is so close you can see the hospital from it so we were surprised that he wasn't there yet. The hospital called again. After about 30 minutes Huish showed up quickly got dressed and we were off. I let everyone stay because my dad was looking pretty sick from his Chemo and I didn't want him to be alone in the waiting room. I said he was fine in the chair by my head. Aly was nervous so she went with my dad. Dr Huish told me I was having a really good contraction and so I should start pushing. The first push was more memory for me. Trying to remember to focus how to push and things like that. After the first push I quickly went into my second and Huish said, "Stop!" So about halfway throught that push I stopped. My sister was telling Aly she had to see this because you could see he head. I was relaxing waiting for Huish to say when I should start again and but he didn't the next thing he said was, "and there is her shoulders". That's when I realized she was out. After all the worrying, all the fear, all that complaining to my husband Lilia came out in 2 pushes! From my first contraction to birth wasn't even 3 hours. It was awesome. 

Lilia's birth stats: Born 11/13/12 @ 2:48pm 8lbs. 6 oz and 20.5in long.

Now during this whole process my boys were down feeding the ducks with Linda. We were getting some really cute shots and they were having a lot of fun. After she was born we promised Eli (who had called us a few times in tears) we would call. We called and Eli was having so much fun he said he would be down when he finished giving the ducks crackers. Shortly after that we got a text that Liam fell in the lake throwing in his last cracker and that he needed to go get cleaned up first.  Everyone stayed waiting around because everyone wanted to see the boys reaction to their new littler sister. 

When the boys finally arrived Lee and Austin go there too. So basically that room was packed with people.  Liam did not like all the attention and crawled up on my lap. I wasn't feeling well so they got me some food thinking that might be why I was so dizzy. (I hadn't eaten since 7am and it was close to 4pm)I ordered some French fries for the boys so Liam satin bed with me eating those.  Eli on the other hand was all about his sister. He walked right up the sick and started washing his hands. He sat by her and stared and was smitten and excited. Soon they had her ready for him to hold so he sat on the couch and loved on her for a while. Linda tried to bring the baby over to Liam so he could see her but he offered Linda a French fry instead. By this time my cousin Kristyn and Aunt sue showed up (they didn't even know I had her, they just stopped by to say hello.)

Everyone stayed for only a few minutes since it was a lot of people plus the nurse needed to do some more checking on me and the baby.  Everyone started to leave and that is when Liam hopped right down and went up to his sister. He wanted to hold her. He was very sweet and excited, but just didn't like all the people around. 

Things I want to remember...

  • First off I already knew this but my husband is the best. I love how he acts while we are having a baby. He goes through ever emotion and he is extremely supportive. It makes me giggle to think of his face while I am in pain he hates seeing it to the point I think it makes him sick. He's great!
  • I want to remember how much love was there. So many people came to see this sweet girl and we are so lucky to have so much love and support.
  • My nurse was a great nurse and probably only left my side for 20 minutes the whole time. She was very friendly and we had some great conversations.
  •  I want to remember how sweet the boys were and how excited. They are such sweet spirits and I know they will be excellent brothers to their sister. 
  • I want to remember how many prayers we said praying for a healthy baby and a good delivery. That is exactly what we got. As soon as everyone left me alone I said a prayer thanking Heavenly father for all our blessings. Jacob came in later and we did it together. We have truly been blessed! 
  • There is one picture I took from my bed of Lilia in her warmer while they are checking her. She kept lifting her little hand and I loved seeing it. I wanted to remember how sweet that moment was even from a distance. 
  • Eli kept saying things like, "I can't wait till you come home tomorrow so we can be a family." I quickly reminded him we are always a family and that now we are just a bigger family with more people to love. That made Eli very happy.