Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boys, Boots, & Bikes

Ever since Eli was super little. I mean so little he wasn't even walking he has loved rain boots. So every time he goes up a size I buy him some new rain boots. Well now Liam is getting big enough to fit in Eli's old rain boots. They both put on their boots and just walk around the house all day. Both boy really really just love having them on. Well today they actually had a reason to wear them. It started pouring here for about 5 minutes so we quickly dressed the boys and let them go out and play in it. The rain didn't last long, but they loved it.

This picture was taking the day before. They were outside playing in their boots.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Eli's Monster Bash

Today our little Elijah bean turned 3! I can't believe Eli is only 3 I can't seem to remember life with out him. This year Eli has really caught onto the whole birthday thing and ever since Liam's birthday in May he has been counting down to his. Jacob figured this year we should throw him a birthday party. I asked Eli what kid of party he wanted and he said that he wanted. I listed off everything he likes: cars, trucks, sports, pirate, shark, robot, motorcycles, monsters, fish, dinosaurs and much more. He really liked the idea of monster so that is what we threw him A monster mash!

We started off the morning by filling his room with balloons, putting up signs and giving him his present from us. Eli got his first officially bike and a super cool blue shark helmet. He really loved waking up to the balloons. He said, "Mom there are balloons in my room! LOTS OF THEM!!" I said, "I know it's for your birthday!" Your 3 today!" He replied, "Not yet!" I explained to him that today is his day and he is 3 now. He loved it and so now if you ask him how old he is he says 3 and holds up 3 fingers very proud. When we gave him his bike Jacob took him out and helped him figure out the pedals. At first it was pretty rocky, but he is doing much better. I give him a week and he will be zooming around on that thing.

Since Eli's party is in the summer it is hard to do anything outside because it is just too hot here in Arizona so I had to get creative. He loves blow up slides and places like that so we rented a huge 25ft water slide and 34 ft slip and slide. They got her at 9 it was set up by 10:30 and we didn't get off the thing until 7 pm when they came to take it down. Daddy too!! He stayed home from work and in between auctions he came out and played. We even had some neighborhood kids stop by and join us. When it was set up I ran inside and said Eli your slide is up do you want to see it. He ran outside and when he saw it he stopped in his tracks and his jaw dropped. That alone was worth every effort for his party.

So for the party everything went along with the monster theme. We made monsters out of milk jugs and put food in it. All the food had new names monster related. Here is how we had it set up...
Homemade root beer - Monster's brew
Grapes - eyes
carrots- fingers
Pigs in a blanket - monster's toes
watermelon- tongues
raisins and craisins - ants
Meatballs with noodles - spiders
Then I made oreo balls and cupcakes and a cake all to look like monster. That debatable if they turned out but I really tried and Eli was happy. So that is all that matters.

Eli and his friends had a wonderful time. Who am I kidding we all had a great time. When I put Eli to bed I asked him if he had a good day, He said yes I am happy. That all I wanted. Eli has made Jacob and out family so happy. His birth was a true gift to us! I am pretty sure I set the bar pretty high for all future birthdays, but hey my boys are worth it. Funny how things don't feel like work when fueled by love!

p.s my mom, steph and Jerel did the slide too however for some reason I have NO PICTURES!! I would also like to note that I am not sure who had more fun Eli, Liam or any other person at the party.