Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Charlayne Brewer

I always feel like blogs are a spot where everyone is always perfectly happy and nothing ever goes wrong. In the case of my blog I want to use this as a journal/scrapbook, and in order for it to be accurate and what I want it to be there will be some sad posts here and there. That is exactly what this post is a sad moment in my life. On Tuesday morning my mother called me and informed me that my Aunt Charlayne had passed away in the night. My first reaction was complete shock or should I say doubt...is this really true? Can my mother be right? She is so young, is this even possible? How could this happen? Then the worrying started to hit me oh my goodness how are her children copping? How is my uncle Doug? How on earth are you going to tell her grandchildren that grandma is gone? At this point the tears hit...I was not sure if I was feeling the pain of those I love around me or my own. I do know that my aunt Charlayne was a beautiful person inside and out. She was sweet, kind, tender, loving, extremely talented and so fun to be around. She was such a thoughtful person, most the time I was with her she was in a lot of pain, but her thoughts were always about others. She was so thoughtful and was always willing to help out if you needed her. Charlayne's type of spirit and personality was so rare to find. I felt justified in my tears. Why take away someone so young and so precious?

For a week I pondered her passing I felt as though my emotions were a little bit of a roller coaster. I was glad that she went in her sleep next to the love of her life. I was glad she got to see love and kiss on all of her grandchildren. I was thankful for all the tender mercies granted to those loved ones around her...but I was also heartbroken she was gone. I was sad that we had to let go, but most of all I was upset I didn't take more advantage of the times I had to spend just one on one with her. Her funeral was held this past weekend and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend. As I was there my thoughts changed. Maybe it was how brave her family was, the spirit that was around them or the words being said, but somehow I thought more clearly. I always thought of funerals as a time to morn the loss of someone, but I finally realized it is more fitting to celebrate their life. Instead of crying about what you lost and your pain your thought should turn to those sweet tender memories you have of them and what they have just gained. I am so thankful for my sweet moments with my aunt. I treasure her sweet spirit, and I am so thankful for her amazing example. I know that because she was in my life it was brightened, and for this I will be forever grateful.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


On Friday my sweet sister celebrated her 34th birthday. No one would believe she is 34 exspecially since people always ask if we are twins. We think the twin comment is so hilarous considering we are like 10 years apart and I am 4 in taller!! Either way she is my best friend I just love her so much. She does so much for me and is a wonderful example. Now just for fun here are some old pictures of us....I am sure Stephanie would like me to note that those were the only kind of glasses they had back then!!!

This picture cracks me up because we seriously have the same hair!

Steph, Lee and little me camping (back when I liked camping)

On Saturday we had a girls night out with our cousin's celebrating the September B-days. We went to dinner at Rumbi's, then desert then to Tobi's for a movie and pedicure. It is always fun getting all the girls together.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ash update....

This is what I like to call a quick update....
  • The September 2nd elections came and went, and we are proud to announce that Cecil won the primary and is now relaxing with his wife in a hotel in Scottsdale. Anyone that knows Linda and Cecil knows that those two do NOT know how to relax. I am excited to hear how they did on their "Vacation".
  • This is as closest to relaxing I have ever seen Linda and Cecil get!

  • Speaking of the September Primary Jacob and I fulfilled our civic duties and went down to vote. We actually almost forgot which would have been really funny to tell Cecil that we did all this work for his election and didn't vote ourselves! Anyway we packed up the stroller and our baby Bjorn and walked to the poll center. It was actually a fun little family outing...I also explained everything to Eli. This little guy has to keep up on his politics.
  • After trying for months...ok lets be honest years I finally got Jacob to go shopping for new clothes. We actually made it quite the event and Jacob got a lot of great stuff for an amazing price. He also got a much needed new suit, which he wore to Eli's blessing. He looked so handsome.

  • When I was staying in the hospital after having Eli Jacob got a breakfast burrito from there. I ordered something else and was very disappointed because Jacob's burrito was seriously delicious. The whole day I kept telling everyone about it and that I was going to get one for breakfast the next day. The next day came and I ordered my burrito, only to find out that the one they give patients is different then the one from the cafeteria. Needless to say I NEVER got the burrito. Ever since then I would occasionally wake up and say I want one. Well finally one morning Jacob said he wanted one too, so we loaded Eli up in the car and drove to the hospital just for their breakfast burrito. I keep thinking how funny Jacob looked walking in the hospital and then walking out a few minutes later with food...I wish I would have gotten a picture. I do have to admit the burrito is very good but not as good as I remember it being. I think I was just starving when I tried Jacob's that morning.
  • Eli has had a lot of progress since I last wrote. He started cooing on 8/24/08. He is now sleeping for longer stretches at night. He isn't consistently sleeping through the night, but does do it here and there. His favorite place to sleep is nuzzled in on my chest...which of course I love too.

  • One of the best moments was on 9/9/08 at only 6 weeks old Eli started laughing. I got him to do it on 4 different occasions. I even got him to do it in front of his daddy. We have since tried to get it on tape, but have failed. I guess we will just need to keep trying.
  • Jacob and I went on our first official date since Eli's birth. We went with Steph and Jerel to Sweet Tomatoes. It was so nice to get out and have fun with one another! (I don't know why but I look like a wet dog in this picture!)

  • Eli went to church for the first time. I was so worried about taking him to such a quiet place for such a long time, but actually was great. It was funny because I honestly think Jacob and I had a harder time. We kept dozing off during sacrament meeting!

  • Here we are our first church outing.

    I asked my mom to take a picture of us and she seriously took like 90 of them. Just before this picture was taken Jacob and I looked at each other and said, "Vickie there isn't a good one of us yet?" Then we both started cracking up laughing!

    Oh good stretch...I just love that tummy!

    Eli in his Sunday outfit. Jacob and I just loved it on him.

  • One of Jacob's clients got Eli a little Kimono that was custom made for him. She also had a blanket made for him from Japanese cloth. It has little owls and it and the Japanese believe that owls watch over the baby. It was such a sweet and thoughtful present.

  • I went in for my 6 week check up. Everything is great and I guess I am back to "normal". I also started working out with my trainer. He is seriously kicking my tushie!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Eli's Blessing

Today was Eli's blessing day and what a wonderful day it turned out to be. I honestly could not have asked for it to turn out any better then it did. Jacob put a lot of thought into what he wanted to bless Eli with and tried to prepare the best he could. We both knew that once Jacob got up there to bless him that the spirit would guide him on what to say, and we were right the spirit was so strong during Eli's blessing. It was amazing how strong we all felt the spirit. I know Jacob was truly guided by our Heavenly Father. I know I am a bit biased but I honestly think it was the best blessing I have EVER heard. (plus I had several family and ward members come up and say that to us). Here is how it went...

Blessing for Elijah "Eli" Jennings Ash

Elijah we give you this blessing and bless you to know of the great love your mom and dad have for you. Whatever trials & circumstances you have in your life know that you can come to us for guidance. You are a blessing in our lives and have united our little family even more. Know that you have the loving support of your family to help you be successful. We bless you with a good kind heart, and heart full of charity. That you will reach out to others. Eli we bless you with the gift of service and that you will look for opportunities to serve. Bless you with health and a sweet countenance. We bless you with happiness in the way that you are living your life and that you will honor your priesthood. Eli we bless you that at a young age you will develop a relationship with your Heavenly Father. That you will remember to pray always and use prayer and the scriptures as a tool in your life, above all else. Encourage you to develop the talents that Heavenly Father has given you, and bless you with the desire to learn. Eli the world that we live in is dangerous. We bless you to be a leader for good, be a source of strength and light. We bless you with the desire to choose good friends, and have the ability to be and example to future siblings and know that they are watching your example. Bless you to respect and honor your elders, and church leaders. Reverence for those who came before you. Bless you to be honest in your doings and that you will be a hard worker. Bless you that you will serve and full time mission and that at a young age you will understand that importance of the message that you are carrying. We bless you with obedience to the Lord above all. Bless you that you will be temple worthy and that you will be guided in choosing your eternal companion and you will grow with one another. We bless you that you will be a good father and husband.

Members of the circle:
Jacob Ash (offered blessing)
Jerel Gilmore (uncle)
Jeff Kartchner (grandfather)
Cecil Ash (grandfather)
Fred Ash (great uncle)
Brad Jarvies (great uncle)
Jonathon Smith (Bishop of Copper Ward)

Attendees: Linda & Cecil Ash, Jeff & Vickie Kartchner, Tammi Veater, Dan (friend to Tammi) Jake & Melanie Veater, Lee & Austin Kartchner, Jerel, Stephanie, Chase, Alyssa & Ethan Gilmore, Debbie Johnson, Judy Roland, Tressa & Logan Ash, Fred & Laura Ash, Brad Jarvies, Elliot and Kami Caldwell, Brett, Nikki, Kaddee, Marisa, Logan, Jessee, & Lanee Brewer, Sue Sansom, Kristyn McClaws, Sarah Clarkson, Tobi, Sadie and Noah Navarro. Brett & Brigite Duncan, Donnie Flarety, Cyndi Porter, Sherri Kartchner,

Things I want to remember:
  • Before we left for church we set Eli on the couch for a little photo session it was so cute because he just sat there like a little man. Eli looked so handsome in all his white...just a sweet little angel. He was wide awake and so curious why so much was going on.

  • I want to remember how much thought and love was put into Eli's blessing. Jacob was constantly thinking about it and preparing. He often prayed for guidance. I know his prayers were answered because it was such a a sweet heartfelt blessing.
  • After Eli was blessed the bishop went up to the pulpit and said, "In 19 years can you imagine the coming of this Elijah." I thought it was so cute.
  • I want to remember all the sweet people who came and showed all their love and support. It was so amazing to see so many people there for us. We truly have the best families ever.

  • After the meeting a lot of people came up to us and said what a wonderful job Jacob had done. They said he really set the tempo for a beautiful fast and testimony meeting. My brother even said it was the first time he had felt the spirt like that in a very long time. Hearing Lee say that was a very tender moment to me. I am so glad the spirit was so strong on this special day.
  • Jacob and I were so worried Eli was going to cry while he was getting blessed. Jacob truly hates to hear him cry so it would be really difficult for him to consintrate if Eli was crying. We prayed often that Eli would be content and that things would go well. Let me tell you Eli seriously passed out and was so sweet the whole time. He was a perfect little angel.

  • I was blessed with a very sweet tender mercy during the blessing. I had planed for days to record the blessing so it could be accurate, but when the day came I forgot. I realized I didn't even have paper to write it down with so I was so sad I didn't get remember. As Jacob started to go up and bless Eli I saw Sister Sara Pratt sitting next to me had a pad and paper ready to write down everything Jacob said. I started crying right then. After the blessing my sister had written down everything as well. I guess it came to Jerel before he went up there that someone should write it all down. Then to top it all off I found out later the Cecil had a recorder in his pocket! I am so thankful for everyone listening and the spirit prompting them.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

He did it! He did it!

Oh my goodness I can't believe it but he did it, my sweet little Eli slept ALL NIGHT long! That is right all night at 5 weeks.The last couple of days he has been sleeping for longer stretches and that alone has been such a treat. I actually thought last night was going to be tough because he would not go to sleep. He just kept crying he was so tired finally at 10 o'clock he feel asleep only to wake up 30 minutes later. I then nursed him and he went right back to sleep.Later he started to wiggle and make some noise so I thought he was hungry I tried to feed him but he just did not seem interested then I noticed it was kind of bright outside my window. At that point I looked at the time and it was 4:30. I was shocked but quickly went back to sleep then at 6:30 Jacob came in (he always tries to help out in the morning) saw we were both sleeping and left. A few minutes later Eli started to cry I feed him while still in bed and he went back to sleep. I got up and spent sometime with Jacob, picked up around the house, went through the mail and changed the sheets on the bed and the whole time Eli looked like this.....

He did not open his eye until 8 o'clock. I can't believe it 11 to 8 no open eyes! It is funny because yesterday I kept thinking how fun it was to be with him. Don't get me wrong everyday I just love being with him but yesterday he was smiling like all day and was so good about going down for his naps and eating. He was like a perfect angel. It just seems like every day it gets better, and better and more fun! I just can't help but to wonder if this was a one time thing sleeping all night or if this is it and he has it figured out. I know he is a genius no one will tell me otherwise so I am sure he has it figured out.... I hope!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Men VS. Women

This morning Jacob and I both woke up and said that we had a dream. It isn't the fact that we each had dreams that was weird it was how different they are that makes me laugh. Whenever Jacob has a dream he is a general leading legions of armies fighting in war or he is a navy seal on a secret mission. I woke up this morning and I had a dream that I found some really cute headbands, and so I bought a lot of them. It just cracks me up!!