Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween is finally here and Eli couldn't be happier. He has been just dying to run around as ironman. Liam is super excited about his costume too and brings it to be often to put on him as well. So tonight when I pulled out the costumes everyone was extra excited. Eli is extra funny because his walk totally changes and it is even more robotic. He also goes around humming the Iron man song. He hums it so much Liam even sings the song now when we start humming it.

So I should not be surprised that my boys caught on to the trick or treating very quickly. Liam figured it out after the first house and was more then happy to go to the next in hunt for some more candy. He would then grab the candy out of his bucket and suck it through the rapper (if I wouldn't open it for him) I eventually gave in and opened anything he handed me. My boys didn't rush to each house either they would stay and chat with the people one door and had to almost drag them away because they had a dog just like Marley (and Marley is currently lost again!)

Eli wasn't really scared of anything but Liam would get scared of some of the more jumpy things. Eli walk up to a really really scary house it had fog tons of scary monsters and one person dressed like a really scary troll that you could hardly see. Then you would have to reach past him for candy in this big pot. Eli walked up to the troll said, "Hi Monster!" Then reached right past him for the candy and then said, "Thank you Monster!" Liam went for the candy and was brave ONLY if I was holding him.

Speaking of scary houses ours was scary too. I tried to take video since pictures didn't work but it was too hard to see anything on both. Jacob did such a wonderful job spooking up our house. We had a strobe light, fog machine, and music playing. Jacob dressed up like Jason and then we also had some skeletons screaming, ghost swinging across and a man that would jump up at you. We gave out Candy, toys and homemade creme soda. Jacob would hold a basket of the toys and then scare the kids once they got too comfortable. I honestly don't know who loved it more Jacob or my boys!

Aly, Ethan, and Stephanie went around with us. Aly and Ethan are always something scary. This year they did a super good job. Liam only went around one block then we went back to the house. He had about half a bucket full. Eli went with the Gilmore's across Lindsay and didn't come home until around 8:30 or 9 with a full bucket and huge smile. He had so much fun and Stephanie said he just loved talking to everyone.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New York, New York

My best-est friend from high school Davina (I used to call her Nina) is having a baby. She was a having a baby shower so Jacob and I thought we could kill a few birds with one stone, get a vacation alone, see my friend, and make the baby shower. Honestly it was one of our best trips yet. The first day we flew in really early and we didn't have a room until noon so we just walked around. We went to FAO Schwartz (Where we found a Tin Man baby that looked just like Liam, Hershey building where we found a 2 lbs Reese's (which we of course bought). We also enjoyed breakfast at a pretty yummy diner. Then we got our room took naps and met Davina for Dinner. After dinner we went to see a Broadway show called Anything goes. It was super cute and we loved it!

The next day we slept in when to another diner which was pretty good. We did some shopping then we met Davina and Irek at a street market and got some yummy food. After that Jacob road bikes around Manhattan (which he loved but said it was pretty wild) while Davina and I went shopping on Canal street. We conveniently ran into Ashley, (Davina's sister and my good friend as well). Then we met their friend Grace for dinner and it was so yummy I have no ideas where we went to eat but it was so good and it was not expensive at all. Jacob and I quickly fell in love with Grace she was in charge of ordering the food which was wonderful and she was a lot of fun to talk to. The conversations in New York are so much fun. We honestly had some of the best talks with them. After dinner Davina and Irek headed home while the rest of us headed out for desert. We ate at this random place, but it was yummy and we sat and visited a little longer.

The next morning Jacob and I slept in a again (see wonderful vacation) ate breakfast and then we went our separate was he went to a movie and I went to the baby shower. The weather was crazy and this huge storm rolled it. I was carrying this huge box and walking in the horriable slushy storm. I then realized I was lost and called Ashley. I finally found the right way and was almost there when I realized my box was pretty much in shreds so I ditched it and stuffed the present in my purse. Once I finally got to the shower I was a wet mess, but once I got there we had so much fun. I meet a few more of Davina's wonderful New York friends, and then we drove back into the city. We went to go get Jacob and headed out to eat Indian food. We met up with Grace again and we ate some of the most amazing Indian food ever. Everything there was vegetarian, but it was so good and we loved it. Just writing about it is making me crave it again. After dinner we stuck with tradition and went to another restaurant for hot chocolate and desert. We again had some great conversations.

The next day we were leaving but we still had some time so Ashley came in town and we got some food hit up some more stores and just walked around. Ashley and Jacob were like two little peas in a pod, both of them liked the same things...they were hilarious! Then we headed home it was a wonderful trip.

p.s the picture of the dino was for Liam and the picture with Optimus Prime was for Eli. One this I didn't mention that we did was eat A LOT of pizza we had it like once or twice a day. It was an awesome trip!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ward Service Project

If I had to describe my dad in one word it would be service. Service is one things he just loves and glows and beams about. So of course when our ward set out to do a neighborhood service project I was not surprised when my dad went all out. He moved his tractor back to our house, set up a water station at out house, and in our pantry he had every tool he own set out and all charged just in case someone needed it! My boys wanted to ride on the tractor with him so we followed him around for a little while in our car, words can not describe how cute my dad was with everyone. My boys also just loved going around with him. I hope when my boys are older that they have fond memories or their papa, his tractor and his love for service.

p.s the only other thing that gets my dad more excited then service is family so I guess this post covers both of his loves.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

I have said this a million times and I am sure I will say it a million more, but I just love being a mom to little boys. Over the past couple of days our adventures have included shot guns, spider mans, iron mans, stuffed puppies and our real puppy. Oh and I shouldn't forget tractor rides with Papa

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Lantern

I am a total addict to this little website called Pintrest. It is basically a virtual pin board anyway on there I can find super fun activities to do with my boys. This was a little lantern we made with glow sticks. Eli really liked it but it was really messy. We MIGHT do this again.

ballon popping

I am not really sure if the date on this post it right however there is still a story behind the pictures. We blew up ballons for someones birthday and just kind of let them float around the house for a while so the boys could play and enjoy them. Jacob and I finally had enough of them and we started showing the boys how to pop them. Liam and Eli would jump and then laugh and laugh. After a while Eli got brave enough to start popping them on his own. His face before during and after was priceless. At the time I was still figuring out my new camera so I would miss a lot of really good pictures, but here are a few I did manage to get.

This very last picture is funny because Eli popped this ballon and a piece flew into his mouth. We all got a good laugh out of that.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monkey Baby

Liam I always joke is my little monkey and Eli is my little Goat....let me explain. Eli seriously will eat anything when he was little he would eat toilet paper, paper, leaves and any other random thing he could get his little hands on...just like a goat would. Liam is my monkey because he climbs on everything. I don't have a lot of pictures of him doing this because most the time what he is doing is very dangerous, but this time I thought was a good example and a safe time to grab my camera. See I have a monkey baby!

Rockin R Ranch

Daniel is in town with his girlfriend Sara, so we thought it would be fun to get out. We ended up going to Rockin R Ranch. Jacob and I went there a few years ago with my family and we had a lot of fun, so we thought the Ash's would like it too. We bought Eli the wrist band and then he ended up being to short to ride the Donkeys. He was so sad, but we did go on the play ground, go to a zombie cowboy show, and we hit up the petting zoo big time. This was hands down my boys favorite part. They stayed in there for probably over an hour petting all the animals and just running around. There were like 14 piglets in there and they were so tiny. They were fun to watch, unfortunately I did not get a picture of the boys in the petting zoo.

Cecil was kind enough to watch the boys while Linda, Jacob, Daniel, Sarah and myself went to a haunted house they had featured there. It was voted the best haunted house by so we were pretty excited about it. I am glad to say it lived up to the hype. There was this part that was 3d and it was totally trippy. Then we went to this part where it is so dark you can not see your hand infront of your face. Sometimes out of no where a monster would pop up with a flashlight. At one point we couldn't feel our way out and this other group came toward us. We opened the random door we all found and some how ended up in the warehouse. We all decided this wasn't right and we went back I ended up in the front. We all couldn't figure out where to go so we turned on out cell phones for light (this was against the rules in the haunted house. By now there was probably about 10 of us and decided to push really hard this this balloon like filled up wall. Honestly you had to squeeze really hard to get in there is was crazy, but it ended up being the right way. Daniel and Linda ended up leaving completely wet when someone tricked them to walk a certain way. It was so much fun!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shaving Creme

I have found this new thing that I totally love. It is called Pintrest. Basically it is place where you can keep all the neat things your find online, from food, to home decor to fun things to do with your children. While I was on there I saw this cute idea to put food coloring on shaving creme and then they can take it in the bath and paint with it. Tonight the boys and I tried this out and they loved it. They would mainly just put it in the water and a little on the side of the bathtub. Then I had this great idea to show them they could paint themselves. This was not that great of an idea because it doesn't come off the skin as easily as it does the tub. Eli had a red leg for a few days. All and all I would say I will do this again, but not too often because it is pretty messy.