Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Lucky

Tonight Eli locked himself in my car! Every Sunday we go to both our parents houses and get home right around bed time. When we got home we watch daddy take the black trash can out and then we all go inside together. I remembered that I had an appointment with my doctor coming up so I opened up my car door to get my appointment card out. When I opened the door little Eli snuck right in and got in the drivers seat. I turned around to tell Jacob something and out of habit I closed the car door. I kid you not about the second I closed the door Eli pushed the lock key...with the key chain he was holding!! I screamed and tried to open the door in vain. Jacob walked over and was pretty upset with me. I stayed pretty calm cause I figured if Eli pushed the button once he could and will push it again. Eli thought he was in trouble and put down the keys. I told him to pick them up and push the button. Eli finally picked them up however he kept hitting the lock button. In the mean time Jacob is upset with me and on the edge of freaking out and calls his parents (who have the same car) trying to see if there is another way into our car. While he is talking to them I continue to get Eli to push the button I would just keep saying it and smiling when he pushed it finally he pushed the right button, and I QUICKLY opened the door.

Eli was only locked in for a max of 3 to 5 minutes. I thought for sure I would be the one on the phone with 911 or totally over reacting, but I think I kept my cool pretty good. Jacob didn't freak out, but he did react more like I thought I would. The best line of the night was once I had Eli out of the car and in my arms Jacob looked and me and said, "Boy are you lucky our son is so smart!" Your right Jacob...boy am I LUCKY!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Our friends Wayne and Rachel had some extra tickets to a Rattlers game and invited Jacob and I to come along. The last time I went to a rattlers game I was 16 and I had a blast so I was pretty excited. I must say the games are still a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself, but it still isn't the same 8 months prego! Every time the Rattlers scored they shot off this loud canon and every time with out fail this little baby in my tummy did the biggest kick. Obviously I was freaking him out! The game was good and we had a wonderful time. The guys really got into it and Rachel and I enjoyed people watching overall I would say the night was a great sucess.
p.s Kelly, Prestons wife was not able to come so each couple took pictures together...notice how Preston has his arm around an empty chair...haha. Also I guess I caught Jacob not ready for a picture I thought it was too funny not to keep. THANKS WAYNE AND RACHEL.!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots of Chicks

Last night for mutual we went with the Young Women to the Maricopa County fair. A few of our girls have animals they were showing or selling and so we went out there to show some support. It was so much fun hanging out with all the girls, showing Eli all the animals, showing him the rides. I remember I went as a kid every year because my brother would show pigs so it was a walk down memory lane for me too. As you can tell we had a blast!!

Gabby was all by herself on this ride she was so brave!!

Eli wanted to hold all the animals he was so brave too.

The other girls wanted to take a picture with my however Kaylee wanted to take a picture with my tummy!

Funniest Chicken I have ever seen

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Weekend Camping....Kartchner Style

This past weekend we thought it would be nice to head up to the cabin with a few friends. We had a wonderful time going for walks, relaxing, playing cards and just enjoying the weather. Wayne his wife Rachel and their little girl Regan came, as well as Sean and Nicole Echoles. Eli feel instantly in love with Regan and even started calling her Ray Ray. Out of no where he would walk up and take Regan by the hand...he NEVER does this. Even after the trip Eli and Regan both ask about each other.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Eli started swimming lessons this week. It was so fun taking him and seeing what he remembers and what he can do now. He laughs a lot when he knows I am about to take him under. He loves jumping in from the side, and off the diving board. Last year he would work on floating on his back. However this year he hates it and cries, but I know he is fine because as soon as I flip him over he stops. We will just have to keep working on that. He talks so much during his class it is so funny. He talks about everything, counts, makes choo choo noises when he is going around the edge. HE LOVES IT.
Jacob hurt his neck so he worked from home and was able to take a few pictures while he wasn't working. I guess he was working a lot because he only took two pictures, however Jacob said Eli was really cute and he had a lot of fun watching us. After swimming lessons Eli and I are always so tired so I took a bath and laid on the couch with Eli watching Elmo I guess we feel asleep and Jacob got these pictures....they are hilarious!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


This Easter was so much fun. First off Eli had a blast looking for eggs. He would get so excited and every time he found an egg we would hear an "ohh". He liked it so much we started hiding the eggs he found just so he could keep looking for them. After he found eggs in the backyard we all went to the front to look for Jacob and Eli's easter baskets. I couldn't find baskets I liked, but I did find these huge plastic eggs. I figured those were great, and Eli and Jacob seemed to love them too. Earlier in the week Eli and I did finger painting and colored Jacob's and Eli's names to put on the outside of their eggs, so they would know who's was who's. I think they turned out really cute. Eli saw the giant egg pretty quick and ran there so fast we almost missed it, but it was so cute because he had a hard time getting it because it was so big...daddy had to help. Jacob and Eli really liked what the Easter Bunny brought them.
After find all the eggs. We went inside my parents house and had my dad's yummy breakfast he made. Easter was extra special this year because it feel on Conference weekend. So the rest of the day we watch conference. In the afternoon Linda, Cecil, Fred and Brad came over and watch the afternoon session with us. Linda also brought yummy homemade bread for us to enjoy. Then we ate dinner at my parents house that night. Easter was great and this year was one of my favorite. I only think it is going to get better and better having children to share it with!