Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We're having a baby...

Today is the day we found out the sex of our new baby. Jacob and I have been pretty excited about this appointment. Actually we have been excited about this appointment with each of a children. It is always fun to find out a little more info about this exciting development in our family. Everyone in the world thinks it's a girl because I have been so sick. I am not so sure because in my head I am going to be a mother of 5 little boys. However I do have to agree that this pregnancy is NOTHING like my rest and in my opinion has been much more difficult. Since it is so different I am thinking that maybe, just maybe it could be a girl.

Jacob was able to go into work late since my appointment was in the morning. We dropped the boys off with his mother and headed to the appointment together. This time waiting was much more comfortable, because they didn't make me drink as much water. So that was a major plus. The Ultrasound girl did lots of the regular test (you know the test that the ultrasound is actually for) then she got around to the sex. We are pleased to report that we are having a baby girl. We are shocked and very excited!

We told the boys in what I thought was a very cute way. We filled a box with pink ballons and then let them open it. As the balloons came out we sprayed them with Silly string. We have a video of it, but for some reason it won't let me upload it. Let's just say it ended with both boys in tears! Liam didn't like being sprayed and Eli caught one of the balloons but once we sprayed him he let go of it, so that upset him. Then he decided he was upset that we were having a girl even though we wanted a baby sister.

Friday, June 15, 2012

We're going back to Orchard... after we give it a facelift

In the mist of our home going under contract our tenants at our Orchard house were moving out. Jacob got to thinking about it and he thought it was be a fabulous idea just to move back in. I had some reservations about this: the home was small to us with just the two boys now we are adding another baby, the yard isn't child friendly, it had zero storage and a few other things here and there. However after thinking about it more I remembered how happy we were there, we loved the ward,  it would be nice to move back to smaller home, then I would have more time to spend with my boys rather then cleaning. Plus we would be saving lots of money. The idea started to get better and better. Jacob and I sat down and talked about it. We went to dinner and talked about it. To be honest sometimes we even argued a little about it. Then when it came down to it we realized all the things we didn't like we could just fix. Then the home would be perfect. Plus this wasn't a long term choice we would be there 2 years tops. We both feel great about moving into our old home and are very excited about this decision!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Instagram June 3rd to June 11th

 This is my cute niece Laney. she is so cute. She is a little yoga baby.
 Summer movie fun. Mass chaos but fun none the less
 Acting brave in the sharks teeth.
 And not so bravely standing in the giant sharks mouth!
 Another fun shot from yesterday. Eli got a blue sea horse. Liam picked a horse. Both fit their personalities perfectly.
 I am not sure who is more thirsty my plants or my boys
 Watching Toy Story 3 and I am having a hard time knowing if he is happy or sad at the end.
 Marley spent the morning at the "spa" he got his hair cut, nails done and all.
On out way to Gunner's birthday party. Uh-Oh

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Liam's 2 Year check up

Since I was out of town for Liam's official 2nd birthday. His 2 year checkup was also a few days later. Liam always think is going to freak out and never let the Dr touch him, but nope he does great. Liam actually doesn't even make a peep until he checks his diaper. Liam really hates that part, but it only lasts a few second and he is quickly over it. I was happy to hear that there are no shots at the 2 year visit. So basically that was all he had to do. As far as his development goes he is doing great. The Dr. says he is very tall and thin and that his is growing great. We did talk about his speech again and the Dr says it is time to have someone come to our house and check him out. I am a little worried about this, but I think if he could talk better her would be so much happier. We are also going to get his hearing checked just to make sure everything is okay there.

Liam's current stats are:
Weight~ 29 lbs 4 oz 50%tile
Height~ 36 1/4 In 90%tile
Head ~ 19 1/4 in 50%tile
Liam current likes:
To do everything like his brother. He is into super heroes and really into cowboys. Although he is a little picker of an eater then Eli he still eats lots of things. He loves fruit snacks, raisins, crackers, he asks for milk a lot, mini wheat cereal and things like that. I recently found out that he loves salad. Who would have thought? He plays well with other children and reminds me of the Rhino in Jumungi who is always bringing up the rear. He gives up hugs and kisses all the times. He is a very sweet and loving little boy ( I know I am very lucky). He is also an excellent sharer, which is another wonderful thing about him. He is obsessed with hair and likes to squeeze it. It gets him in trouble something when he is at the park and sees a pretty girl with lots of hair! He is a funny Character and we are so lucky to have him in our family.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Caribbean Cruise with the Lakes

Like I said when Jacob found out we were having another baby he wanted to go on lots of trips. One of the trips we have planned it a cruise with our friends Greg and Chelsea. We went to Turks, half moon cay, and the Bahamas. We had so much fun. The prettiest island was half moon clay however it was the hardest to get on and off of. We had to shuttle and so that was a mess. The Bahamas was the funniest. Jacob and I went to the Atlantis and did their water-park. It was so much fun. We kept thinking the boys would love this there was fish everywhere, sharks, fun slides it was a blast we will have to take the family back someday.

The boat was fun too. We would have ice cream and pizza all the time. People watching was fun. At night we would have fun conversations and then hit up the dance club. Greg even danced a few times. Jacob loved the dancing part and I swear he thought he was 18 again. I couldn't stay in the club long because as the night would go people would start smoking and I would have to leave. We liked the comedy shows and even played some of there games too. Over all the trip was a blast and we had a wonderful time. It was a million times more fun then my last cruise!