Monday, August 24, 2009


As Eli has grown up I have kept track of everything, his first smile, laugh, the first time he saw rain, get the idea. So I thought it would be easy to mark when he first started walking. Eli is officially walking however I don't know when to really mark it down. He started taking steps early July around the 4th. Then it was like he lost all interest, crawling was faster so he just went back to crawling. Then around the end of July he would take steps again here and there. When Jackie got here after about a week he really started to walk around. Eli didn't join in right away, however I think he realized that he should start taking walking more seriously. I am not sure when Eli became an official walker, when he started taking steps? or went he tried moving around the room? or was it when he was really good. Who knows!! Since I am not really sure when he started walking I don't have the official first steps recorded, but I did take some today. He walks much better then he does in the video, but the camera distracted him I think.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August fun

On August 1st Allison came into town with her 3 children. Then on the 2nd Katie and Carson came to town. The original plan was that Katie would stay a week and Allison would be staying 2 weeks. They both ended staying in town until after the 20th. We had so much fun with all the kids playing together. Carson and Eliza are such great little friends (they are only a few months apart). Eli and Jackie got to play together too and they were hilarious! We kept saying next year at this time all these kids are going to have so much fun with one another. Our days mainly consisted of swimming, eating, napping, and then starting that all over again.

A few things of note:

  • Since Eli has meet Jacob he has loved playing with him very much. However I have noticed that he holds onto things a lot tighter then he ever used to.
  • I brought Eli's rocket ship over for Jackie and Eli to play with. Next thing I know they are wearing similar shirts, and Jackie is pushing Eli on the rocket ship.
  • I think Eli loves trucks. I always wondered what thing he was going to get it animals, dinos, bugs, snakes, but right now he really seems to like trucks!
  • Eli has been taking swimming lessons and he totally loves to swim. He has not fear and is actually starting to kick and use his arms!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jacob, Eli and Jakie's birthday's take two!!

Since Allison is now in town we thought we would celebrate Jacob, and the boy's birthday again. Here are some pictures. Eli made a little bit more of a mess this time...I guess next year he will will dig in.

Our camera is broken so these pictures seem to have a glow about them.