Monday, December 17, 2007


So every Sunday we go to my families house for our Sunday meal. Well yesterday as I am walking out of my parents house I wasn't really paying attention and I kind of bumped my head on there tree. Not thinking much of it I got into my car and Jacob and I drove off. Well as I am waiting at a light to turn left I see in the review mirror there is something in my hair. I thought one of my bobby pins had moved around so I went to fix it and found a horrible surprise!!! Once I touched it I realized instantly that it was wet and that when I walked under the tree a bird and pooped in my hair!!! Jacob thought this was so funny but all it did was make me sick. I started dry heaving and almost threw up in my car!!! It is so gross even now thinking about it I am getting sick.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Tree

Jacob was so excited to put up our Christmas tree so right after Thanksgiving we set it up and decorated it. It turned out really cute, but for some reason whenever you take a picture of it you can't see how cute it is....oh well enjoy!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Try to catch up

You might have noticed that our blog has been lacking lately, and I agree. With that being said I think we have a really good excuse why our posts have a lack of luster. About 2 months ago Jacob moved his company into an office building and due to miscommunication Qwest turned of the Internet at our house too! Well once we got that all figured out and fixed with Qwest our computer crashed and died. We decided that we should wait before we bought a new computer. So I haven't been able to upload any of our picture or anything like that. Well lucky for us Jacob's parents had an extra computer at their house, and tada now we have pictures and internet again. Since I haven't updated anyone on what we have been up to I am going to rewind all the way back to October!

In the month of October we celebrated my 3 birthdays. On the 15th is my sister in law Allison's. Allison lives in Milwaukee so as you can guess I don't have too many picture of her. My nephew Austin's birthday is on the 15th as well, and since he lives here in Gilbert I was able to attend his birthday party. I was a lot of fun. He had a unique birthday party with a MAD scientist that came to show science experiments with the children. Austin loves science or anything related to this so he really enjoyed his party. I didn't get a good picture, but this one turned out the best. Austin really enjoyed his 8th birthday, and party. The last birthday in October is on the 16th and that would be my birthday. I had a great day spending some much needed alone time with Jacob. For my birthday my in laws got me golfing lessons. Linda (my mother in law) took them with me and we had a lots of fun. We understand now how some people become obsessed with golf. Since I started liking golf so much my parents got me a new set of golf clubs for my birthday, making me an offical golfer. Now that Jacob and I have both received clubs for our birthdays we decided we needed to play more often. We signed up for monthly passes to Crosswoods Golf, which is an indoor golf facility here in Gilbert where you play simulated golf. I really enjoy this golf since it is in doors you are never too hot wondering where the water cart is. Cecil (my father in law) loves it because you can never loose your ball. Plus it gives you all this interesting feed back on how you are swinging your club. If you play golf I highly recommend you try it out. Linda is a lot of fun to play with because she really gets into it. Cecil and videoed her so you guys can see what we mean. (this is one of her more tame reactions, but it is the only one we have caught so far on camera)

This year for Halloween we stayed at our house and handed out candy. We had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed seeing the neighborhood children all dressed up. Jacob and Buddie dressed up too! Jacob would sit in the chair lifeless and try to scare the children. He only scared a few, but it was well worth the wait. It was so funny. I also took this film of the walk up to our house. We are really proud of how our house was decorated this year. Well that about sums everything up.