Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Uh Oh Trill

Last year Trill got touched and I thought for sure it was the last time and it wouldn't happen again until Lilly was older, but nope I was wrong. I have conflicting stories, how it happened, but he was touched that's for sure. The same day Trill was touched I was having some discipline issues with the boys. Plus I was worried the real meaning of Christmas was being lost on them. Tonight at scripture study Eli and I had a really good conversation about the season and what makes Jesus happy. We talked about service and how serving others is the best way to show them love and to show Christ we loved him. After Eli and Liam went to bed I had  what I think was a really good idea how to deal with all three of my problems. I brought Trill back healthy with this note that said...

Eli & Liam,
Sorry I wasn't here yesterday. As you know I was touched and I lost a lot of my Christmas magic. I told Santa that you guys were having a bad day and he thought it was best that i stay home in the North Pole to get better. I snuck back and heard you reading your scriptures and talking with your mom. You said some wonderful things about Jesus and what Christmas was really about. i am back to watch you guys again and I am sure hope you do those wonderful things you talked about with your mother. I know that would make Jesus and Santa really happy. I am glad to be back in your home but please do not touch me again. Merry Christmas.

Love Trill

As you can see I also placed them both on a picture showing Santa looking at the Christ child. I thought that was a nice touch.

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