Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lilia's First bath

I don't know what it is but my kinds umbilical cords take FOREVER to fall off. Most peoples fall off after a week tops! Nope not my kids. My mom says that it is because I have such a health cord. I like to think she is right ;) Lilly's  was hard to bear because around day 9 it really really started to smell. I went to get her baby pictures and I was so gross out by her stinky belly button. Finally around day 12 a big chunk fell off which really helped with the smell. However all the little pieces didn't fall off until today. Well let me tell you I was very happy this happened and we got her in the bath ASAP. (for the record she did receive little sponge baths, but I just felt she really needed a legit bath). Lilly loved it. She kind of acted like she was in a hot tub. She just laid there and looked around. Super sweet! She didn't ever make a sound. She just looked around and enjoyed herself. Phew I sure dislike when  a baby is screaming during their bath.

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