Friday, December 7, 2012

Instagram 12/3 to 12/7

Liam Likes to play pretend. Superheros and cowboys frequent out home. Today he was a cowboy and he told me to stick em up. I got this picture before he shot me.
 Asked Eli to keep sister company while I changed Liam. Walked in to hear him singing a made up song to his sister. Melts my heart.

 Happy 3 weeks to out little miss.

 Nana it's like Rollie Pollie city. They are having so much fun.

 What you can't hear are the roaring lions in the background. the louder the boys are the better she sleeps. Not sure if it is white noise to her at this point or a defense Mechanism. 

Had a little set back with Trill. The boys touched him yesterday. Mom took this opportunity to get the boys to behave a little better and remind them what Christmas was about. I am not gunna lie. I am proud of myself for this one. Keep Christ in Christmas at this house.

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