Monday, December 31, 2012

New year's Eve

 This New Years was pretty tame. Okay who I am kidding our new Year is always tame, but this year it was extra tame because we had little and it was freezing so there wasn't much we could or even wanted to do. We started off the night at Oregano's having a yummy dinner with Lee, Austin, all the Gilmore's, and our whole family. My parents couldn't come because my dad has been extremely sick with his cancer. Also the flu is extra bad this year and if he caught it that could be catastrophic. After dinner we went to my parents house to set of fire crackers early for the little kids. Jerel and Stephanie bought a big pack from Sam's club and Jacob bought one huge one from one of the street vendors. The one Jacob bought was the biggest LEGAL on you can buy in Arizona. This thing was so big it was bigger then our Lilly.

My mom and dad sat in the Gilmore's Navigator while we set off the fire crackers (one of the side effects of the Chemo is cold shocks my dad. So he really can't touch anything cold or be outside when it's cold. Then what felt like forever we set off firecrackers. At the end we watch the huge one go off. That thing was crazy took over the entire street and then some. We finished off the night with my home made hot chocolate. I just learned how to make it from scratch and well it is just heavenly.

This is my dad. He is currently fighting stage four cancer. Even with how much Chemo and radiation he is going through he would not miss a family memory. He bundled up to watch firecracker with us. Ps the chemo makes the cold chock him He loves us and we just adore and love him.

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