Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lilly's first bottle

Lilly's is old enough for her first bottle. Everyone in the house is very excited about this. Jacob and I are excited because this means we get to go on a date. Liam and Eli are excited about this because they have been asking to feed her a bottle before she was even here! Lilly has no idea what is going on but I like to think she is excited too. She I pumped her bottle which was an adventure for the boys itself. They wanted to push the buttons and they were were impressed at the machine working. After pumping the bottle Eli sat down with the Boppy and he fed it to her. I read somewhere the bottle should be given by someone else so Eli was the Ginnie pig. He did such a good job. He held her great, and held the bottle great too. Lilly did a wonderful job. Didn't really act like their was a difference...which is a totally blessing. Liam was also happy to be part of the whole process. Can't wait for my date with daddy!

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