Monday, December 31, 2012

New year's Eve

 This New Years was pretty tame. Okay who I am kidding our new Year is always tame, but this year it was extra tame because we had little and it was freezing so there wasn't much we could or even wanted to do. We started off the night at Oregano's having a yummy dinner with Lee, Austin, all the Gilmore's, and our whole family. My parents couldn't come because my dad has been extremely sick with his cancer. Also the flu is extra bad this year and if he caught it that could be catastrophic. After dinner we went to my parents house to set of fire crackers early for the little kids. Jerel and Stephanie bought a big pack from Sam's club and Jacob bought one huge one from one of the street vendors. The one Jacob bought was the biggest LEGAL on you can buy in Arizona. This thing was so big it was bigger then our Lilly.

My mom and dad sat in the Gilmore's Navigator while we set off the fire crackers (one of the side effects of the Chemo is cold shocks my dad. So he really can't touch anything cold or be outside when it's cold. Then what felt like forever we set off firecrackers. At the end we watch the huge one go off. That thing was crazy took over the entire street and then some. We finished off the night with my home made hot chocolate. I just learned how to make it from scratch and well it is just heavenly.

This is my dad. He is currently fighting stage four cancer. Even with how much Chemo and radiation he is going through he would not miss a family memory. He bundled up to watch firecracker with us. Ps the chemo makes the cold chock him He loves us and we just adore and love him.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Instagram 12/11 to 12/30

 Boys got some new sunglasses today. Now there is a party in my back seat. Yes Eli is giving the camera a peace sign. If this doesn't make you smile nothing will. 

 Miss Lilly got her first bottle today and she got it from her big brother. 

 This mommy's sleepy and she will take a nap any way she can get it. Even if that means snuggle time with miss Lilly La Rue.

 Miss Lilly lovers her baths.

All dressed up with a very special place to go.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

This Christmas this is I am happy to report was a simple easy perfect Christmas. Jacob's parents went to Boston to have Christmas with Katie and Jordan. Adam and Daniel went there too and Allison and Ben stay in Milwaukee everey year now. This was the first year we didn't have to balance a million things. I have to admit I missed seeing everyone but I am also happy that this year for Christmas we did it with just out little family. It was so much fun doing our own things and making our own traditons. We still went to my families dinner the night before. Then we went to our house. Laid out cookies, milk and carrots and then went to bed in their new super hero pjs. These first few pictures are of Eli and Liam seeing if santa came. They say the carrots are gong and Liam is showing us the empty milk cup!

This Christmas was nice. Jacob had me open my present first which was a video camera. It was a great thoughtful gift and this year we have lots of video and not much pictures! Kind of a nice change for us. Eli and Liam then went for their stockings they had fun exploring those. Then they both opened some power ranger masks followed by a box of army men and trucks. They lost interest in presents at the point and started playing with the trucks. Jacob and I were hungry so we took a break from presents and I made Jacob one of his Christmas presents which was biscuits and gravy his favorite breakfast. I never made it before so it was my first attempt. He said I did a really good job, but next time maybe a little less sausage. I was proud of myself and I will be making it for him more often.

After breakfast we MADE the boys open thier other presents. Yes a made them put away their new toys so that we could go to the Gilmore's to join them and get their presents from Santa. We had fun at the Gilmore's where we watched everyone else open their presents and we even stayed and had a late brunch. After the Gilmore's we went home and played with a our new stuff and just relaxed it was a perfect day.

When Eli unwrapped this gift he cheered he was so happy he got Kix. I had to explain their was something else inside. He was excited about that too, but it was so funny how he was so happy with the cereal.

The last two few pictures are of Eli and Liam opening up Lilly's presents for her. Sweet girl pretty much slept through all of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lilly's first bottle

Lilly's is old enough for her first bottle. Everyone in the house is very excited about this. Jacob and I are excited because this means we get to go on a date. Liam and Eli are excited about this because they have been asking to feed her a bottle before she was even here! Lilly has no idea what is going on but I like to think she is excited too. She I pumped her bottle which was an adventure for the boys itself. They wanted to push the buttons and they were were impressed at the machine working. After pumping the bottle Eli sat down with the Boppy and he fed it to her. I read somewhere the bottle should be given by someone else so Eli was the Ginnie pig. He did such a good job. He held her great, and held the bottle great too. Lilly did a wonderful job. Didn't really act like their was a difference...which is a totally blessing. Liam was also happy to be part of the whole process. Can't wait for my date with daddy!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Instagram 12/9 to 12/10

 Yesterday this flew over our home and landed in out park. This picture doesn't show you how low it really was. Also the guy flying it looked like the wizard from the Wizard of Oz.

 Guess who just shook Elder Quentin L. Cooks hand this morning. This guy minus the rain deer ears and light saber.

 This boy sure loves to do art things. He didn't get it from me. 

 Went to Linda and Cecil's ward Christmas breakast this morning. Where there was a very familiar Mrs. Clause. Liam was not a fan yet.
Is she for real? I just love my real life doll :)

 Eli was totally into Santa and Somehow was even the first kid to see him. When his dad asked him about it later Eli said, "I am pretty sure Mrs. Clause was Nana. She talked like her."

Ok since i am talking about play with my doll look at this one. Seriously there are no words.

Ok last one I swear. If I could describe her in one word it would be pleasant. Everything about her is just pleasant.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Instagram 12/3 to 12/7

Liam Likes to play pretend. Superheros and cowboys frequent out home. Today he was a cowboy and he told me to stick em up. I got this picture before he shot me.
 Asked Eli to keep sister company while I changed Liam. Walked in to hear him singing a made up song to his sister. Melts my heart.

 Happy 3 weeks to out little miss.

 Nana it's like Rollie Pollie city. They are having so much fun.

 What you can't hear are the roaring lions in the background. the louder the boys are the better she sleeps. Not sure if it is white noise to her at this point or a defense Mechanism. 

Had a little set back with Trill. The boys touched him yesterday. Mom took this opportunity to get the boys to behave a little better and remind them what Christmas was about. I am not gunna lie. I am proud of myself for this one. Keep Christ in Christmas at this house.